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La Malquerida #66, 11/25/14

Mexico Episode #72

Discussion page. See Diana's post in the comments!



Mi corazon es tuyo #91 Is this the last we see of Diego?? At his experiencia religiosa, will Diego say 'heaven can wait' or become an angel?


Fernando tells Ana he spoke to Diego but could not reconcile with him. Ana keeps hoping they will be able to forgive each other soon. Fernando tells her Diego is in bad shape, has been drinking for several days now. Looks real bad. Seems he is on auto-destruct mode.

Lo Nuevo:

Isa still at Freeky’s. Isa seems to want to rekindle the flame she once had with Freeky. He agrees she is very attractive, but she turns it on him and says from here on out, we are only related by business.

Laura rings Freeky’s bell. He won’t let her in, sends her away ‘non-ya-bidness’ who I’m with. Laura breaks down and cries in hallway ‘what have you done, Laura??’ Natalia sees her but Laura denies needing help.

At Lasc kitchen, Johnny and Bruno are having a good time, Johnny swears he is the best cook now. Even puts on a ‘show’ for Bruno. He tries to show how to crack an egg without making a mess. Bruno laughs hard (feet up in the air) when he fails and starts telling jokes. FF>>

At Diego’s, Natalia comes in the apt. Diego mad at her because she threw away his booze. He takes the keys and runs out.

Ana is calling Diego’s cel, but he won’t answer. Fernando says he and Diego have always parted ways but this time its gone too far. He won’t let Ana feel guilty. Both he and Diego have made mistakes. Fer tells Ana what Diego said, that if Fer wanted him to forgive him, he would have to walk away from Ana. But Fer would not. Ana says they (Fer and Diego) are both men with great values, but the only difference here is that I…
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La Gata #61 11/25/14 La Paralítica

I missed the first little bit and the house was kind of chaotic with dogs and visitors, so I'm going to throw some bullets up and watch on hulu tomorrow and put more details in then.

  • I tuned in right as Ines, Garabato and the gang had made their escape. 
  • La Gata is paralyzed and wearing odd headgear with two lemons for each ear. The doctor says there is a possibility of surgery, but it's risky. If I had taken a drink every time someone said "paralítica" I would be sloshed.
  • Everyone visited Esme.
  • Lowrenza is growing a heart and very much wants to be a part of her nieto's lives. Augie is not sold on the idea.
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La Gata #60 11/24/14 Brain damage!

Is that proof that Esmeralda and Pablo had brains? Who knew. Anyhoo, let me get to it.

My beloved Mariano comes upon the accident scene, he had a bad feeling that something was wrong with the two love birds, when he realizes that Esmeralda and his brother have been injured he cries out in anguish (someone give me some tissues!).

At Casa De Venganza everyone is worried about Esmeralda, they all expected her to be home hours ago and they can't find her, Jarocha suggests that maybe she and Pablo decided to run away and marry in secret, Fernando says Esmeralda would not do that. They then get the call that tells them about the accident, Fernando leaves to the hospital and Fela and Virgina stay behind, I really wish that they would stop treating these two like helpless children, they are grown women, treat them as such! Fernando promises to call them with updates.

Lorenza has a heart-allegedly 

Lorenza and Agustin argue, she tells him that she will be going to the wedding, she might not like Esmeralda but she loves her son and she will give him her full support, Agustin is dead set against this but she reminds him "if you can't beat the enemy, join him".

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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #70 11/24/14 Some Have Dreams, Others Have Nightmares

From Friday:
Fausto tells Greta that she valued her prejudices more than love.
Paco wants to talk to Greta and find out the truth about Sofia.
The doctor says that it's clear from the number of pills Irma took, she was trying to commit suicide.
Armie leaves the hospital room to find out if Irma will have to stay or will be able to go home. Irma vows that she'll force Armie to stay with her.
I lied about the kid for years then tried to kill myself,
now I gotta think of something really crazy.
Monday's Episode:
Marisol shows Lupe' the check she got from Sofia. It's a lot of money but she'll pay it back eventually. Lupe warns Marisol not to waste her money on Javier because he'll never pay her back. Marisol accuses Lupe' of not taking care of Javier.
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La Malquerida, capitulo 65. 11/24/14

Skipping the old....

Rubio comes in and to turn in an accounting report and JC asks him to take a seat. He asks if he received a letter from Ulises intended for Acacia. He wants it.

Acacia can't believe Cris is asking her if there is another woman in Esteban's life. If I knew something like that, don't you think I would have said something? Cris apologizes for asking such a question. Ever since Esteban left, she has all these horrible thoughts in her head. Acacia advises her to speak with Esteban to clarify things especially now that you are going to have his child. Cris doesn't agree. Children are not a magically solution when it comes to marital problems. She just feels that there is another woman and needs to know. Acacia thinks perhaps he might have had a passing fancy but it can't be serious. But who asks Cris. Acacia tells her to calm down and think of the baby. Cris agrees and knows no matter what happens, this child will be loved by many.

What letter asks Rubio. JC again says Ulises sent a letter but Rubio says no one came with a letter. JC keeps grilling him but Rubio swears nothing ever came. JC suspects Ulises lied. Rubio promises to questions all the ranch hands in the morning.

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♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 11/24/14 ♥ #90 ♥

Capitulo 90: Don Juan in Hell

La Costeña: Hissabela complained to Enrique that the apartment Fernando gave her is smaller than a horse stall. He said he didn't believe her and told her to calm down because this wasn't good for the baby.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE - Señora Acero, Los Miserables, etc -- week of November 24, 2014.

Here is your page for recaps of and comments on Telemundo novelas present and future. Have a great Da de Acción de Gracias everyone!i



TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Reina de Corazones, Project Chapter a Day -- week of November 24, 2014.

 Hola Reinamaniacs!
We are trying a slightly different approach to recapping our beloved novela that Telemundo has trashed. Since two-fers, much less three-fers are horrible to recap and too much to take in,  as of Thursday, November 13, we started telling the story one Mexican episode at a time -- A Chapter a Day -- regardless of how it is broadcast in the United States.  
That means we will fall further and further behind the televised shows.  We're guessing that Telemundo will air the gran final on December 1, but we will probably finish recapping the show on December 11.

Of course, this all depends on the continued availability of the Mexican episodes.  Telemundo could get nasty and make them hard to find.  If that happens, then we are stuck with what they decide to show in this country and we'll have to regroup.

 Deb has put together this schedule for U.S.A. broadcasts of Reina.  (It is based on currently available information, but you never know what Telemundo might do.)

17-mon... 125/126
18-tue... 127/128
19-wed... 129/130
20-thu... 131/132* this was pre-empted by the President's speech
21-fri...  131/132?????? it looks like what was broadcast on Friday starts where Wed.'s episode ended so I 'm not sure what is going on. Maybe they will double up Tue and Wed's episodes that were supposed to be singles.
24-mon... 133/134??????
25-tue... 135/136???????
26-wed... 137/138??????
27-thu... Thanksgiving
28-fri... 139

01-mon... 140 (gran final)


Here is the "anti-tijeras" schedule for our CarayCaray recaps of episodes of Reina as shown in Mexico:

13-thu... 121 (posted two weeks ago)
14-fri... 122   (posted two weeks ago)

17-mon... 123 (posted last week)
18-tue... 124 (posted last week)
19-wed... 125 (posted last week)
20-thu... 126 (posted last week)
21-fri... 127 (posted last week)

24-mon... 128 (to be posted tonight)
25-tue... 129 
26-wed... 130 
27-thu... Thanksgiving
28-fri... 131

01-mon... 132
02-tue... 133 
03-wed... 134 
04-thu... 135 
05-fri... 136

08-mon... 137
09-tue... 138
10-wed... 139 
11-thu... 140 (gran final)
So try and hang in there with us and comment if you can. We'd appreciate it. Have a  great Día de Acción de Gracias everyone!!



Quiero Amarte Highlights and Discussion (Week 10 - Nov 24)

Looking Ahead
    Let's discuss--
Whether the coffee stain will come out of Max's kelly green sweater.
Whether the stars in Amaya's and Max's eyes ever align so their lips meet again.
Whether Lucio will see through the phony doctor Lucrecia hired.
Whether there will really be a Consta-Max wedding in 15 days.
Whether Ivan will admit to himself he moved a bit too fast with Mariana.
Whether Dolores will pass her kidney stone or need surgery.
Whether Cesar comes up with a successful plan to ruin Max's Tres-en-Uno coffee project.

Note: Tres-en-Uno is a real Nescafe brand. In the U.S. it's called 3-in-1, a flavored instant coffee in single-serve packets. Nestle is getting a lot of "free" advertising in this telenovela.


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♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Viernes 11/21/14 ♥ #89 ♥

Was there no program on Friday night?  If not I will delete.  If so, let's discuss.



Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #69 11/21/14 Irma Plays the Suicide Card

From Wednesday:
Paco can't get the questions out of his mind. He needs to know the truth - is Sofia his daughter?

New Stuff:
Greta visits Isadora and tells her about Sofia calling off her wedding. Greta can't understand it; Pato is the perfect man for Sofia! Isadora opens a flask and pours a shot of booze into her coffee. She tells Greta that there is only one reason why a woman calls off a wedding - because there is another man involved. Greta insists that another man can't possibly be the reason! Sofia is classier than that!

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La Malquerida, capitulo 64. 11/21/14

Lizi proposes to German to spend some time together. Who knows perhaps this could last a lifetime. German nods his acceptance and the two share a lovely kiss.

Luisa tries to talk sense to Acacia about Ulises. She doesn't want to hear it but Luisa insists. Arturo told her Ulises never did anything shady or escaped with Nuria. Acacia doesn't think he would have told his family the truth. Luisa advises her to speak with Ulises and if she's not convinced, no harm no foul. Acacia is afraid that once speaking with Ulises he would convince her of his innocence even though everyone is accusing him of fraud. Unless you want Manuel now and don't care that Ulises rots in prison.

Memo pulls a gun on Patricio and says Danilo ordered him to die. Patricio pleads for his life.
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Hasta el Fin del Mundo Capitulo 69 when it should be 70 Today.

Chava's with Araceli when ArmieKittyEyescalls to let him know SofiBleachBlondeAlmost has canceled her wedding with UglyPat. Chava maintains composure but is evidently happy while Araceli isn't such a happy camper in the background.

Sofi and Silvie chat about Sofi being in love with Chava. Some talk morecand Sofi is reassuring Silvie that her time as a mother will come again; Silvie's expression says, "You're Darn Tootin'!" and she also says that her relationship with "that guy" is no more.

Lupe and Javier argue.


La Gata #59 11/21/14 La Mancha

I will be out of town until Friday of next week and I don't think I'll have access to Univision. If anyone can take Tuesday, it would be appreciated.

*Le Sigh*
I know I owe you all a recap, but the thought of watching Pablo, Esme and the crew talk in circles for 45 minutes leaves me nauseous.

I am also fully committed, but I  will one up Kat's grumpiness and go into full kvetch mode. As you are all mentioning in the comments, there are so many loose and forgotten ends. Hell, a list of THOSE is more entertaining than last night's swill.

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Mi corazon es tuyo, 11/21/2014, No show doesn't mean that we don't get to chat

First of all: I apologize for my lack of presence on the boards. I just started a new job that is killing me softly. It's a completely new field of work for me, one that I'm not completely sure that I even like but I absolutely have to make work; so I'm constantly exhausted and I'm behind on all my TV watching.
Having said that and since there was no show yesterday, I figured we could do something else for today's post.

How about if we take advantage of the mini-break to explore some of the moral themes of the story, some of the situations that have been discussed before, but never at length because there was always something else to comment on.
  •  Ana has no real skills, other than dancing on the pole and making bad business decisions. She has a huge heart and she loves the kids just like a mother would, but what has she really accomplished so far, except surviving?
  • Fernando decided to marry the mother of his presumed 8th child, even if there was no connection between him and the mother to be and he was in love with another woman. Is this type of situation still acceptable in 2014?
  • Nico married a much younger woman, but failed to realize that she will want to be there for him no matter what and fixing her up with another man is not OK. For better and for worse, right?
  • Diego, an adventurer at heart, decided to give up on his entire life for a woman that only feels gratitude for him. Even if he had Ana's love, would a life of domesticity be enough for him?
  • Fanny, a barely 20 year-old, who is still struggling with finding out who she is and what she wants out of life, committed to a guy with a young child to take care of. Seen from this point of view, isn't Lenin - the care-free student boy, a more appropriate match?
  • Manuela wanted to be the surrogate for her employer and she would have probably done it if not for Nico's health problems.
  • Alicia accused Fernando of not respecting her privacy; but she's 15, still living in her father's house and cyber-dating is almost never safe.
  • And the big elephant in the room, that hasn't even been addressed yet: when Fernando finds out about Ana's real job and lying to him for so many months, won't he have the right to be upset? Ana's presence in his house exposed all of his children to the likes of Doroteo (and even Johnny), so should we blame him too much when he jumps through the roof upon finding out the truth (because I believe that he will)
 If anything else pops into your heads, feel free to discuss.


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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #68 Discussion Space!

While I get the recap cookin', discuss away!

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La Malquerida #63, 11/19/14

Mexico Episode #69

Discussion page. Latin Grammys means that there's no show Thursday, and we have two whole days to discuss tonight's twisted happenings in the small town of El Soto. Catch Diana's recap in the comments!



La Gata #58 - Wed 11/19 - La Víspera

Pablo calls Esme and the ladies on their belief in superstitions…especially since Esme has a black cat.  True, dude.  Principe can't possibly be bad luck.  I'm ignoring their meaningless conversation as it goes nowhere.

Rita does a limpia, which apparently doesn't work, because in walks Meatball.  He's come to say goodbye…don't let the door hit 'ya!  Before he goes, he chokes Rita and accuses the cards of lying, but she says it's not the cards, it's him!  Plus, he's married.  Meatball protests that he's only "arrejuntado" (living together) which isn't the same thing.  The choking continues.

Pablo is nearly finished with the hideous mural.  Or so he says.  The boss wants to celebrate with a toast.

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Mi Corazon es Tuyo #88 Isa going... going... gone!!! Fernando finds out about Alicia's internet boyfriend and does not like it one bit


Leon and Fanny in a romantic moment… he tells her what he loves about her and their relationship… followed by kisses…

Ana with a picture of Eliz Taylor as her mom… (or who is that?)… Ana is crying with the boys in the room, Fernando overhears out the door. One of the twins goes out to get him… Luz is also there. Some guy (sorry haven’t seen the last 4 eps) sent Ana a pic of her mom… Fernando asks to see it, then says he is happy that Ana can see what her mom looks like, says she is beautiful like Ana (with the song… yeah that one!... in the background, sung by the old woman)… The boys and Luz are hugging Ana… The boys are all smiling and this seems to move Fernando even more.

Lo Nuevo:

Bruno comes to library to see Fer. Bruno asks Fer if he is feeling alright. The tragedies have not come alone but quitting the company… Fernando is honest with Bruno, and acknowledges Bruno’s important role in their family… Bruno notes that when Fernando started working there he looked like a little boy in his first day of classes… Fernando acknowledges the company was his life… his family. A great family, like the Lasc are for Bruno. Fernando knows the value of not only the company but the people who work there. He quit because the company does not need the scandal. It is a dream of many families.

Nando and Edith in his room… they are arguing about exact sciences, theory of relativity, scientific explanations and exactitude, subatomic particles, (and these two are on each other’s face…) quantum space and space time… He acknowledges she is real smart to have so many tattoos.

Nico and Jen. Nico tells Jen the Doctor said he would need special care… Jen offers herself. Nico does not want to be a burden on Jen.(Fernando heard this on his way in the room).

Ana calls Diego, Natalia gets the phone. She tells Diego its Ana. But Diego does not want to talk to her. Ana texts Diego she wanted to say thank you… about finding facts about her mom… appoligizes for what happened but says she was always sincere… and again, thank you.

Back to Nico, Jen and Fer. Jen argues that her dream was to be with him, he thanks her but… will you be happy with no kids? Aren’t you better off with a young man and not having to care for an old hag? Fernando cuts him short, not the time to talk about this. Jen is crying. Nico says he loves her so much he wishes her to find a guy closer to her age… (Fernando is hugging Jen, who is very upset)

Isa and Yomama, Isa is carrying a suitcase… Yomama says you have to help me with my suitcase. Isa nags. Suddenly Fanny and the boys are all throwing stuff at Isa and YoMama and the twins are shooting with their water guns… a battle ensues, Isa slips at the door trying to run out. (Carmen Salinas can’t help but laugh on her way out)…

Ana and Fer come out of the library… Ana says finally the arachnidas are out of here…! Fernando says ‘perfect! Now finally we can be happy…’ and they kiss (WHOA!!! what did I Miss???? I have to watch these recordings… someone changed the game on me!!)… nah… it was just a nightmare of Isa’s… (Phew!! I thought I had missed volumes!!)
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Mi Corazon Es Tuyo #87, Discussion Page

Marta isn't able to recap because she's on a trip or something, so I am putting this up so we can talk about the episode, and if anyone wants to add recap information in the comments, I'm sure it would be appreciated.



Send get well greetings to our wonderful blogger and team captain Madelaine!

Madelaine has been quite ill, here is a post where you can comment and give her thanks for the amazing double- and triple-shifts she has pulled recapping for everybody!

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Favorite telenovelas recommended by our crack team of bloggers and experts! Compiled by Vikki Gomez

Evidently you all have been longing for a definitive list of the best telenovelas and now, thanks to Victoria (Vikki) Gomez, you have it! Here is the link: List of the Greatest Telenovelas. I have also put it in the sidebar where it will lodge forever. Thanks Vikki!

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #67 20141118 LLCoolS, but Patrick Hates Him (You'll Have to be a Fan of Rap to Get That)

Silvana's Apartment
Sophia wraps up her visit with Silvana.  As soon a the door closes behind the blonde, Patrick steps out of the bedroom.  Silvana mocks him about Sophia cheating on him.  Patrick tells Silvana that she's lucky that she just lost her child or "to the moon Alice!"  Silvana reminds him that the baby that she lost was his baby too!  She is offended by his insensitivity!  She accuses him of being jealous of Chava.  Patrick says that he's not jealous of Chava, he's upset because Chava is messing up "their" plans to marry Sophia.  Because of Chava, Sophia has postponed the wedding until the next year.  She should be encouraging Sophia to marry him ASAP.  He tells Silvana to send him a message if she needs anything, but she must not ever call him again!  Silvana tells us that she hopes that Sophia leaves him for Chava. 
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La Malquerida #62, 11/18/14: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ulises?

Mexico Episode #68

The Old:
Cristina rips old Danilo a new one for secretly marrying young Alejandra, but reassures Ale that she is still beloved and welcomed. Acacia worries how poor Esteban will survive. Cris tells her he has the savings from his administrator salary, and a good head on his shoulders. Ulises rides into town on Juancho’s ass and hobbles to the Soto min-mart and calls Acacia, who had just dug his cross out of Este’s desk drawer and seemed to want to put it on.

The New:
Uli begs Acacia not to hang up, as she cries and curses him. He asks her to meet him in the town park. Back in the boondocks, Itzel and her grandma come back from picking herbs and find Uli gone, but a note left behind. He thanks them for everything they did for him, says he can’t keep putting them in danger (which hasn’t really changed since he sent a letter with their location in it!), and hopes to pay them back one day (if Dan’s goons haven’t killed them). Itzel cries and Grandma tells her not to worry.

Dan beats the snot and stuffing out of Memo and Patricio for letting Uli escape and live long enough to send a letter, and letting him see their faces (Memo points out only Pat’s face was seen). They need to get more men and find him! “It’s really important to find Ulises, because if he lives…” Ale runs out, in her new Dan-provided ramera-wear, and asks what the heck Dan is saying?! He clams up, and tells her to go back to their room where he told her to stay. Dan introduces her to Pat and Memo as his wife, who should be treated with respect, before he shoves her back to the bedroom. Memo makes the mistake of asking if she isn’t the infamous Turquesa, and nearly gets smacked again. Dan orders him never to mention it or that name again!

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