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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres 10/2/15: A Break-up And A Make-up

Recap in the works. - ed.


Lo Imperdonable, Episode 99, Friday, October 2, 2015: Hey Hey, We're the Monkeys – The Monkey Writers, that is.

My dear friend Elna June liked to imagine that monkeys had taken over the writers' room when there seemed no other explanation for what we were seeing on our screens:  The regulars go on holiday and the simians rule.  Well guess what?  They're BAAAAAACK!  Have a banana!

Party on dude!

She adds a little class to the Patio, doesn't she?

Margarita, La Diosa de la Cumbia is still singing Contigo el Amor, as Marty and Vero smooch and dance, all blissful smiles and romance.  

Sure, he's a little awkward, but I'm still glad I picked him.

Magdalena and Botel are really moving!  [I guess those Arthur Murray lessons finally paid off!] 

He's so cute.  I'd totally go out with him if he asked me.

Salma and Nicolás are grooving to the beat.  You can tell they'd love to get up there and show Margarita and everyone else what they can do.

The only ones scowling are Emiliano and Virginia.  

Put the camera away, NovelaMaven, or I'll put it where the sun don't shine!

Jorge looks on with his permafrost poker face and then turns away.

In Mina Escondida, Manny is anxious for news.

One of Manuel's henchmen tells him the shipment has arrived, though it has not yet been unloaded.  Manuel looks straight at the Patio and vows that Martín San Telmo is going to pay.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #29 Friday, 10-2-15 Fifi's FREE!

Ciao, Muchacha Peeps!   Tonight's events are very straightforward and simple.  Fiorella is freed from prison and here is a summary of how it unfolded.

Pedro examined the security tapes while Dante apparently lied about having done so and discovered that Fiorella entered Eloisa's room empty handed and came out with the drops in her hands.  She was only doing what she was told, retrieving the drops from Eloisa's room.  Pedro is ecstatic!

Benito makes a pitifully comic effort to throw his (imagined) weight around and then bribe Fiorella's jailers.  They laugh at him and point to the camera which has recorded these lame efforts, which could land him in jail.  Vitto shows up with his lawyer as well and the Police seem amused at this retinue of devoted would be Fiorella-liberators.  They should fuggedaboutit!  There were too many witnesses to Fiorella's crime.  There is no bail!

Freddie continues to work on demonizing Fiorella in Eloisa's malleable mind while the sisters weep, Fiorella in jail and Gianna in their bedroom, praying with a Saint Biagio card in her hand.  At this very moment, Julieta is in the throes of her own agony.  She has a nightmare in which a little girl is alone in a wooded area on a foggy night.  She is crying for her mother!  Julieta is very shaken by this nightmare and Sergio comforts her.  Who is the abandoned child?

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Antes muerta que Lichita #9 Friday Oct 2, 2015. Roberto begins to realize some feelings toward Lichita and continues to coach her to get some backbone. Lichita finds out Luciana caused Nachos accident and Nacho accuses Luciana.

I will try to edit this some tomorrow, it is a very rough/raw draft.

Lichita tells everyone that Luciana presented HER ideas… its not the first time an idea of hers is stolen.
Sandra says don’t play games… asks Lichita if it is true that her ideas were stolen again. (Lichita asks us the audience if she should spill the beans)… so she hesitates and Sandra rants at her.  The rules of the agency are above everything else~! (and CHuchette and Nestor use the moment to rant at Lichita too).
In comes Augusto and sarcastically/selfishly wants to hear that they have a great campaign idea… Luciana is more than willing to redo her presentation.  Lichita looks at Roberto as if asking for backup. Roberto nods a yes to her… (stay tuned…)
We go to the neighborhood where Magos is collecting the money for the tanda…  Nacho walks by and the neighbors comment that Nacho is down /depressed.   They ask Magos what is going on with her. Magos looks a bit concerned due to the comments.
Augusto likes Luciana’s idea… He says ‘as much as I don’t want to’ I have to congratulate you on a great idea.  He did not think she would learn the ‘intribulis’ (intricacies) advertising world so fast. Immediately Luciana asks for a promotion or compensation of some kind for her ‘outstanding efforts’.
Magos tries to get her dad to forgive her… apparently she got a ticket (with corresponding fine) for speeding. (sorry I missed about a minute here)… Nacho nags that there is some missing money from the ‘tanda’ or some money he had around.
Lichita stops Augusto from leaving… she finds some courage… ‘I have to tell you that the idea from Ms Luciana is…’  (she changes her mind half way through) … ‘ … is … very good…. Very good!’. (Roberto looks disappointed)
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Weekend Discussion: Viva Italia!

Italian Culture, Cinema, and Cuisine

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse is creating such lively discussions lately I thought it appropriate to have a weekend topic devoted to all things Italian. This is such a big topic that detail will be impossible, so I'll just bring up the main points and let the rest of you contribute. What Italian things do you love?
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Lo Imperdonable, Episode 98, Thursday, October 1, 2015: Ahhh, Calm seas, smooth sailing... Hey, is that a dorsal fin in the water???

In which:

Marty rescues Ana Perla and her baby;

Manuel plots to poison the Old Goat and steal Marty's gold;

Padre Juan shows Julio the error of his ways;

Daniel outfoxes and outsleazes Virginia;

Jorge does another flipflop;

Virginia seethes and plots;

Vero smiles and gathers evidence;

Magdalena wins back her daughter and gets a marriage proposal;

And Marty throws one hell of a party! 

Worth a second look

Mom and daughter caught in the act.  Separately.

Young Emiliano catches Nicolás sniffing his mom.  

Vero catches Virginia handing Daniel wads of money; she realizes that Daniel is her anonymous caller and that Ginny is paying him off so he won't betray her secret.

The new:

Ahora los patos le tiran a las escopetas/
The worm turns.
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Muchacha italiana viene a casarse #28 Thurs 10/1 Hos and Heffas.

This is going to be like a demented, slap-dash collage. I'm doing this from memory and I admittedly only half paid attention to the episode. I'm also sort of in a "logical order is for chumps" mood.

Julieta is still blind. After learning that Anibal is not available, the doctor agrees to let Sergio sign anything that needs to be signed because that's totally how health care facilities work. While Sergio is gone, Anibal does pay a visit. Too bad Julieta is all "is that you Sergio my love?" So Julieta=busted. Anibal=hypocritically offended.

During a meal, we are treated to the sight of Sonia getting sick to her stomach. Now we are all sick to our stomachs.

Drunk!Ramiro interrupts Sonia's nausea and the meal to yell at Eloisa. Eloisa's security team sucks. Shouldn't they be able to stop a drunk, disgruntled employee? He asks Eloisa why she does't just die already and stop hurting peopel. He says she's sitting high and mighty enjoying her food while she takes food from his family. Ramiro is dragged away and Fredericka makes a snide comment along the lines of "how can anyone speak so ill of you, Eloisa? You are so beloved!"

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Antes muerta que Lichita #8 Thursday 10/01/15: The Episode Where Mean Girls Run Rampant in Iconika Spreading Vileness with a Vengeance

The Old:

The Mean girl clan who forgot to leave their high school antics behind when they turned like 20 decided it would be funny to turn Lichita’s face into that of a clown. Of course, Lichita thinks they are doing her a favor so she walks back into the boardroom timidly showing their work of art. One look at her face and Sandra looks not at all pleased, Nestor does the predictable and bursts out laughing and Roberto just smirks. 

The New:
Lichita realizes the joke is on her once she looks at the mirror. Mean girl clan are really getting into their high school roles and chanting, “She wants to cry”.  Roberto shuts them up (took a little too long IMO but at least someone did). He tells Lichita and Luciana that both of them need to get to work and bring ideas to the table.

Lichita is in Roberto office discussing the account with a rightful chip on her shoulder. Roberto wants to know why she is mad. He doesn’t understand why she lets them do these things to her and she feigns ignorance.  Roberto cannot believe how “ingenua” (someone who is easy to fool) she can be at times. She finally states that mayyybee she has a little too much faith in people (just a little huh)…a trait she can’t get rid off.  With attitude that should be fueled towards her mean coworkers she storms out the door.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, 10-01-15, Capitulo 58: Rats! Rats, everywhere!

Scenes merged and whatnot.

The Old: Isela drops a super-confusing truth bomb on Orly, in the middle of her web of lies: she’s with Claudio not because she loves him, not because she likes sleeping with him, but because she must have revenge! Orly looks at her like “whaaaa…?”

The New: No time to figure it out because the cops are there to arrest Orly for violating the restraining order (even though Isela admits that she came looking for him. Doris gets Max who explains that the first two times the restraining order is violated, it means bail. The third time is jail.
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Muchacha Italiana viene a casarse #27 Wed 09/30/15 Fifi is on the run!

Ok, this will have to be quick because I have a million and ten things to get to this morning! Here we go!

Julieta is out of her mind because the eye drops that Fifi brought her are actually a strong form of acid that has caused her to go blind- although I'd much rather she had been struck mute, her screaming drove me close to tears!

Anyhoo, Sergio and Gael rush her to the hospital where the doctor says there's a chance she will recover but then again she could stay in this state forever! Sergio tries to make her feel better by telling her that he will be her eyes and she says that's not true, he will leave her to go out and party, and dump her like everyone else. He promises that wont happen and kisses her hand, Anibal shows up right at that moment and he and Sergio start to fight, the doctor has to come in and tell them to behave!
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo 57 Discussion page

Hello, today I cannot recap because I am going on a trip with my mother ( To Austria) and will surely not be able to write for the remainder of this beautiful but cold Thursday. For now please discuss this show that has gotten repulsive  , sad , mischievous but highly interesting at the same time!


Antes muerta que Lichita #7 Wed. 9/30/15

Well, the story continues at Lichita's house where they are all so happy with her good news. Her father Nacho is saying didn't he tell her that she just had to stick it out at the agency and it would all work out and their dreams would come true? Elsa her mother is so happy she never threw in the towel. Lichita says she learned howw to work hard from both of them. Elsa says that is how the women of their house use are strong, hardworkers, etc. She, Lichita, Magos, and Ximena all cheer.

Lichita is on top of the world when she gets to work thinking how from this day on she would be flying towards her dreams thanks to her effort and patience nobody or nothing would be stopping her. That ecstatic mood is quickly shattered when she opens the door to her office and finds Luciana sitting at the desk. There must be a mistake. No mistake according to Chuchette who has just arrived on the scene with Néstor. This is the office for the person who is going to be in charge of the "Oki Oki Jinsei(Ginseng?)" Cosmetics campaign and that would be Luciana de Toledo y Mondragón Iribarren who just happens to be the niece of don Augusto the owner of Icónika. Luciana informs Lichita that she is her boss. Could she bring her a capuccino? Lichita says that her boss Robeto Duarte gave her the office. They all laugh. Néstor tells her that that is just a "sueño guajiro" (a pipe dream). Lichita insist they go talk to Roberto. On one hand Lichita thinks Roberto will support her but then again might she be slammed by reality?

In Roberto's office, Roberto defends Lichita and her placement and wants to know all about Luciana's background in advertising. Luciana does a lot of double talk about her experience and expertise. Chuchette just thinks it is bad manners to not trust the owner's niece. Roberto asks if Sandra okayed this. Since it is don "mero mero's" (big shot's) niece, Sandra does not have to okay anything according to Chuchette. It is apparent to Roberto that Sandra does not know and so that is where they should have started in the first place: with Sandra the General Director of the company.
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Lo Imperdonable #97, Wednesday 9-30-2015

We start where we left off last night.  Jorge tells Vero that from now on Emi is her and Marty's boss.

In M.E. Marty and Julio run into each other. Neither of them know where AP and Pablo are, but Julio swears that when he finds Pablo he's going to get even. He says that AP is his and is the only woman he has ever loved. His love and devotion would have made her love him. Marty argues that it's not like that because AP does not love Julio. Pablo and AP are destined to be together. Julio says that Pablo will pay with his life for what he did. Marty won't let that happen. How will you stop me says Julio. He is going to find them. He pulls out a piece of AP's dress (that he ripped off her dress when he was chasing them) and says that he will wipe Pablo's blood with it. Marty takes a deep breath and walks away.

Somewhere in the MEJ (Mina Escondida Jungle) Pablo and AP take a walk. Pablo tells her that he understands that she's upset, and he does not want to be selfish like her family. He does not want to keep her away from her family, even though they did everything to keep them apart. He tells her that they will return, but return together. She fears for his life. He says that his he fears more for his heart if he lost her. He wants to return, already married.
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Lo Imperdonable #96 9-29-2015 Discussion

Hi everyone! Princess Juju is busy with work and isn't able to recap for last night. Please feel free to discuss away about the happenings of last night.

Here are some highlights (from memory) from last night to get the discussion started:

  • Miraculously, AP hasn't miscarried after the fall off the horse and rolling down the hill. Both AP and Pablo wake up and spend the night in a small hut they find in the middle of the jungle.
  • Manuel makes Julio believe that Pablo and AP have gotten away and convinces him that they should give up the search and head back home, which they do.
  • Grandpa Goat thinks everyone has abandoned him. He's all "woe is me" and it's sickening to watch him give himself a pity party. Manny arrives and lets Gramps know that he still has him by his side. Well, Gramps isn't so sure because Manny changes his behavior like he changes his shirt but Manny gets on his knees and convinces Gramps that he'll show him that he'll be his support and show his gratitude to him for having taken care of him since he was a child. Gramps fall for this and hopes Manny doesn't disappoint him. 
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Yo no creo #56 Discussion Page

Packing for a wedding and doing various errands. Recap when I have time, for now please discuss!


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Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse #26 Tues 9/29/15 Drop it

So much for "Don't tell Granny I shot you!"  Fabio spilled the beans!  Gael makes a run for it.  Or maybe he's just heading to the kitchen for some popcorn.  Osvaldo repeats his stupid story, but he doesn't have a good excuse for not telling his grandmother right away…or hiding it later.  Eloisa calls Pedro and tells him to get home right the hell NOW!

Sure, Diana, you were looking for office supplies.  Vito wouldn't have been moved by your fictional love note anyway.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #6 Tuesday 9/29

I am recapping on Tuesdays merely to fill in a gap. If you would like to recap on Tuesdays please contact the blogmom or 5ft.

I started condensing and combining toward the end.

Lichita gives us a rundown of Roberto's skulduggery ending with sweet Mateo asking "Papá, ¿Eres tú?" Which leads to Roberto making sounds like a leaky tire. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." Sr. Ontiveros, owner of Supermercados Mas asks the boy if the clown looks like his dad. Poor Mateo! He says he was mistaken and dejectedly walks away.

Sr O loved Roberto as a clown. Roberto hates himself and makes excuses to Lichita. He goes in search of Mateo. Another orphan leads him to his son.

Nacho is convinced that someone hid his keys and if it wasn't Elsa, then it was Magos. Elsa swears she has them, but she's not going to give the back. Nacho said she should have told him earlier instead of giving him the runaround acting like she thought he was crazy como canica en bacinica (like a marble in a chamber's that for a mental image? Even though I did a rotten job trying to express it.) Elsa ignores him and makes her way to the kitchen so she can stare at her phone and will Magos to communicate with her just by saying her name.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #25, Monday 9-28-15 A Promise Is a Promise!

Ciao, Muchacha Patio Peeps!  We pick up with Eloisa pointedly asking Pedro what is going on between him and Fiorella.  We get the first installment of our potential lovers back-peddling and offering mealy-mouthed denials of their love.  Oh, she’s just a nice girl who’s had a tough break with her father dying and she takes care of her sick sister.  What’s wrong with taking her to dinner?  Eloisa hopes that’s all it is.  Hasn't Pedro heard about poor, sweet, innocent young girls who take a shine to wealthy men?  Doesn’t he see what a disaster bringing someone who doesn't "fit", like Sonia, into the family was?  She doesn’t want her fortune going to someone who doesn’t deserve it.  Fiorella is NOT like Sonia!  Granny shouldn’t worry, Fiorella is engaged anyway and he'll probably marry as well. . .one day.

RPC.  Freddie and Dante discuss Fiorella.  Freddie thinks she’s taken with Pedro and wants to take the family for their fortune.  Dante doesn’t think Fiorella is a gold digger.  Freddie gets pissed, Dante tries to “soothe” her ire.  Yuck.

Vitto talks to Rey about his leaving Diana for Fiorella.  Rey thinks Diana is a better choice.  Fiorella is a fantasy match for Vitto, she’s little more than a child.  Well, Diana is younger than him, too.  Yeah, but she’s at least ten years older than Fiorella maintains Rey.  Vitto's not giving up his dream girl.

Pedro apparently asked Fiorella to meet him in the study to finish their talk.  He asks and she answers that it is true that she does not want to marry Viottorio, that she doesn’t love him.  And he doesn’t love you, Pedro asserts, he can’t love you; you are in love with me, aren’t you?  Eloisa enters, sizes up the situation and dismisses Fifi.  She is HER assistant, not Pedro's!  Pedro and Fiorella are locked in a longing gaze which Granny rips Fifi away from.  They leave and Granny shoots Pedro a “watch your step, boy” gaze of her own.
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Yo no Creo en los Hombres Lunes 9/28/15 #55

Chapter 55: Gaslight

Honoria and Fermin sat in the hospital waiting room all night. Doris had gone home to sleep. Maria Dolores and Max came to them in the morning with coffee. The doctor had bad news: Julian would never walk again and would need a wheelchair. Max asked whether there was anything that could be done. The doctor said “No.” A chorus of “Why Julian? Why?” came from Fermin and tears from Honoria. Fermin went on about his role in Julian's illness. He ran out. She then ordered Maria Dolores to stay away from her. She blamed her for this because Julian was always trying to come to her rescue.
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Lo Imperdonable 9-28-15 #95 Nannies, Mothers, Daughters, & A Runaway Bride

(scenes have been combined) 

Mati's Last Farewell

We begin at Mati's wake, where Magdalena arrives and gives Jorge her condolences. 

Now Virginia (who is sporting one of those black veils!) and Salma (who does not shed a single tear on her surgically done face) arrive. Virginia cries her crocodile tears as she walks over to Mati's casket and gets her venom on it kisses it. She walks on over to Jorge and tells him that she feels terrible. She tells him that she knows that he doesn't believe her but despite everything she loved Mati oh so much. "My poor nanny ..." Virginia wails. 

Emi now arrives with tears in his eyes and carrying a boquet of white flowers which he leaves on top of Mati's casket. Virginia walks over to him and with her crocodile tears on her face she tells him that they've lost their beloved nanny. Emi tells her that he can imagine how she feels. "It's one of the saddest days of our lives" he tells her. He then lets The Snake comfort him with an embrace.  

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Antes muerta que Lichita #5 Monday 9/28: in which ad execs moo, Lichita flies, Luciana languishes, and Roberto tries to hide from Fate

Roberto callously tells Gumaro "I have Lichita wrapped around my little finger and it will be she who pays for the broken plates" As I had thought, when Gumaro comes to pick up Roberto we hear that on special occasions, when he needs to impress somebody, Roberto "borrows" a nice car from some unsuspecting yuppie. Now, Gumaro points out, like Cinderella Roberto must ride the pumpkin/moto home.

At the Don Augusto mansion, Luciana pouts in the living room. She covers a vitrine full of saints and Pieta knockoffs - "they're judging me." Beatriz enters and Luciana quickly whips the scarf off the vitrine and dives for the divan - remember, she supposedly hurt her ankle.

She faints and languishes while telling Beatriz "I wish I could be out doing good works." "Your ankle will heal." "Ah, but then my cruel uncle will throw me out on the street where I must needs cower for shelter in a cardboard box." She asks after her cousins. The daughter is at summer camp and the son is in America and hasn't been seen for ages. "Oh, it's sad they are absent, but you have ME now. Oh, why oh why does Uncle hate me? Can you get him to change his mind?" Beatriz alludes to the problem between the two brothers, calling them Cain and Abel.

At the agency Roberto explains to us: "Alicia will do all the work but I'll have her so dazed she won't notice." The meeting starts, the room is packed. Less competent than I'd expected, Roberto temporizes in front of the expectant co-workers - and O. the supermarket czar - because he's waiting for Alicia, the only one who knows anything.

She scuttles in, head down and arms full of reports, and starts a slide show, but turns out the second slide is of her in her cow costume. Who put that there? These supposed adults moo and cow-call. She leaves the room and, since Roberto can't manage without her, he follows. She thinks he put that slide in - "after all, you've deceived and robbed and blackmailed me" - word! But he asks "what would I gain from having inserted the cow slide? You have to learn to trust me." He drags her off...

... to ride a little plastic airplane. It was a beautiful ride, mmm scenery, she is terrified but by the end is ecstatic.

Mags is watching tv, it appears to be a promotion for some other novela. Nachos has his bandages off. He wants to go back to driving the taxi but his wife says he can't, doctor's orders. "You are still the man of the house even if you're not earning!" There is no food in the house, or at least nothing Nachos wants to eat. Magos asks if she can drive the taxi, he firmly says no. My favorite line of the episode is Nacho's self-definition: "Soy medio menso pero no bruto."

To make a long story short Mags takes the keys and goes joyriding with her skanky friends and a bottle of tequila, somebody gets a picture of them in the taxi, and at the end of the episode uh oh, here come the cops up behind this full taxi of drunk teenagers. Stay tuned...

Sandra is massaging her lover Augusto and asking why he hates his niece so much. He rants about his half-brother, and something about an inheritance which I hope somebody caught, and says he's sending Luciana back to Patagonia forthwith. Luciana, eavesdropping, vows: "over my dead body I go back." We find out Sandra has been shagging Augusto for ten years.

After a foreshadowy conversation in which Alicia tenderly supposes that Roberto is big-hearted and will be great to his kids some day (NO KIDS he says), and that growing up in an orphanage was no garden of roses, we find ourselves at an orphanage...

Where an EXTREMELY cute (thank God, in the past we have had kid actors so awful we only wanted to have them murdered post-haste) 6-year-old kid, Mateo, runs up to a handsome young couple evidently out orphan-shopping on a sunny afternoon. He tells them sweetly about all the orphans and their endearing traits.

Exchanging significant looks over Mateo's head they then tell him: "We've made up our minds, it's you we want to adopt," but he gets huffy and says "I have a dad and he's coming back for me" and runs off. We all know, thanks to the previews, who this father is.

The meeting with O. is raucous, a kindergarten classroom is far better behaved. The question he has: where to launch the new Mas campaign? Luchette says the customers are low-class, so launch in some marginal area.

When Alicia thinks O. is asking her opinion she says "our primary customers are mothers with kids so we should launch at an orphanage and profit by their empathy." All say this is dumb until O. says he likes it, whereupon they all say it's great. Roberto intimates this was his idea. I think O. has a foundation and gives old food (as per Elsa's suggestion) to the San Cipriano orphanage, so they will go there. Roberto sighs.

Nacho and his wife Elsa are moaning about what a baby Magos is. He points out that lots of other young single moms get it together. He also (incidental plot point) says "she is not the first in this family to whom this happened." Actually he says "que se comio la torta antes del recreo" or something like that heh heh.

Augusto calls his brother, who is painting (somewhere in Argentina), and calls him an imbecile and asks why he sent his daughter up to Mexico. The brother is so surprised he fumbles his brush.

So the creative team plus O. arrive at an orphanage. Plans have changed, they've come to Santa Clara rather than the previously proposed orphanage because a celebration was already planned. Roberto refuses to get out of the car and we all know (thanks to the previews) why. He explains incompletely to Alicia, "It's where I grew up and I have bad memories."

A clown car pulls up and the entertainers get out and run into the orphanage.

Inside, O. keeps nagging Alicia, why isn't her boss here yet? Also, in the dining hall cute little Mateo and his comrades are debriefing. The comrades think Mateo should have gone with the nice couple.

OK, so unlike real children, these orphans are enjoying the clowns and their lame tricks. Roberto sneaks in, disguised as a clown. This wins the hearts of both O. and Alicia, she gushes to us, "A man of action, a prince, and - a clown!" "He's full of surprises, I like him," says O.

Back at the show apartment, Gumaro is not succeeding in repairing some random object. I guess that is part of the gig, because when a babe comes to the door to see the apartment, he tells her how great he is at fixing things, gives her a tour, and then chases her away by alluding to mice and cockroaches and picking a plastic cockroach out of his weird cravat.

At the very same time that Mags and her drunk friends are about to get busted by the cops, at the orphanage, though night has fallen (unless the orphanage is in a different time zone), the clowns are still, incredibly, entertaining the children and the children, incredibly, are still enjoying it. For one last trick, they reward the best-groomed and most-quietly-sitting child, predictably Mateo, by inviting him up for the last trick, which is to have a PVC pipes frame covered with a tablecloth and then whipping off the tablecloth after some alcazam and magic passes... and out comes a clown...

..."PAPA! IT'S YOU!" enthuses Mateo. All are astounded.

Tomorrow: Roberto hugs Mateo and Alicia gets some sort of promotion.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Avenida Brasil, Bajo el mismo cielo, Señora Acero and Preciosa Perla: Week of September 28, 2015

Whew! You Bajo and Perla folks have been busy. It almost makes me wish that I was watching one of them - but not enough to try and catch up.

Here is your post for this week. Enjoy!!


La Vecina Highlights and Discussion #70-#74 Sept. 28-Oct. 2

*Ahem* Today's post inspired by jlk...

An important message from the Get a Clue Foundation...

In San Gaspar a man refuses to be with the woman he loves.

In Progreso another man refuses to believe that a woman doesn't want him.

In the DF a woman clings to her classist opinions, driving her to cheat on one man and to be completely controlled by her lust for another.

There are many more like them...grown people are lost in a haze of blissful dumbassery. They need a clue. And you can help. Yes, for just pennies a day, you can help fund an epiphany. Won't you consider sending a donation?

Recapping schedule(Tentative):
Monday: Sara
Tuesday: jlk
Wednesay: Sara
Thursday: Kat
Friday: Denise


¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (September 28 2015)

Hola Carayites!

In this week's edition:

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Lo Imperdonable #94 09/25/2015

Work got super busy, and I did not have time to watch the episode, if anyone wants to recap it in the comments section I say go for it!


Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Cap 54 Sept 25, 2015, or Judge, Jury and Executioner

Lo Pasado:

 MD is at the helpful rape victim center and is speaking to a counsellor when her rapist Dan calls. The slime calls her "mi amor" and when she doesn't respond in kind, telling him she is reporting him to the authorities, he blackmails her, saying no one will believe her as he sent a text from her phone to his with a sexy picture, so everyone will think their encounter was consensual. Claudio tells Isela that if Orly breaks the restraining order he's in big trouble.

 Lo nuevo:

Judge and Jury

 Max's tricks Baldamero into believing the loan shark ratted him out in the MD family mortgage sale scheme and therefore he's under arrest. Baldy quickly confesses that Daniel Santibañez is behind it all. Baldy realizes the trick and complains to Max who tells him to file a report against him. Max goes to casa Santíbañez to see Dan even as Dan's atrocious blackmail of MD continues.

If you report me, you will lose your house, Max, and poor Esperanza won't be able to stand it. So, tell Max to back off. MD concedes on getting Max to back off, and Dan lets Max hear MD say on speakerphone (altívoz) that she and Dan will negotiate the mortgage issue alone. Max leaves the Santíbañez defeated as Maleny says under her breathe he deserves that embarrassment and much more.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #24, Friday, 9-25-15 Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I won’t call Sonia a $!ut but let’s just say she can write down her moral code on the head of a pin and still have room for the Mexican Constitution.  Soon, you’ll see why.  

It always sound so fake, but the golderned DVR malfunctioned which is just as well.  I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy, but y'all are my Peeps so here you go.  Corrections and expansions welcomed!

A tearful Pedro and Fiorella profess their mutual love and Pedro searches Fiorella’s weepy eyes hopefully after she tells him she “loves him with her very life.”  Does she want a future with him?  Oh, it would be like a fairy tale, a dream; but such dreams don’t come true. . .because she is engaged and can’t go back on her word!  Would she marry without love?  Pedro doesn’t understand!  The only thing he understands is their love, not this absurd promise!  Fiorella remains firm despite her tears.  The best thing he can do is forget about her.  He agrees to respect her decision and wishes her a beautiful life at Viottorio’s side.

Osvaldo and Sonia are in their bedroom as he finishes packing for Monterrey.  They have the typical talk a man has when he’s married to someone like Sonia:  she must have slept with Fabio because she thought he would love her but who would love someone like her with no class or decency.  She’s just a “vulgar singer.”  Their love?  Oh, he thought he was in love back when he thought she was worth it.  One more thing.  If he finds out she slept with Fabio while he was gone, he swears he’ll kill her!

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Antes muerta que Lichita... #4 Friday 9/25... Roberto keeps building a chain of lies to try to get Lichita to go work with him at Iconika... gets Gumaro involved

Sorry, folks I am not sure what happened in first 5 minutes… so between Lichita singing her milk jingle and seeing Roberto with the supermarket chain owner walk toward her, I am not sure how she stumbled on the toilet paper pyramid or what Roberto or the other guy said …

At store Lichita has tumbled down a whole pyramid of toilet paper rolls (?) and the store chain owner is congratulating Roberto on a great advertising idea. The men are laughing, Lichita… not so much.
Sandra, Roberto and Don Augu are meeting at his office.  Roberto assures Agu he will be very useful/productive here… Agu still using that power-dose of vanity in his voice and wording… even applying some intimidation ‘don’t forget it…’ 
Nacho, Elsa and lazy sis are talking about Lichita being fired and all the debt. Nacho still nagging for having let them pay for his surgery on credit.
Luciana is locked somewhere, looks like a car trunk.  Pushes her pink suitcase out of the way and comes out of the back seat.
Lichita is home now, she tells them it is true they have to find a way to get the money but she will go to the agency to ask for another job.  
Nacho and Elsa said something about thunder and you don’t yet get on your knees… (this must be a common saying, ok i found it... there are several versions 'estas viendo la tormenta [ or la tempestad/ or el trueno] y no te arrodillas .. .meaning you are seeing the storm/trouble coming and you still won't pray for help from above!)
Luciana is taking selfies as she walks through a mansion (Augustos?)  she is annoyed at so many stair steps she has to climb.
Sandra is commenting to Aug about what I can imagine is Roberto’s resume.  Sandra asks Agu if he would have dared fire her if they had not found a campaign for the ‘Mas’ supermarket chain. Agu and Sandra keep playing hard to get but she pushes him right onto the couch… you know the rest…
Luciana is trying to open a door in the house… but gives up on that one and goes into another room.  Seems she knows her way around pretty well. She sighs relief…just what I needed! A beeeeeeddd!!! I am soooooo tired…   (goldilocks anyone? Bears ain’t home yet)
Gumaro is talking to Roberto who is shirtless lifting some weights up his shoulders.  Gumaro is hanging boxer shorts up on clothes lines in the room (LOL!) Roberto wants to figure out a way for Alicia to get a stable job again. Gumaro is sure it won’t be easy to convince her he doesn’t just want to use her again.  Roberto says he will get her back in the agency and then later on he’ll figure out a way to convince her to stay.
Morning…  At the house… Lichita is heading out to go find another job. Nacho would give an arm to be able to see and be able to go find a job or work…
At office, Roberto is at Sandra’s office. He has many ideas and projects in his head…  He is asking Sandra about Ms Alicia Gutierrez’s contract, besides publisher, she would be great as my assistant. Sandra is impactada.
At Guti house, Elsa, Lichita and Magos are all heading out, Elsa will even work a double shift at the store. Nacho just has to stay put and get well.  They end up leaving Nacho alone, but he thinks Magos is still there so he is begging her to go try to find a job.
Roberto keeps trying to convince Sandra that Alicia is great, she is already familiar/well versed on the company and the industry, have to be able to take advantage of all her background.
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Weekend Discussion: Your Favorite Movies

What movies do you love?  Classics?  Trendy new?  Epics?  Horror?  Film Noir?  Enquiring minds want to know!

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Lo Imperdonable, Thursday, #93 And the bad, very bad, extremely bad things continue to happen to good people

Emi is shocked to see Marty with Veronica. At first it looks like he’s about to cry like a little baby, but then he starts yelling. 
You’ve been lying to me, taking advantage of my love, he screams at Vero, almost hitting her at one point. Vero tries to defend herself, but he is blinded by his rage – he can’t believe a word out of her mouth anymore, Salma was right that she was an evil woman, worse than Virginia. Marty tries to intervene, too, but Emi reminds him that just days before he believed the worst about Vero, too.
He leaves, with Vero going after him to try to calm him down. Marty asks her to be careful (I'll say).

AP is still running through the forest, when Manny finds her. She bites him and calls Julio’s name, but Manny manages to silence her and takes her back to the cage. As she’s sobbing, he tells her that if she thought that he was bad before, she ain’t seen nothing yet. 
Just wait until Abuelo gets rid of the baby just as I got rid of Pablo, who is now dead!!!

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Antes Muerta Que Lichita #3 Thursday 9/24/15

Hello everyone! Its been a while so hopefully I am not too rusty. Please feel free to add anything I missed. Feedback is always appreciated...Lets jump right in:

We began with Lichita flopping in the water in a bright red dress which no one seems to notice (this party must be that good huh). As she descends further into the pool we get a sudden flashback to her childhood. Growing up Lichita's favorite story was Alice in Wonderland. Her father had high hopes for her to fulfill the dreams he never accomplished. So starting from an early age he made sure Lichita studied often instead of reading childhood stories (Ignacio is like my mother who made me do extra book reports and math homework instead of watching tv...sigh). Anyway, all that hard work paid off because she grew up and graduated university. On the other-hand, at age 15 her little sister, Magos, surprised the family with her pregnancy.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, Capitulo 53: Fun House Mirrors Reflect Twisted Souls...

A detailed version of those first few minutes, plus the rest of the recap.
Long story short(er):

  • Dan is tormented about raping MD...until Ursula reveals that Maleny killed their dad. Dan's horror is mitigated by the idea that she's worse than he is. But Mal has suddenly remembered walking in on her parents fighting, her mother demanding that her father kill himself. Ursula maintains Hector didn't have the guts, but later, when Mal confronts Arango, he remembers someone else shooting Hector, we just don't get to see who. Mal overhears that Ivana's last doctor forged the suicide call on her dad's death certificate. 
  • Claudio has Alma take a sleeping pill so he can Isela can hang out without her. Isela accuses him of having Orlando beat up; he denies it, but he has gotten the restraining order put in place now.
  • Max finds out from Baldomero that Dan has the deed to MD's house.
  • With help from Doris and Julian, MD successfully avoids her mom and Max. She goes to the police station to make a statement, but both of the men that deal with her are dismissive and disrespectful. She winds up at a sexual abuse organization and is about to do what needs to be done when Dan calls to tell her he sent a sexy text from her phone to his so that no one will believe her.

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