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Mi corazon es tuyo, #137 That's why presents always need to be wrapped

Hello, everybody. I'm going to keep this short, because I'm feeling a little bit under the weather and as I was writing the recap I realized it made much more sense in my head if I cut out some of the continued silliness. I hope I haven't forgotten something important, but feel free to add whatever you think necessary in the comments.

Refrito : Ximena/ Nando/ Edith triangle

Magda/ Angel/ Ana (who has no clue) triangle

Isa & Johnny (who has no clue, either, but loves the attention)

The new stuff:
We begin with a musical number: Sebastian is singing for Sarai, while all his siblings and most of the young cast (+ Manuela) dance – Luz is totally adorable and Nando is totally hot with his normal hair.

Johnny & Isa
She asks him to come to her place because she has a leak … in the bathroom. He is a little bit surprised, but he’s happy to do the job for the money.
Before he arrives, Isa causes a huge mess in the bathroom, by hitting the faucet with a hammer. The maid, Ramona, arrives just in time to witness the whole thing, which Yolanda hilariously calls one of the Chabelaventuras (Isabela’s Adventures).
Johnny arrives and sure enough, Ramona looks smitten with him, too. He gets himself soaked in the bathroom and almost slips on the wet floor. Isabela keeps him from falling, they embrace in the middle of the watery mess, with Yolanda and Ramona looking on. She is totally turned on and Jonny seems to be quite receptive to her charms, too. He turns off the main water source and fixes the faucet. He realizes that Isabela broke it with a hammer and asks her why she did that, but she obviously has no answer. After Johnny leaves, Isabela is furious with Yolanda because the plan didn’t work.

Angel & Marta
Angel explains that he fell in love with Ana at first sight. Marta doesn’t think they’re compatible, but she refrains from saying more, because she knows it would only be her jealousy talking. She knows that he’s a decent, honest, man, which means that he would never interfere in Ana’s already existing relationship. Yes, Angel admits, my love is platonic and it will stay this way. Why not turn to a more accessible woman, then, Marta asks and Angel seems torn and rather tempted, too.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #116 20140129 A Replay of All of the Scenes that I Thought were Boring the First Time They were Broadcasted

  • Sophia tells Chava that she fired Patrick and rehired Silvana. 
  • Chava can't believe that he's in love with such an idiot!  He tells Sophia that she shouldn't trust Silvana, but he will support Sophia's decision because he's whipped.  Matter of fact, he wants tells her how much her really enjoyed gettin' some.  He was wondering when he could get some again. 
  • Sophia and Chava remember the time that they supposedly made love.  We can't be certain since we didn't get to witness it.  They say that they did, so we have to assume that they did until someone shows us otherwise. 
  • Iker recalls that he almost choked the life out of Greta before he was rudely interrupted by a phone call from his love-sick, psycho sister.  She told him that Sophia hired her back, so he doesn't have to kill Greta after all.  She would have called him sooner, but she had to call Patrick first in order to gloat about getting her job back.
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How Lo Can You Go? La Gata #107 1-29-15

Hey, y’all, I wish I could start snarky and wax wacky but this episode totally peed me off and if you watched, I know you know why and if you didn’t, well, I’m going to try to get right to the point.  First, let me run this other stuff past you:

Damian, Osorio and Fer discuss Lo’s fate.  She will pay but the time has to be right.  Pablo and Esme have to settle their differences and Virginia is going to marry today.  Besides, he wants to talk to Pablo and Mariano first.

Augie is laughing at Lo who is, what’s new, fuming and sputtering about her next venganza.  Augie asks if she’s going to Virginia’s wedding while she laments having lost Pablo.  Augie continues to laugh about the wedding and asks her in between cackles what are they going to say to people when Virginia has black children.

Fer has his talk with Pablo and Mariano, neither of whom can fix their mouths to ask that Lo not pay for her crimes.  This sends them, I guess, cause I wasn’t there, into a flashback fit and I get to see Lo in her clown pants (thanks, Diva).  She has shown herself to be heartless.  Fer will pursue charges against Lo “after the waters have calmed”.  I guess that means after the ho dies.

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Que Te Perdona Dios 8: So Far A Few Half-Spoken Truths and Not A Lot of Consequence

Cap # 8

 2 Min. Review:  Feisty Fausto has handed the title to El Ramada over to Mateo .

The New:

The wealthy old maids, the de la Santa Cruz sisters (Efi and Edi)  are chatting with Ramona who is hitting them up for donations—actual materials rather than nasty, dirty money.  Only after reminding them she, and thus, the whole town know about their oversexed proclivities and their needing to untarnish their reps a bit, do the ladies agree to meet her with the charitable goods in tow.

Later in the day, Mat and Abi go for a walk and gossip.  “--Dunno what Uncle Feisty wanted with Diego.  Hope it didn’t have to do with lending me his horse so I could…..”  "--Moving back here?"  "--Nope.  My practice is in Ciudad de Valle."  “—Whachya doing with El Ramada?”  “--Selling it.”  How could he??!! His Unkie Feisty will have a fit, she replies worriedly!!  (Yep and won’t that be fun to watch, sportsfans?)

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

ArmieOnceAgainSexyInGreen is arguing with IrkSomeone but rather calmy and says once she gets better,they're splitting up and that's final.

Sofia runs into IkStian and she walks into Greta's room. Sofia spills it thay she is coming back to the Ripoffery and Greta's face lights up until Sofia drops the ball she isn't following a certain rule of hers and leaves the room.

Armie and Chava are talking about Tavares' interpretation of IrkSomeone's accident and Renzi in general while IrkSomeone is eavesdropping,

Grrrreta is on the phone with PatPrick taking about Sofia's return and Pato's possible but unlikely return. Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, Pato threatens spilling the beans that Paco Fernandez is Sofia's real dad and Greta has soiled her where-the-sun-don't-shine-orange silk big girl bloomers!

Chava and Armie talk somemore while Irma eavesdrops some more.

Greta tries denying thay Paco is Sofia's dad but Pato is no fool. She begs Pato to have mercy and will beg Sofi for Pato's job back.

Hopefully after changing her bloomers, Greta paces back and forth then talks to he mirror saying Pato cannot tell Sofia the truth

Fausto and Sofia talk about planning an independence party. Sofia says she will give Silvie a second chance since she is least to blame in this brouhaha. Now Fausto and Sofia are talking about her relationsships with silvie, PatPrick and Chava. Apparently SilvieBigButt and SofiBottleBlonde have been besties for years.

Fausto recognizes the nobility of Sofia's heart.

Dani and Alexa talk about Armie's relationships with  Irma and Alexa herself. Some blah-blahing laater and Dani made Alexa cry.

Fausto is checking up on Greta who needs to get her butt to sleep because she has body exams in the morning. She mentions about Pato's blackmailing I thonk.

Alexa and Dani talk about Silvie and Alexacalls Dani too noble-hearted.

Silvie with a glass of wine in one hand dictates to Cristian the next installment of their not that nefarious schemes.

Pato and Renzi are in Pato's apartment which is now the JerkCave.

Dude and Sofia are on the phone talking about saving the Ripoffery's reputation. She hangs up when Greta saunters in ready to vouch for Patricio and make Chava sound like a gold-digging jerk.



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La Gata #106 - Wed 1/28- La Redada

Is this the last ride of The Hat: Esme Style?  She leaves Pablo to rather literally "watch" over the kids as she goes out for veggies for soup.

Lo is having a hard time getting the cops to understand that she's a woman accustomed to being obeyed.

Vicky is in the DF now and HatBro is on his way.  Mariano meets with her to reassure her that Pablo will be back to his old tacky-painting self soon enough.  Doc Javier shows up at Vicky's because he heard Pablo disappeared while he was with her.  From a flashback, and her face, we find out that Javi has something to do with her Deep Dark Pain that she didn't want to tell Pablo about.

Ines is getting released, per Osorio.  Too bad Osorio has been working on that instead of on any number of other matters where his expertise and non-stupidness would have been useful.

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Mi corazon es tuyo, #136, Ximena is back! and Nando is torn between two lovers... Edith is devastated at his silence... Isa calls Johnny and Ana is living dangerously for memories sake


On Bruno’s signal, Fanny leaves Edith at kitchen and heads outside. Edith is left with kids, something’s going on.. Alicia says never in this house!

Sarai arrives to kitchen to say goodbye to everyone.

Ana fails at getting Fernando’s attention to package so she opens it, is confused at the box she finds inside.

Fanny heads outside. Bruno is left with the kid at couch.

Nando and Ximena outside… she wanted to surprise him. How’ve you been? Did you get my email? You never replied. Was analyzing it (LOL!)

Fanny joins them. Nando is concerned.

Ana tries on the ‘inserts’ on her shoes… wonders why Fernando needs those. She loves him as he is.

Ximena tells Fanny, Nando that she and her mom are getting along great. She is even prepared for any news. Nando does not waste time to tell her that Edith, his gf, is in ‘da house! Fanny is surprised Nando had not told Ximena yet.

Lo Nuevo:

Fernando finally comes out of closet. Ana is in awe of his fragrance. He is willing to go shower again. Or give her the bottle, but she would rather him wear it. He blushes at her flattery. She wonders why a man like him buys things to ‘grow’. He drops his jaw when he realizes she opened the package, she apologizes, won’t do it again, he reminds her opening others packages is a felony. Ana keeps egging herself saying he has no reason to feel embarrassed. She does not mind torture and if he wants to use ‘that’ he is welcome to. (he starts giggling) he says he did not order them. She asks what does it say here. He confirms his name is Fernando Lascurain, but he is not the ONLY Fernando Lascurain in the house. She finally ‘gets it’.. he asks her if she knows about Nando having interest In ‘growing’. Ana now feels real bad and tells Fernando that Nando won’t like it that ‘we’ opened his package. Fernando confronts her ‘"we??", Kemosabi?'’.

Outside, we finally get the reaction. Ximena keeps repeating to him not to worry. It was ‘logical’ we were far apart and she was nuts. Fanny is glad Ximena looks and acts so well. Fanny even wants to retake the friendship and wants to catch her up to everything that has happened to her. Ximena says she no longer lives at the house, she lives in a nearby apartment. That house depressed her. Fanny leaves them alone. Ximena has to insist to a shocked Nando not to worry. Its all cool. She says she will leave now, but when he calms down he can tell her all about Edith, and leaves with a smile on her face. He finally smiles, and says Ximena is so different.

Inside, Edith asks Fanny why she was outside. Fanny has to lie. Edith insists. Fanny says it is for Nando to tell you.

Fanny finally tells Edith that Nando is outside. Ana comes down running. Fanny tells her Ximena is outside.

Edith is startled outside, but Nando says just chill and I will tell you all about it. Edith tells him she is dying of anguish. He tells her Ximena is back. Edith turns around very shocked.

Bruno comes down, Ana has baby in her arms again. Ana wants him to be straight with her about Betty. She is pretty, single, self-sufficient, charming, discrete and most importantly, she likes you! The problem is you are not experienced in the art of the greek god of love. If the chance shows up, what is wrong with pursuing it? Fernando comes down so they stop the chat.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 7 - Honor among Bullshit Full Recap

 We are back again,with Doc Mateo making his return to the grand town alongside the hot blonde who is secretly giving the Devil Sandwiches that  taste like snakes. No one knows yet  from which pit  the Devil came from but he certainly was God"s favorite( Is Pedro Medina his distant cousin?) up until this mendiga dia !  Anyway on to the recap:

Mateo and Abigail are still sipping ice cream . Abi wants to know if Mateo will come to her birthday party ,he will come and the talk ends up with dance partners .He would love to be her partner ,but he cannot. He asks if Abi has one but she denies it,there were some weirdos but thats it .She asks him the same exact thing and plays stupid but Abi is not fooled and has seen how the Nasty Diana  Montero was looking at him,i think she got annoyed that we were playing Patsy Patsy together !

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*~Que te Perdone Dios (Yo No) Recap Schedule~*

OK so CxA and I aren't alone on this. Eli and Jardinera want to help which is great. As of now, here is the schedule.

Monday-CS (Yep that's Me!)

Tuesday-CxA(Jardinera, if you'd like you can back CxA up if anything comes up since you stated Tuesdays are best for you.)

Wednesday- CS (until someone claims this spot.)

Thursday- CxA 

Friday- Eli (she did do last Friday so you can tell I'm following by last week.)

I know I'm staying in my spot(s) but there is the possibilty this schedule is subject to change as the show progresses(and with wishful thinking this rather grim show will last as long as Ernesto Alonso's version.)

While I'm here, I'm up for double duty on HEFDM (meaning today and Thursday) and will help in Quiero Amarte on Wednesdays as well. 

If any questions or volunteers for anything, just comment! Thank you!

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo….or Hasta la Vista, Amiga! #114 Tue 1/27/15

You’ll cry tears of blood, etc. etc  Pato leaves in a huff.

Ostras!  Sofia tells Alexa Pato is fired! She’s overjoyed – que te lo digo yo! (hic)  Alexa fesses up she was working with Chava to kidnap  her at her wedding.  Sofia apologizes to Alexa for putting her in charge of the empressa.  There was so much going on in her life and she was overwhelmed.  Thanks to Chava and being there at the factory, she’s realized this is where she belongs.  She’s ready to resume her post as the head of Ripoll.  Alexa’s really, really, but really happy. 
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Mi corazon es tuyo #135 Ana and Fernando invent a new step... 1 2 3... kiss kiss kiss 1 2 3 kiss kiss kiss... Fanny gets a huge blow ... Ximena returns!! ... curiosity killed Ana the cat... It's Sarai's time to go ... sound like a one-pot gumbo?? well, it is!!!


Nando’s nightmare with Edith opening the door to pregnant Ximena and then fainting. Ximena is expecting!

Edith crying in her room wondering if Nando is spooked because making love was not all that.

Kids try to run when Isa is waking up. Yomama has a bodily fluids accident when she sees Isa, Fernando cracks up laughing, but gets real serious when Isa starts insulting the kids again in front of him!

Yomama gives Isa a mirror… Isa has a tantrum. No fair!!

Lo Nuevo:

Fernando is with the girls at the girls room. He is caressing Alicia and is worried about her. Luz wants to talk about Sarai’s parents divorce. Sarai will live most of the time with mom but will see dad frequently. Sarai asks why couples marry if they will divorce later. He tries to explain that keeping a marriage going ain’t easy. Adult issues are complex. Most married couples are compatible, have things in common. Luz asks about him and Ana. Yup, hope it will be foreva.

Ana is walking baby around her room. She puts baby in bassinet. Ana takes monitor and goes downstairs.

Fernando and Ana down stairs, he is eager to have the dancing practice tonight. Ready? Ana first asks what he thinks of Lenin. Gets along with Fanny. Ana thinks Lenin is real smitten by Fanny. Would he be better than Leon? Would he make Fanny suffer? Fernando says Fanny has allowed Leon to make her suffer. Ana wants less talk, more dance. Fernando more than willing to oblige. They dance to a Danzon. Very close… almost kissing. (did they learn about ‘my space’) … she dances around him and he pulls her right to a kiss… and then another… she pulls away, they dance some more…

At some young ones dance club, Fanny and Lenin are at a table. Lenin is not quite of the opinion this place lends itself to lots of chit chat. He decides to dance with her, makes some old style disco moves. (apropo to the place?) well… things just got interesting. Leon just walked in with Laura. They sit down. Laura tells him precisely she used to come here with Fanny and Ximena. They order tequilas. Laura kisses Leon. Meanwhile at dance floor Lenin and Fanny make some synchronized moves… Laura convinces Leon to go dancing, of course after she has shoved about 3 tequilas on him. Now Fanny and Lenin are sitting, Leon and Laura are dancing.

At Jen’s they are doing dishes. Johnny sends her to bed, he will finish dishes. He takes pleasure in ‘serving’ her.

Ana and Fernando in kitchen… she is giving him some water… tired? No way. Fernando wants to tell her about the prank on Isa. But first Ana tells him the kids put cough syrup on her food. Fernando laughs. Fernando tells her about the shaving crème on her. He could not stop himself from laughing after all the bad she has done to them. Fernando says love to see you happy. He comes around the table and takes her in his arms… she kisses his face all over. He says he wishes he could have a pocket size Ana. When he is at the office, when he is sitting on traffic, to tell her all the time he loves her. Would fill her with kisses, but prefer to kiss the real Ana… They are kissing, this time are interrupted by Edith. Fernando again comes up with the lash in the eye. But Edith cries, says Nando is acting strange. Ana comes around to hug her. Edith doesn’t get what she did wrong. Fernando gives her an understanding stare. Ana has some words of support for Edith. Edith leaves.
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La Gata #105 Tuesday 1/27/15 The One With All the Flashbacks

I could barely keep my eyes open during this episode.
  • Gisela plays roundy roundy for a bit and decides she is going to find Pablo and drag him to Italy if she has to. She leaves to look for Pablo (note: pillows are neatly arranged on couch.)
  • Pablo sneaks in right after Gisela leaves looking for information or memories (note: pillows are strewn about the floor.)
  • Fer and Esme have an incessant conversation about her being back in the basurero with her peeps. Then he tells her about each peep she left behind and how much they miss her. He's also not thrilled with her current standard of living and wishes she would let him get her some things. Oh, some ridiculous story about the Esme and Pabs story just starting. Please. It started a long time ago and it's time to put it out of its misery.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Discussion #6

Hi all-

I don't know what's going on with the recap for today so feel free to discuss-I'll do my best to watch the episode later tonight and maybe do a quick write up so we all know what's going on before tonight's episode!



LA Gata #104 01/26/15 The one where the outfits hella sucked

Bullet point time!

  • Silencioso and Co are still looking for Esmeralda
  • Pablo is kind of a jerk, I mean I know that Gisela is a crazy wench, but Pablo does not, and he is treating her like dirt!
  • Gisela wants to get the hell out of dodge and is planning a trip to Italy but Pablo refuses to go
  • Garza also wants to get out of town before people find out that he and Lorenza are partners in crime, he goes to visit Monicas mom to asks her for his money cause he does not want to go back to the pokey. She tells him Lorenza is in charge of everything so he's gonna have to wait. And he's all like "naw you old bat, pay me my cash!"
  • Garza is not happy and starts to choke her, omgeee you guys her eye make up is hideous! 
  • Monica shows up and sees her mom being attacked so she hits Garza with her mini-clutch purse and knocks him out. WTF does she keep in there? No seriously, how heavy was that little purse that she managed to knock a grown man out?
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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #113 1/26/15 Pato and Silvana Hit the Bricks

From Friday:
Armie tells Irma that the pig stays. Nandito promises to feed and clean up after it.

Chava meets with Landa to ask his help to get Bigfoot racing ready. Landa can't help financially, but promises to call his friends. Maybe one of them will sponsor Chava.

Pato calls Renzi to tell him that Manjarres did a good job. The vat of chocolate headed for South America is full of pesticide.

Sofia asks Silvana if she and Pato are/were lovers. Silvana confesses that she is crazy in love with Pato.

New Episode:
(Some scenes have been combined)

At the restaurant, Sofia demands that Silvana tell her the truth. Silvana confesses that after her miscarriage Pato was there to comfort her. She tried to resist him but she was weak and Pato became her obsession. Matias only saw her trying to kiss Pato. Silvana knew that Sofia was in love with Chava and not Pato, that's why she was always trying to push Sofia and Chava together. Sofia appears to be having a brain cramp. She still doesn't understand.

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Que Te Perdone Dios on Monday, January 26, 2015 (#6)

(This isn't the final product.)
Diego and Abigail are together when Macaria comes out to bitch at them

Mateo and Princess Di are practically eating each other with their looks and  saying how much they missed each other.

Vicenta babbles with Ren who sends her to get Abi.

Abigail and Macaria argue about the "kiss" Diego gave her and Mac-Bitch slaps Abi while threatensher with never seeing Renata again in her life.

PrincessDi thinks about her meet with Mateo and says something is to be a huge surprise for the 2. She walks into a house and starts making out with Fausto. He gives Di expensive jewelry.

Mateo and Guy (who calls for a sweat wipe) are operating on someone.

Mac-Bitch and Abi talk about Abi's father. Mac says Abi's father was a worthless bum and Abi asks if that's why she doesn't like her.

Diego takes it up with the complaint department that is Renata about Mac's bitching. She asks in what aspect can she help? Diego says Abi has done nothing wrong and walks away.

Abi wonders about her grandma and says if she lived with them, she would sing like a canary. Mac bitches some more and brings Abi's spirit down. In comes Vicenta(Lucha finally has a name) and warns Mac bitch she'd better not mess with Diegito. Vicenta says Renata has called for Abi to come see her and Abi is happy to oblige.

Connie calls Mac a Hoebag and I couldn't agree more with her (Mac responds with calling Connie a psycho bitch.) Mac then plays victim with Ren that Connie was being mean to her. Ren has asked Connue a million times not to bug Mac; Connie, with a lovely yellow rose tucked behind her ear, says Bruno will put Macaria in her place!

Mateo in a pair on jeans and no shirt lays on his bed reading a note Abigail gave him. Abigail as well is reading a note but Mateo gave it to her. They express their love for each other in coos and swoons.

Mia and Diana are on their asses on the when the doorbell is ringing and Mia calls for Teodora to open the door. It's Mateo ready to take Diana out for a stroll.

Renata expresses to Fausto's face how much she HATES him.

Princess Di and Mateo (and Mia) are out strolling when Diego, Renata and Abigail pulls up.



♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 1/26/15 ♥ #134 ♥

Capitulo 134: Holiday Madness, Part Infinity

No refritos, just tonight's action:

Lascuráin Mansion: Alicia was so upset at Pablo's departure that she decided to stay in her room. Luz tried to get her to go downstairs, but was not successful. Fernando entered to talk to Alicia about it. She told him she didn't feel like getting dressed up and pretending to have a good time. Wisely, he didn't attempt to press her into doing so. Instead, he hugged her and told her that she should come down if she changed her mind. She cried after he left her room.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Dueños del Paraíso, Señora Acero, Los Miserables, Tierra de Reyes, etc - Week of Jan. 26, 2015

Welcome to this week's Great Blizzard edition.

Stay safe and warm, my friends.  Let's hear from you!



Quiero Amarte (Week 19-Jan 26) Highlights & Discussion

Amaya's Future is in Peril

Valeria is still mad at Amaya and hates Max for not telling her they were novios
Cesar wants Amaya for himself, not for love but to best his brother and gain a business advantage
Lucrecia still wants Amaya dead, despite Cesar's threats if she so much as touches her
Mauro is clueless as to Cesar and Lucrecia's plans for Amaya
Constanza is about to drop the baby bomb on Max
Amaya may or may not be pregnant herself
Max will find himself in a moral dilemma

Join us to find out which of these perils are put in play this week.


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Que Te Perdone Dios #5 Fausto earns himself a spot in hell

Hi, I'm still working on the recap, it will be up later today, the show is on late and I'm on the West Coast! All future recaps will be done by Saturday afternoons. Be back in a bit with my recap!

We start the episode with Renata pointing a gun at Fausto, she demands to know if he was responsible for the death of Pablo, he asks if Macaira was the one who told her this, and Renata tells him she has no reason to doubt anything Macaira says, thus confirming that Mac was the one who let the cat out of the bag. Fausto tries to calm a hysterical Renata by telling her not to trust Macaira because she is a snake (true, oh so true!) but Renata is not having it. I shout at her to shoot him, but does she? Nope. Instead she cries and cries some more which allows Fausto to disarm her.

They argue some more and Fausto makes it clear he is not letting her go because she is his meal ticket. You see Bruno's will stated that Fausto was a sort of manager of his assets, should Renata and her mother leave, Fausto gets zero, nothing,nada. Even from the grave Bruno manages to screw things up for Renata and his wife. Fausto has zero incentive to let the women go, the second they leave he is left with nothing.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #112 20150123 The Pig in the Blanket Grunts Over the Pig the Box

I was asleep and missed for first 10 minutes.  I probably left out a lot, so please fill in anything that I missed. 

The lovebirds, Chava and Sophia, are canoodling in the Mustang outside of Ripoll while Manjarrez poisons the big vat of chocolate on the inside.  The sound of the alarms unseals their lips and the sight of the employees filing out of the building returns Sophia in the instant management mode.

When Dani appears without Alexa, Sophia tries to run into the building, but the guard stops her.  Next Patrick and Silvana come out. 

While Sophia runs around checking on the employees, Chava and Armando smell a rat.  They believe that Patrick is behind this.  They discuss how this has never happened before and on the day that Sophia is out of the building and Alexa is on a casting call, all hell breaks lose. 
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Mi Corazon es Tuyo #132 and #133, Isa is a party crasher

[Thanks to Cathyx for the quick rundown 0f Thursday's capítulo.  I didn't receive my episodio for Thursday till Sat. AM. (Thank you HULU and of course, the real culprit, Univision, who now doesn't allow you to stream and view it by early the next AM to allow for a quick recap unless you're signed up with the "correct" cable or satellite service.) --edit.]

Since we missed yesterday’s recap, (not sure what happened to Jardinera), I will try to remember what went on with some highlights of yesterday's show. 
*Pablo got discovered and Thankfully got talked into leaving with his brother. Yes! But not before an over the top cry session with Alicia and lots of teens kissing, yuck. 
*Alicia cried herself to sleep. Ugh! 
*Sarai and Luz slept with Ana because the crying would keep them awake.
*Ana and Fer got into a shouting match because Fer was blaming Ana for letting Alicia take up with Pablo in the first place and if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t be suffering now. (I know this is a stupid argument and they work it out later and kissed and made up.)
*Fanny accepted a “date” to see a movie with Lenin, much to Lenin’s surprise. The started to kiss and Fer interrupted them.
*Nando comes to Edith’s pad and Edith wants to do it, not sure if they actually did. 
I can’t remember anything else, so if you do, put it in the comments.

Now on to Friday’s episode.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 5 ~Discussion

Hello guys,feel free to discuss the todays episode which was quite depressing i must say and the town is in an desperate need of an exorcist ! I  am sure that either Eli or CS are working on the recap so do not worry about that. However just in case,  if it is not up by tommorow,maybe i will write it myself,they are probably still sleeping so i will give it rest.



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La Gata #103 1/23/15 If You Teach a Man to Fish...

Some scenes have been combined.

Gisela has brought her home her stray. She ushers him in with a flourish and a "welcome to OUR home Pablo." He looks a little confused, but this is nothing new. He asks Gi if she's sure he will be able to recover his memory here. She's very sure. He really thinks he should go to the doctor. That's usually how they treat such cases, isn't it. Gi assures him that with her love and "attentions" he will recuperate. She asks for just a few days. Just a few days and her love can cure him. She is his only love. She goes in for a kiss, but Pablo is suddenly wracked with the memory of a gun going off. I think he's disgusted by her crazycooties, too. (That footage of him falling and hitting his head on the rock seems ripe for GIF-ing. I wish I had the skillz to make it happen.) He steps back and accuses Gisela "It was you!!"
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 4 " The Devil and Karma have their Parade"

Ladies and gentlemen,we are back in our little dark town! The darkness falls down a bit but will the happiness last? Now on to the recap! :

Renny is in her room taking care of and pep-talking Baby Abigail, saying that she should not worry,that she will always try to be by her side,to fight for her despite the sad fact that Abigail will never call her Mama (No worries Rainy,that promise always gets broken in the end,here is my tissue!) . Anyway ,i think we were again  time jumped   3 months forward. Master Brujo accompanied  by Macy the Vile and  the Disgusting Suitcases  are there  in the hall. Renny comes there too with the baby but Brujo quickly takes the chance to humiliate her by asking her to give the bebe to Macy and from now on  she is  to have the least possible contact with Abigail. Brujo is forcing both of them to leave.

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Weekend Discussion: Cross-Cultural Infusions and the Future

Still working on the photo gallery, but a new topic emerged yesterday in the midst of discussing the Christmas episodes of Mi Corazon es Tuyo.  It's been going on since the age of cinema and picked up speed after the emergence of television.  How much faster is this happening now?

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #111 I Never Thought I'd Say This but, This TN Just Got Good! Really Good! Are the Regular Writers on Vacation?

Snob Hill
During a phone call, Patrick screams at Greta for not controlling Sophia.  He's tired of being humiliated.  He says that her shameful past is the reason that she can't control that hussy, Sophia.  Greta sobs and says that she can't make Sophia marry him.  She's still all hysterical when Fausto comes in.  She's afraid that Patrick will quit.  Fausto assures her that Patrick will not quit his well-paid position.  His lifestyle means more to him than Sophia does. 

From yesterday, Patrick tells Silvana to hire Manjarrez and to put him in the production area. Silvana says that she doesn't have any openings, but Patrick doesn't care.  He wants him on the payroll...NOW!

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