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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 179, Tues 7/22/14: You can never find a forensic psychiatrist when you need one.

We have known three police chiefs in our time in Aguazul -- Loreto, Basurto and Álvarez -- and all have abused their power.  But the present officer-holder may be the most loathsome of the bunch.  Here he is, just happening to stroll by as Montserrat comes out of the church and sees that her van has been trashed, smashed and slashed.  The windows are shattered, the tires are flat and the word ZORRA is painted in large black letters on its side. 

¡Qué barbaridad¡ says Chief Álvarez.  "What an outrage!"  (But his smug expression belies his words.)  He'll have his men  investigate the incident, he says.

Montserrat isn't fooled.  She knows very well that he's responsible, and that it's no coincidence that he is there to enjoy her reaction.  (And he is enjoying himself.  He looks like a dog sniffing around its own steaming excrement.)
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When bad children happen to good people: Mi Corazon Es Tuyo #2 July,22,2014

Currently working on the recap but in the mean time feel free to discuss the episode!



Que Pobres Tan Ricos #140: 7/22/14: Our D. I. V. O. R. C. E. Becomes Final Today!

Hola Amiguis! I have been away for a couple of weeks and I am not fully caught up yet. I am subbing this evening for our wonderful Blog Mom, Jane. If I miss something please fill in. Shall we begin with an earworm? I have the perfect one for Tizoc, I'm Too Sexy!

Tizoc and Perla are up in the old RP Penthouse and Tizoc thinks this whole thingy of Frida being preggers is a false alarm. Perla says, yeah in your dreams. She also tells him about MA and Lupe maybe getting together. Tizoc isn't happy and neither is Perla, I wonder why???? Hmmmmm???????

Leo is talking to Diego and he tells Diego their relationship is too complicated, so it's friends, si? Deigo just got his heart broken. Boo, Hiss on Leo! Leo says his familia knows about him being gay, but not his friends and so this is why it's complicated. Deigo sadly goes away and Leo is OMGeeing cause he discovered his car is a hard top convertible. Oh, Please!!!!!

MA and Lupe did a quick smooch and he gives her directions to where Frida is, it's for Tizoc of course. Now MA wants another meet with Lupe when she has more time to dish. He wants to look in her eyes and see her smile, she finally agrees.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #139 - Tuesday 7/22

De que sobrevivió un día más, sobrevivió un día más.
El Refrito
  • Rodrigo wishes Vicente was dead.
  • Carmen beats El with plush flowers, but melts at his flowery words.
  • Tiburcio gets his therapy
  • Irene and Tad get a report on Vicente.
  • Lala reports on Ticurcio's progress.
  • Vicente sees the error of his ways and asks forgiveness. Irene forgives him. Vicente asks to see Natalia.
Lo Nuevo
Carmen prepares for her date with Eleazar. Natalia approves and agrees to watch Lupita.

Morales investigates Rosa's anonymous tip. He asks the Internet Cafe manager for a description of the person. It's a vague description. Morales instructs the man to find out her name if she comes in again and call him ASAP. He also asks him to print the history.

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Qué Pobres, Lunes 7/21/14 (#139): I Wasn't Expecting the Spanish Inquisition

Frida's pregnancy test results are not explicitly revealed, but the look on her face tells us that she is not pleased. After giving Frida a moment to herself on the bench, the nurse approaches with some pamphlets and says that it doesn't look as though Frida's happy. Frida says she's not sure. (First she ate chicken soup, and now she's killed a rabbit! What's next for this lapsed vegetarian?)

AS and MA sit at opposite ends of a very long dinner table. Leo is sitting somewhere in the middle (symbolism much?). Despite the fact that they never used to eat meals together in the before-time, AS is annoyed that Frida is very late. In fact, Frida finally comes home, says it was a long day planning a protest against some kind of genetic engineering or something, and is going straight to bed. Leo decides to take his dinner to his room, too. That leaves MA and AS alone to chat with one another, or so you'd think.

Emi has apparently eaten all he's going to eat tonight, so Lupe sends him to bed. (He has to be reminded to take his plate.) Actually this is more about getting him out of the room so that Lupe and Chuy can confront Tizoc about the positive pregnancy test that wasn't Lupe's or Frida's. Tizoc is very defensive: "What is this, the Inquisition?"

Vilma calls Ahole and demands to see him tomorrow. He doesn't want to go, but she insists. He makes a big deal of having to rearrange his schedule to accommodate her, and jokes that her own schedule is so open lately.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #138 - Mon 7/21

De que se volvió viral, volvió viral

Diego visits the Cacares House of Horrors to tell Lala (not Hilda) about his plans to help Tiburcio recover, so he can tell everyone what he knows about Alberto's murder.  Lala will be in charge of administering the medication.

Carmen sits Mally down at the fonda to talk to her about the upcoming nuptials and give Mally her blessing.

Lala makes an unnecessary grocery list to get Hilda out of the house.  As Hilda points out, there's plenty of food for the few people left.

Luz comes to the fonda to catch up with Carmen.  And, more importantly, find out if Carmen is going to jump into Paul the Mushroom Man's arms.  Hell no! says Carmen.  She happily tells Luz about Abdul's upcoming wedding and they joke that she really needs to change the name of a certain crab dish on the fonda's menu.

Eleazar enlists Lupita to help him figure out what he said the day he was drugged out of his mind.  La Detective Lupita is on the case!

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Lo Que la Vida Me Robó Lunes 7/21/14 #178

Chapter 178: Suffer the Children

Police Chief's Office: Refugio stayed behind in the hopes that he could get his old friend to talk to him alone.

Tell me, José Luis, what do you know about Pedro Medina?”

I cannot tell you,” he said. He emphasized each word to show he was out of patience.

Very well, as you wish. How sad it is that you are no longer the same person.”

He walked out, leaving his former friend to think about that. Mad Dog Álvarez looked like it didn't bother him.

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Mi Corazón es Tuyo Lunes 7/21/14 Gran Estreno

Gran Estreno: How Do You Solve a Problem Like a Nanny?

Saturday Night Fever
¡Qué rico!
Ecatepec: After seeing amazing vistas across Mexico we dropped in on a block party in this neighborhood with people dancing in the streets to a great Marc Anthony song. Their friends prepared hearty food for consumption, other people were eating, and everyone seemed happy and carefree.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- El Señor de los Cielos II, En Otra Piel, et cetera, week of July 21, 2014

Here is your post, Cielos and Piel-o's and anything else. Enjoy!



TELEMUNDO Y MÁS -- Reina de Corazones: week of July 121, 2014

Here's your post for this week Reina fans. I can't wait until tonight's capitulo to see where we go with this novela. Thanks to all the folks who have volunteered to post recaps. They've been great.  Thanks to the commenters, too. As Navier said to Reina, "I'm not afraid of anything" (except boring novelas, which we don't seem to have here.) Enjoy!



Mi Corazón Es Tuyo Begins Tonight 8PM Eastern! ¡MCET Se Estrena Ésta Noche!

Thanks to Eli  we seem now to have a full team, hopefully, but there is room for another part-time recapper on Thursdays to alternate with AdrianaNoel's night if the mood hits one of you.  There is no right or wrong way to do a recap, so anyone with a hankering to give it a whirl, or anybody wanting to keep their hand in it, feel free to email with the appropiate icon below.....  Otherwise, you can easily guess what my gmail address should be and/or Melinama's mapamundi address at the bottom of the sidebar.

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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 177, Fri., 7/18/14: Graciela is Sick in the Head; Pedro Has a Secret Helper; Refu and JL break up.

The Good News: Madelaine's coming back!!!  Next Friday, expect her exuberant, earworm-bedazzled slant on the goings-on in Aguazul.  Yay!!!   

The Bad NewsA Plague of Scorpions has descended on the lovely city by the sea, and the limpid pools of Blue Water have turned murky and menacing.  Boo!!! Hiss!!!

It's the devil, not the humidity!

Poor Blind Nadia knows those scorpions didn't just dance into their bed by chance -- someone must have put them there.  And who but Pedro Medina would do such a thing? 
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Que Pobres tan Ricos #138 18 July 2014. The RP finally say goodbye to Menchaca manor. They get back home but with credit limits / budgets. Plus 2 pregnancy tests, one positive.. whose 'prize' is it anyway?

Refrito: Lupe ‘telling’ MA this will be last time I have to see you.

At Salomon’s, AS and Leo are there. She wants all her stuff back. She will pay him every cent. Salomon asks if this is the ‘dia de los inocentes’ (april fools day?) he will find boxes and newspapers to wrap her ‘trickets’ in LOL! Leo wants to excuse himself, but she won’t let him go. She says you will have time to say goodbye to your cheeky friend. (Cacheton) AS says Leo should go back to school in NY.

Saul and MA at fonda. MA tells Saul he will continue pursuing the juices business, but he will NEVER go back to the Editorial business. Leo comes in. wants MA to go get Frida, she is crying in bathroom, according to Leo she will be missing La Nopalera. She is in bathroom checking her pregnancy test. (was that positive? I missed it.)

At kitchen, AS, as a grateful gesture, wants to leave Carm and Lupe her culinary recipes book/scrapbook. Beef Stroganoff, minestrone, tortellinis (love the way Carm pronounced it as ‘y’). AS recommends they use cognac to elevate the taste of dishes. Use the best ingredients always. Chuy thanks her for all the advice. Lupe also thanks her. AS repeats that it is an act of charity now that she is leaving. AS says later will send someone to pick up their belongings.

It is Lupe’s turn to lock herself in bathroom to use a pregnancy test.

At fonda, Chuy is saying farewell to AS and Leo. Leo says thank you very much, good luck and ‘todo cool’. Perla is happy to see them go. MA says even through all we got through, all these months have been the best part of his life. MA says will be watching for them. Chuy says thanks but better keep your distance. MA wants them to know they can count on him for ANYTHING. One last ‘sunshine’ sharing embrace. MA whispers to Carm that he is leaving, thank you for all the support. She will not stop trying to vow for him with Lupita. AS has waited enough, urges MA to wrap it up. Finally will say goodbye to La Nopalera. Arrivederci!!
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #136/137- Friday 7/18

De que todavía vive, todavía vive

WARNING: Tonight's episode was a masterpiece of apropos of nothing. It was all over the place and I find those kinds of episodes difficult to focus on.

The First Hour
Was really, really slow.
  • Rodrigo tried to make a transfer to his Cayman Island account. He gets the blue screen of death mid transaction. He confirms with the bank that the transaction was completed and takes the laptop to the IT guy.
  • A drugged Eleazar  sings and tells Carmen he wants to make a baby with her. She calls the doctor. When Eleazar wakes up from the injection the doctor gave him, he tells Carmen he and Kimberly are kaput. Carmen tells him to come see her and act just like he did while on drugs. We are subjected to time wasting scenes in which Alonso tries to hypnotize El so he can remember what he did under the influence.
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Pobres 7/16: EmiliAhole

The little twerp is now in full EmiliAhole mode. He's unrepentant for being a dick and saying awful things. Tizoc and Chuy look on in dismay.

Ana Sofia gives Leo some crap about the plebian juice business and asks for cash for a cab. She claims all the money he's given her has gone to the loan shark who helped pay for the wedding. Leo: don't remind me of that humiluqui momento de mi viduqi! But he gives her the cash.

Cute scene w/ Minerva and her mom trying to confront Ahole as he plays with his corn dog.

Ana Sofia shows up at Mini's place, looking for Ahole. The ladies mock her. Barbs are traded. She gets through to talk to Alejo, who confirms that Mike has his money back. More barbs.

Guendy flirts w/ Saul hardcore. She calls him Whitey. They wind up making out and leave the bar together.

Sadly, Don Chuy has been brought to tears by the cruelties of his grandson. He reminisces on the most painful defeats of his wrestling career, none of which hurt as much as this. Aww I really, really hope we see the kid get some comeuppance in this show.

Returning from her fact-finding mission, Ana Sofia hops out of her cab and refuses to pay for it. Yet again, Diego winds up paying. Leo and Frida have been worried sick - where have you been, mom? Drinking? AA meeting? She says, don't even speak to me of AA. I've been so anxious I'm liable to drink my parisian perfumes.

Doña Matty wants Chuy to infiltrate her former office and retrieve a phone that has contact info of a sympathetic doctor Miranda who could help get her out from under Ahole's conservatorship.

Mike calls Lupe. "I know you don't believe me [because you saw me naked in bed with my ex]... many would feel the same in your shoes." Understatement?

Yes, Frida is obviously pregnant. Because in the world of trope-y tv no one who isn't pregnant ever eats a midnight snack.

Lupe learns that Tizoc not only got his record deal as a result of dealing with the devil (Ahole), but also signed the contract without reading it. Menso.

Ana Sofia, armed with her new knowledge, goes on a binge-y shopping spree, possibly drunk too. That fur coat and hat are really going to be practical, am I right? Anyway, she declares that she won't be paying. The shopkeepers can call the cops or just make her son pay for them. I'm pretty sure any ritzy establishment knows better than to make deals like this. But the dummies go for it.

Mike comes rushing to the scene to find his infantile mom in the shop with some cops. She throws a tantrum when he refuses to pay, claiming he doesn't have the money. She starts tearing and stomping on the expensive stuff when he suggests she return it. He breaks down and pays only when the police get out the handcuffs. Later, at home, she tells the fam about the money.

Ahole is a menacing, abusive dick to his employee who merely asked him if she should let Lupe in. From now on, anyone in that family can get in without asking (convenient for later). Lupe comes in, tells him to leave her family alone, and he reveals his plan: marry me or I'll ruin your family. I've got Mike, Tizoc, your son, your sister, practically everybody by the balls. How romantic!

Meanwhile, Don Chuy gets a freebie on his infiltration of the office because the receptionist has just been ordered to let Lupe's family in without question, but he first stops by to eavesdrop on Ahole's blackmail. Enraged, he goes full Luchador and beats the crap out of the bastard. Unfortunately, this means that Ahole now has Don Chuy by the balls, too. 

Thanks for reading guys, please discuss and fill in on the stuff I missed!




De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #134/135- Wednesday 7/16

De que deshacerse del otro Al, Alonsito

In the morning over breakfast, Nat and Carmen don’t really discuss what happened the night before but do talk about alt-Angie or the character formerly known as Angela (as I won’t accept what the writers have done).  Mally and Abdul join them and Carmen offers her alt-Angie’s job.

Carmen calls El and Kimmy answers, Carmen’s ticked.

Rod throws the wrench away and Big Al appears.

Nat arrives at the hospital and tells Irene she and Diego are over (but we all know its only for now).
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robó #176, 7-16-2014. Adolfo proposes; Pedro disposes--or at least tries a few things to exact vengeance.

Red Sky at Morning, Melodrama Warning!

For us in Viewerville it's been mere 24 hours since the events of Capitulo 175, but for our friends in that anomaly of space-time that is Agua Azul, México, a whole year has passed since just last night! During that year, some of them seem to have been given a reprieve from the drama and had a much-deserved spate of fairly ordinary life off-screen; others have continued on their various downward spirals.  But it looks like the storm clouds of crazy are gathering and our Aguazuleños are now worthy of filming again.   Let's check in on as many of them as we can:

In Her Beautiful House by the Sea

Still beautiful Montserrat is sitting in the living room with her adorable and well-behaved children, Laurito and Romina.  We learn that Romina has just begun to walk and that if Laurito were a US citizen he would be a firm supporter of Title IX as he is impatient to be able to play fútbol with her.   The doorbell rings.  In bursts José-Luis still sporting his sport coat and bright T-shirt look, eager to see his little girl.  It's worth noting that she begins crying as soon as he takes her from Montserrat.

Very savvy toddler who knows a Galán B when she sees one

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Look at what I can do with this gun ma' Lo que la Vida me Robo 175 07/15/2014

Recap fully done!

A new baby has been born, sadly her daddy is a nut job:

At the hacienda everyone rejoices at the birth of a new baby, both baby and mother are healthy and plans are made for both to make a trip back to Agua Azul for a check up. Alejandro Almonte, who is beautiful-but sadly not very bright, tries to reassure his wife by telling her that he will accept the baby as if she were his own, heck, he even says that although it is not possible he would love for the baby to be named Alejandra.

Jose Luis, the baby daddy just happens to walk in right at the moment and he is not a happy camper, he goes off on Alejandro and Montserrat asking them what's wrong with them, how dare they try and name the baby without his input? She is his daughter and he will name her! I kinda want to suggest that they toss a coin and whoever wins gets to name her, problem solved!
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