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El Hotel De Los Secretos (EHDLS) #15. Friday Feb 12, 2016. Lies, Freakouts And Plagiarism, Oh My!

*** At a glance ***

-- The dead girl at the police station is not Cristina. Julio and Ayala bond over clues and tamales and arrive to the conclusion that this latest murder is similar to the prostitute’s, that the murderer can’t be Pascual, that both murders occurred on a full moon night and that precautions need to be taken for the next full moon.
-- Isabel confronts Diego about Cristina and the brooch she found. Diego admits that he and Cristina were lovers but he had nothing to do with what may have happened to her. The night when Cristina disappeared, he was with Teresa at the “Lights Party” and he never left her side that night.

-- The general gives Felipe and Teresa the choice between a shotgun wedding or a duel. Teresa opts for the former and informs her reluctant son that he’ll be marrying Mercedes in one week. It is revealed that Mercedes set up this whole thing to ensure her father surprises the couple in bed and forces Felipe to marry her.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #119 2-12-16 Anvilus Interruptus or an Anti-Climatic Anvil

Ciao, Peeps!  Let's jump right in!  If it reads choppy, that's because it WAS choppy.  It's another vegematic episode and more's the pity because we saw the resolution of some storylines we probably would've enjoyed more if we'd seen them play out.   PLUS, my DVR blew raspberries at me...didn't record a darned thing!   Well, it is what it is so... Andiamo!  

Fiorella has walked in on Sergio and Santino having a "who yo daddy" conversation. She seems not to have heard.  She asks for Julieta.  She is just there to return her cell phone. Sergio and Santino heave a big sigh of relief and blame each other for the close call.

Next we jump to the employee's kitchen where Domingo tells Simoneta about catching Freddie messing around in Pilar's bureau drawer. Simoneta knows this is highly suspicious because Freddie doesn't pick up or straighten up behind herself, much less anyone else. They hear a door slam and Simona jumps up and sprints out the door, rounds the corner and comes back to report to Domingo that Freddie was spying on them!  Domingo panics! "Dios mio, that psychopath is going to kill me!"  Simoneta says they have to be attentive and more alert now and she volunteers to be his guardian angel!

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Antes Muerta que Lichita (no episode for friday, 2/12.. Univision covered the Pope's arrival to Mexico.)


Muchacha Italiana #118 2/11/16 Pietro Angeles, King of Lame Excuses

 Recap by Sneaky Two Shoes!!!   (Lila apologizes for lateness of posting!!  Sorry, guys!)

Alina discusses aromatherapy w/Pilar – was she using the drops for that? Pilar maintains she never uses drops for anything. Sergio drops by to catch up. Alina tells him she’s convinced the drops weren’t Pilar’s. He’s relieved but confused, what could it all mean? (losing brain cells by the minute this guy) He goes to visit w/Pilar, asks her how she’s feeling and she blames him for not looking for her when she was locked up. He apologizes and explains that he thought she was dead. Pietro calls to check in on his mom.

Vitto meets w/Mario’s bro and tells him all about the brother he never knew – the convo goes well till Di’s atty calls asking to be paid. Vitto doesn’t have the $ now and asks for more time, and please don’t stop defending Di – explains to problem to Mario’s bro.

Pietro gets home and is greeted by a worried Fi w/an unwelcome kiss – he came home to see his mom, not her and he has to leave soon. He’s leaving her all alone in her hour of need w/only lame excuses for company. Sergio and Pietro won’t even let her go visit Pilar w/them.

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Julio's past revealed El Hotel De Los Secretos 02/11/2016 #14

I finally got to watch the episode, and here comes the recap, bullet point style:

  • Isabel takes a nasty hit to the back of the head, but not before she finds a necklace identical to hers (with the same inscription) in Pascual's old haunts, Matilde and Jacinto come to her rescue and the good doctor provides treatment and later helps her test out her medical knowledge.
  • The next morning Julio is off from work and getting ready to leave, that's when detective Ayala finds him and takes him on a little trip to the police station- he knows who Julio is and accuses him of being a killer. Dun,dun,dun!
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Antes Muerta Que Lichita #99 2/11/16: Alicia's Walks the Path that Will Lead to Another Sandra.

Fourth wall Alicia reminds us of her finding out many of Roberto's lies. Don Augusto puts on a very good "Omg how dare he face" while Alicia rants on. The omniscient Augusto is behind Mateo's quick adoption. Now Roberto has to cater to his whims in order to protect Alicia and Mateo.  Alicia tells us that she is changing (for the worst)...we see her throwing her dreams/ideals away literally. 

Augusto wants Roberto to help him with his side business. Augusto goes on about people rich people making a lot of money. He has a lot of clients who want to continue the benefits they were receiving when he was on the API president (I couldn't get the whole convo so if someone could explain this would be awesome!). 

Alex and Kenny are now now married. Bea invites them both to the house for a special dinner. Back at the house Alex states he has another surprise which causes her to tense up. But he assures her its a good thing...he now wants to take up the opportunity to go to Iconika USA. Alex worries about this since his father has all the shares. Bea told him that USA is out of Augusto's reach since her brother owns that portion.
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Pasión y Poder Jueves 2/11/16 #86

Chapter 86: Summer and Smoke

Had a few cocktails the other day with an old acquaintance and it occurred to me that this story is taking on some elements of one of his less successful plays. This needs a few martinis now because I'm not sure where it could go from here. Until now I seemed to be looking at one of Shakespeare's greatest hits being turned inside out which means it would end with adult children mourning their parents. On the other hand, it could become something that ends in a modern stalemate. Not sure what my readers will say to either.

One thing I can say is that today's communication capabilities and changes in morality means that all bets are off.
                                                                                                    – D.D.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): Celia, Eva La Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, ¿Quién es Quién?, and Fatmagul: Week of February 8, 2016


Here's page 2 for the week.
Please join in the conversation.

If you're looking for a telenovela that's just starting, the comedy ¿Quién es Quién? began just two days ago.  It airs each day 8:00-9:00 PM.

Reminder: In addition to the telenovelas named above, Telemundo is also re-broadcasting the smash hit La Reina del Sur every Saturday and Sunday 6:00-8:00 PM.  You can also find some discussion and occasional recaps from the original broadcast in 2011 here

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Pasion y Poder #85 Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

Lo Nuevo

Nina argues with Art about being more firm with Connie. Art's phone interrupts them, it's Hummy on the line. He tells Art that he will push Julia to leave the GL mansion. Art tells Hummy to let him know when Julia leaves the house. Hummy says he will, and then Art will have to help BOTH of them. Hummy also tells Art that he will have to accept David, otherwise Julia won't want anything to do with him. Art shamelessly has this entire conversation in front of Nina, with a smirky "I won" look on his face.
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Antes muerta que Lichita #98 2/10/16

Well, here we go. Sure hope we aren't getting a two for one tonight. And we didn't. It was a single episode!

At the Cafecito, Alicia is feeling bitchy and definitely not in the mood to talk to Magos or Ximena. Valeria comes over and lets Alicia know that she knows the real situation with Luciana and Roberto and Alicia. Luciana is not happy at all. Roberto is a good man. Alicia should talk to Roberto. It is better to know the truth than always have doubts. Alicia looks like she is thinking about that bit of advice.

Augusto and Roberto are still at it. Augusto tells him to distance himself from Alicia or she and Mateo will suffer the consequences. It is "free will" and up to Roberto to decide. Roberto does not believe that Augusto would do anything to hurt Alicia because Augusto wants her for himself. He has always had his eye on her: trying to seduce her, etc. He tells Augusto that the real reason he wants him away from Alicia is because he knows that he loves her and is capable of doing anything for her. Augusto asks him if he is more honest or more stupid admitting being in love with Alicia while being married to his daughter Luciana at the same time. Roberto better watch it or he will get to know Augusto as an enemy. Roberto tells Augusto that he and Alicia love each other. Really? Augusto makes sure that Roberto knows that Alicia sold him out. Roberto looks shocked. Augusto tells him to open his eyes. Roberto cannot believe it. Augusto repeats his threat: if he wants Mateo to be safe: distance himself from Alicia. Roberto demands that Augusto tell him how he ended up being Mateo's tutor. Roberto suggests Augusto only got involved as that so he could keep Roberto's hands tied and that he paid off Sheila. Roberto guessed right. Roberto wants to know how Augusto got legal power over his son: Augusto had all the legal connections that got Mateo taken from orphanage without a paper trail. He got it all done due to his experience with the adoption of some "monsters" in the past. In the middle of all this, Alicia calls. Augusto wants Roberto to answer. Roberto says he will distance himself from Alicia with the condition that Augusto not involve her in any of his shady business dealings. To show how magnanimous he can be, Augusto will give him that one concession. In turn Roberto will break it off with Alicia once and for all as only he Roberto can: by destroying her heart. Augusto just smirks through all of this. Roberto does not answer the call but texts Alicia and arranges a meeting tomorrow at her office. Alicia will give him the five minutes to find out what he wants to tell her about his past.
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El Hotel de los Secretos #13, Wednesday, 2/10/16: For Always…Well, Maybe Just for a While

Isabel becomes even more uncomfortable than she already was during her surprise romantic dinner for two with Diego when she learns that Julio will be their private waiter. Diego toasts: “For the woman who will soon be mine.” Diego asks Isabel when she wants to get married. In the fall, she says (far, far away in the fall). He ups the level of discomfort when he makes Isabel open the gift box in front of her, containing a cameo brooch, and makes her read the inscription out loud: “For always.”

Julio leaves the dining room stiffly, wishing Isabel his congratulations on her engagement as he goes. After the dinner, Julio goes outside to hit rocks with sticks, and generally curse his luck for falling for a rich gal who’s already engaged to someone else. Isabel goes searching for Julio in his room after dinner and only finds Andres in his skivvies. She asks Andres to drop the formalities and just be the friend she grew up with, and knows all her secrets. He realizes that what/who she really needs is Julio, but he doesn’t know where he is. He hugs Isabel instead.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #117 2-10-16 Take Your Apellido and Shove It!

Ciao, Peeps!  Let's jump right in with a quick summary!  Andiamo!  As usual, feel free to correct and expand!
  • Fiorella continues to rake her new-found parents over the coals and outright rejects their suggestion that she take a DNA test.  Santino says its a legal formality so that he can arrange her inheritance and give her his name.   Fifi ain't having it!  She's proud to be a Bianchi and she doesn't need his stinkin' money!  The only thing that matters to her is Gianna's heart transplant surgery!  She invites them to leave!

  • Sergio and Julieta report to Pedro at ACorp on Fiorella's rejection and refusal to take the DNA test.  After much persuasion, he agrees to talk to Fiorella to try to convince her to take it.
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Muchacha Italiana #116 2/9/16 Technical Difficulties

Recap by the amazing Sneaky Two Shoes!!!   Grazie Tantissimo!!

(Ok folks I got to start out with an apology, this was a night of just one thing after another, first the audio was muffled on my recording and I spent an hour taking apart and cleaning my VCR to no avail so I’m sure I missed some dialogue so this recap is going to be extra short) 

Just as Fi is asking Pietro why he is so distant with her and what was it that his father told him that upset him so much they broke in w/primary results so I missed whatever lame excuse Pietro came up with and the next thing I got was the funeral at the house.

Roxi cries and eulogizes  her mother; how nice she was, and how she let her get away with everything, and how mean Roxi was. Then, Fed comes home and makes a ruckus about the funeral for the servant till Roxi gives her a well deserved slap and tells the priest he can get on with the funeral.

Then we go to Pietrella’s room and Pietro’s unwillingness to even lie in bed beside the woman who may be his half sister. He goes to shower (repeatedly I’m sure) while Fi goes to sleep. Pietro flashes back to all their kisses from the very first, till Sergio’s voice breaks in to his memories saying Fi might be his daughter.

Next morning Pietro hasn’t slept in the bed and left a note for Fi saying he’s gone to resolve something.

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Lichita 2/9

Hey guys! it's a short recap today (I missed the first half of the show, so fill in if I missed something good!)... enjoy!

Alicia wants to move Jimena to a better school. Magos is against it, but Jimena is really excited!

Augusto is telling Beto all about how he needs to work for HIM and not the cops, when Draco brings in Mateo and Sheila... "the consequences for your heroism will fall on your kid."

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El Hotel de los Secretos #12: Beaten Up and Beat Down and Just Plain Beat!

El Pasado:

Julio finally straggles and struggles, making his way back through the kitchen entrance of the Grand Hotel, drunk, disheveled and disheartened.  I might add disdainful of the lovely Isabela who hears the commotion and races into the kitchen only to be cursed by “her camarero.” He literally curses the day he and his sister ever came upon the Alarcon Family.  They are capable of anything and everything!  The family only knows betrayal and wickedness.  They are capable of twisting the purest and most spotless of souls there is!  Andres has to drag him out of there before the whole hotel is awakened.

El Nuevo:

Julio pushes off Andres and Lupe’s kid and sleeps it off in a corner of the kitchen that night while Isa weeps behind locked doors.  Andres tosses and turns until dawn when he makes it back to the kitchen and carries Julio off to bed. 

As the day begins downstairs, poor Lupe tries cheering up his ungrateful son.  As kids often do, he returns the favor with snide remarks that because of Lupe loving his cooking more than his wife (in a few words) the woman left and Smart-Ass Kid never knew his mother.  Lupe gives the kid what for and a much deserved and well-placed whack across the chops.

Upstairs, Isa hides in her locked room as Diego abuses his authority and tries using his skeleton key to enter and spy on her.  He thinks twice about it and leaves.  She races of to her friend, Mati’s, suite and climbs in the bed.  Matilde complains that Isa’s making too much over this nobody of a camarero of hers.  Isa supposedly loses all perspective when it comes to this guy!  Isa denies it.  They’re only friends.  Talk to the hand, says Mati.  This face knows better and it ain’t listenin’.

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Pasión y poder, Episode 84, Tuesday, February 9, 2016: This isn't ripping off a bandaid – this is a damn bikini wax!

I can't even
Poor, conflict-averse Gabriela begs her beloved aunt to talk to Franco.  Julia, however, can't oblige her.  Really, she can't even look at Franco right now.

The spokesmodel sleeps in
Slugabed Daniela is evasive when Nina asks where she was the night before.  But she must think it's hilarious when Nina reveals her latest brainstorm – why not have Ashmore as the baby's godfather?

Who is she???
Julia sees Eladio asleep in the armchair in his study, an open bottle and an empty glass nearby.  She rouses him by shaking him, disgusted with him for taking refuge in alcohol.  Now she angrily demands the name of Franco's mother.  With great reluctance – he doesn't want to cause her more pain, but he doesn't want to lie to her anymore – he tells her that Franco's mother is Caridad.  Julia is aghast.  Caridad Herrera???
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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Pasion y Poder #83 20160208 Julia Shriver Learns the Truth!

  • Connie and Miguel are on the phone whispering sweet nothings to one another.  Connie asks Miguel what TMZ had to say about her.  Miggie won't tell.  He tells her that he loves her and kisses to the baby. 
  • After they hang up, Connie is visited by Dani.  Dani asks to be the godmother.  Connie says hell no in a nice way.  Her kid's will be sober and have morals.  Anyway, Connie was thinking of asking Gina.  Dani says that Connie should reconsider because Art would never allow Dave to be the godfather.  
  • Speaking of no morals, Dave and Gina enter the hospital room and announce that they have decided to live together in sin in Monterrey.  They have a heavy groping session in front of the new mother and Dani.  I surprised that they didn't ask Connie to move over in the hospital bed so that they could really get it on.  Geez.  Connie tells the couple that she is considering who should be the godparents.  Gina tells her to make sure that godparents will put the child first or something like that.  Dani leaves.  
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Hotel de los Secretos, #11, Monday 2/8/16: Dr. Yes

Julio is in the midst of a full-blown brawl, and doing fairly well, when Genaro pulls a gun on Julio. Julio pauses, and Genaro's pals grab Julio and let him have it.

Jacinto drags Isabel away, saying that if anything happens to her, he (Jacinto) will get killed.

Julio gets carted off to jail.

Morning. Ayala has to tell Dagoberto and the other cop that splashing people with water is not the proper way to wake them. Ayala welcomes Julio to the world of the living. He's impressed that Julio beat up five people last night. Julio takes off his wet shirt to mop his face. We see a half-moon tattoo on the inside of his right arm - that is, if we can spare a look at his arm because there is a lot of other good stuff on display.
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Monday, February 08, 2016

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casare #115 2-8-16 A Swift and Sudden Visit from the Angel of Death!

Ciao, Peeps.  I'm not feeling peppy or inspired tonight.  As is inevitable in these stories, we have come to a painful parting of the ways between us and a (mostly) beloved character.  The loss colors everything and is one of only two major developments tonight.  More than a recap, this will be an extended introduction for a discussion page.  So, here we are:

First we have Fiorella's finding out she is the long lost daughter of Julieta and Santino.  They are initially shocked and then overcome with joy and relief while Fiorella is devastated.  She pulls away from their attmpts to embrace her and she asks them accusingly, why did they give her away, why did they abandon her?   They are hurt by her rejection but give her space and Fiorella vents these feelings in more depth with Pedro moments later.  With Pedro she cries and rages that Vittorio had no right to keep this information from her; the whole thing feels unreal and what a bitter surprise life has dealt her:  all her life has been a lie!  Pedro wonders what happened to the Dr. who was present at her birth?  He's a very old man now, he must have confused her with Gianna.  Pedro offers his support to her for whatever she needs and consoles her with his kisses and warm embrace.  She begs him and he agrees not to tell Gianna.  Fiorella is afraid her heart couldn't take the shock.

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Antes muerta que Lichita Monday February 8: my plane home got cancelled...

Yes, I am snowed in where there is no Univision. I asked Ezra to cover for me but he hasn't answered. So, sorry, please talk among yourselves. I want to know what happened too!


TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Celia, Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, Fatmagul, and ¿Quién es Quién?: Week of February 8, 2016

The Telemundo page is now issued twice a week: Mondays at 3PM and Thursdays at 8PM.  This is the place for discussion of Celia (whose gran final airs this Monday), Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, Fatmagul, and, starting this Tuesday at 8PM, ¿Quién es Quién? 

Wikipedia offers the following brief synopsis of ¿Quién es Quién?:  "... a story about twin brothers, one rich and the other poor, who were separated at birth and reunited several years later; they decide to change their identities, giving them the opportunity to deal with various complicated situations."  I suspect the novela, starring Eugenio Siller as both brothers, will be a lot more fun than this rather dry synopsis may suggest. Some of us will surely remember Eugenio as Nicolás Núñez / Javier Bolivar in the madcap "Reina des Corazones."  The Telemundo website offers a synopsis of ¿Quién es Quién? in Spanish along with information about the cast (including photos) and videos.

Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion.  Please remember to put the name of the novela you're discussing at the top of your posting, since all the Telemundo novelas share the same page.

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Pasión y poder, Episode 82, Friday, February 5, 2016: Spite and Greed – Humberto sells Eladio's secret to Arturo. Will the House of Cards come tumbling down?

Let's pick up where we left off on Thursday night:

The Kiss
In Consuelo's hospital room, the sweet kiss comes to an end. Consuelo knows how Miguel feels.  After all, she has just confessed that she feels the same way about him.  But his continued presence in her life can only make things worse. 

Regina calls her sister-in-law to congratulate her.  For the baby's sake, she tells Consuelo, she hopes Erick will wake up.  And Miguel, who is still lingering in the room, hears what Consuelo replies:

Aunque yo nunca volvería con Erick, deseo de todo corazón que se despierte.
(Although I would never go to back to Erick, I hope with all my heart that he does wake up.)

The Warning 
In Erick's hospital room, Arturo stands up to Nina when she insinuates that Miguel represents a danger to their grandson.  He certainly doesn't have to protect the baby from him, he says.  "Miguel helped to bring him into the world, and he would never harm him.  Never."

"Don't you think it's harm enough," replies Nina, "for his uncle to have fallen in love with his mother?  He's only a baby now, but what about when he's older and he finds out about all this?"
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El Hotel de los Secretos #10 more dead ends

We begin at the dinner table with Elisa, Alfredo, Sofia, Teresa, Filipe, and Diego sitting together.  Isabel, who should be at the dinner celebrating Diego’s heroic act, (not really, he was just shutting up a key witness) but instead she and Julio are at the front door of Pascual’s dilapidated house as Julio is inserts the key.
Alfredo urges his mother to meet with him soon, he has something very important to discuss with her. She replies that if it’s not about the fact that they should be on the next train leaving these savages, then she doesn’t see the urgency to talk with him. Ouch! Now we know clearly her opinion of this family. And Filipe isn’t helping when he whistles to the waiter for more wine.
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