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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #171 When Honest Criminals and Idiots Collide

So Patricio asks Peralta if he's earned any evil loyalty points for snitchin' on Chris' whereabouts.  Meanwhile, Aldo, the most honest assassin in the world delivers a big duffle bag filled with cash to the Snobs.  Peralta tells Patrick that he is 100% certain that he his cash will be returned to him along with Dani and then he will be the hero of this drama.  

In Silvanna's apartment, Dani is still tied to the bed while Christian force feeds her sleeping drops.  Dani spits the drops out, but Christian finally subdues her by pinching her nose and holding her mouth closed.  She passes out, but Christian makes out with her unconscience body and tells her that she will beg for his kisses one day. He needs her to sleep and when she awakens, they will be far away.

After leaving Snob Hill, Aldo pays a unnannounced with his gun drawn visit to Silvanna's residence only to find that Dani and Chris are gone.  Aldo calls Peralta.  
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Friday, April 17, 2015


La Sombra del Pasado #44, 4-17-15 True Confessions of Boinkers, Lovers and Other Strangers

Overlap:   Lola with Dominga and Mel in the kitchen declaring her new attitude toward E-man while admitting she can't help being attracted to the handsome devil!

We return to the morning after and the afterglow is long gone for the Mendozas.  Among other things Cande screeches to Severiano is that nothing happened last night!  Sev begs, even falls to his knees claiming he loves her but Cande is seized by pain and humiliation.  She wails that Sev should get out, slams and locks her bedroom door, then slumps to her chair and weeps.

Dominga enters Cande’s room to bring tea and hastens to leave.  Cande asks her not to stay, she needs to talk.  I get the feeling that Cande as a wounded little girl and Dominga as the comforter is a role that has played out throughout their lives.  Cande cries that Sev has a lover and of her pain after having surrendered to him last night.  Doming gently checks her reality:  it’s logical and Cande knows this woman isn’t his first.   Dominga wants to know what is really hurting Cande:  she’s maintained for years that Sev didn’t matter to her.  Cande looks within to a private screening of her past.  She thought she would be happy when first married him but she was wrong.  The bastard never valued her as she deserved and she will never forgive him for that!  Dominga asks her if she valued Sev as a man:  They both married knowing she was in love with another man.   Cande cries that THAT man didn’t value her either!  Dominga entreats Cande not to torture herself with thoughts of a past that cannot be changed.  Dominga walks Cande over to her sitting area and brings her tea.  Cande thanks her weakly and sips.  Take a good look.  I’ve got a feeling we won’t be seeing a lot of this helpless, vulnerable, loose-haired Cande.

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Amores con trampa #15 17 Apr 2015... the setup for a very entertaining birthday party!! Carmen gets a bit of 'right back at you babe!' to Francis

Alejandra and Rocio, Rocio is  a nice big sister.
repeat of Isa dreaming with Facundo (a bit more of the dream, they are kissing, sharing a strawberry and some pancakes... "que rico!!")
Lo nuevo:
Santi wakes Isa up, he is really angry, jealous that she was dreaming of Facundo and the dream looked quite graphic... 'no tienes verguenza!!' (you have no shame!!)
Isa again rants back at him that Santi is the one that asked her to seduce the charrito montaperros.
they have a bit of a pillowfight. Santi yells at the rooster to keep singing (cocoodling).

At the college, turns out Francis converted the video clips of Carmen hitting her car into making a caricature of Carmen as a 'rancherita loca'.  Francis mocks Carmen in front of everyone at school. Francis declares the war on her directly. This is only the beginning, if you insist with MY BF, you will end up worse.  Carmen walks away. Francis runs to latch to Felipe but he did not miss the fact that the video was uploaded by some 'Frank Lop'.  She steals a kiss from him and Carmen sees it.

Back at the house... Diego came to see Rocio...  ISa warns them she does not want 'naco'-related scandals.  Diego is angry at Rocio, she says we were splitting up already.  He rants at her and realizes she is wearing a chain/pendant that Beto gave her. He rips it right off her neck.
Rocio rants that Diego was never charming or delicate with her.  Diego warns her that once the 'farmer' learns about her 'not so normal' features he will get away from her.  Rocio says i was looking for a reason to split with you but this is more than enough. Diego warns her she will come back to him begging.

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Que Te Perdone Dios #63 – Benito’s Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Day, and Mac and Diana Always Get Their Man

Right to new business: After Mateo came home late, without lovin’ on his mind, Diana brings him some breakfast in bed in the morning. But he pushes it aside and wants to take a shower – with no funny business. Since he’s in a novela, he doesn’t know that he can just lock the door to keep stray people out. Diana hurls the tray.

In his own room, Fausto is having an intimate moment with his hat of the day, when Diana rushes in and wants some 20 minute lovin’ while Mat’s in the shower. Fausto gives her the bum’s rush. He’s mad about what Mac said re Diana having a lover, and plus I don’t think him getting caught with Diana could possibly help his “Look at me, I’m making changes” campaign. Diana says if he can’t give her what she needs, she’ll just have to go elsewhere. Fausto assures her, “Te mato” if she does.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #170 Chava is in the Middle of a Hot Sister Sandwich

  • Patrick tells Peralta that Sophia's psychotic brother, Christian, is working as a nurse on Snob Hill.
  • If Silvanna has anything to do with her psychotic brother, Patrick threatens her with divorce.  Christian can get them both dead.  Silvanna defends Christian and says that he's had a hard life.  She wants to continue to support him.  Patrick warns her again to wash her hands of Christian.  
  • Detective Fuzzy Tavarez gathers all of the Snobs together and tells them that Igor does not exist.  He's been using an alias and he's probably not even a nurse.  
  • Across town, Christian asks his friend for help.  He needs cash and has to get out of town ASAP.  While he is out, Daniela frees herself by breaking a mirror and using on of the broken pieces to cut her rope.  She gets the key, but too late, Christian is at the door.  She throws something at her captor and runs by him, but he tackles her out in the hallway and drags her back in.  He stops her from screaming by telling twisting her arm and telling her that he doesn't want to hurt her.  
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Thursday, April 16, 2015


La sombra del pasado #43 4/16/15 There are dirty words. Read with caution.

I think I got a set up episode. I felt like it was all over the place, but not in a wasting time kind of way. There are things afoot in Santa Lucia!

El Refrito
Severiano(Sev) convinces Candela(Cande to let down her hair.

Lo Nuevo
It's late and Slivia is surprised Renato is still in his office and notes how tense he is. It's understandable. He's dealing with the death of his mother and his unrequited love for Aldonza. Sylvia gets mighty handsy and asks about how things are going with Aldonza. Renato confesses that things are not going well. He fears it's a lost battle. Sylvia takes this to mean "please kiss me" and she obliges. Renato responds, but soon gets himself under control and tells he tells Sylvia that what they are doing is not a good idea. Sylvia disagrees and continues applying her stress relieving techniques. Little Renato takes over...if you know what I mean.

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Que Te Perdone Dios#62: More Snitfits From The Misfits

Parte Uno:
We learn that Diego is the bastard son Constanza could never give Bruno and he was kept close to the house with his abuela after his mother left for parts unknown.  (Bruno kicked the bucket before ever squaring things with Diego—that is, if he ever meant to.  Personally, I don’t think he would’ve liked eating that much crow.)
Renata is gasp-gasp-impactada to hear that Fausto is Mateo’s baby daddy, knows it and that Mat is ignorant of the fact.  Helena imparts her em-bare-assing story to Renata.  Considering the truth ain't out for real yet, the two broads cluck to each other and assume that Feisty, being in the room when his brother “took his own life” probably was affected horribly which accounts for his nasty, anti-social behavior?  Pobre de Fausto!  (Yeah, my heart bleeds.  Another victim of supposed circumstance.)  And pobre de Hellie who says she didn’t stop to think what the consequences would be (in blurting the truth out on your wedding day to your intended you mean???) so badly was she needing to clear her conscience about her affair.  She blames herself for that tragedy.  (Well at least you have figured that much out over that past 30 years.)
Simona is thrilled to speak to her lawyer and tells Father Tomas as much. When she tells Tom that Max’s aunt Ximena sent him from Mexico City to help her pro bono, they both mistakenly assume that it was Max’s idea.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


La Sombra del Pasado #42 - Wed 4/15 - Warnings all around

Sev continues his intimidation of Adelina, adding that when he goes down, there are a lot of people going down with him.  Like her.  She was Roberta's "accomplice" in some of what happened--like the murder of Raymundo.  Uh, legally?  No.  Though in the court of public opinion…hell, she's already been tried, convicted, and sentenced, so the only threat there is Aldonza finding out she hid the truth.  Anyway, Adelina finally picks up the groceries and leaves, with smarmy Sev watching her walk away and looking like he's enjoying the view.  Sicko!

Tomas and Abelardo discuss Pru.  Tomas does think Pru is a hottie (well, at least he has good taste), but he's also building up his gigolo clientele.  He counsels Lardo that providing *ahem* mechanical services to women with money is always going to be more profitable than working.

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4/15 #169 Hasta el Fin del Mundo – Rata de Dos Patas!!! is all I can say……..

Iker has Daniiiiiiii tied up at Silvana’s depa.  Yikes!  She’s trying desperately to get away from him and tells him she loves Lucas.  She tells him one time too many and he breaks.  He turns from psycho amorous to psycho angry in one second flat!  “Don’t say that!  Don’t ever say that!  I love you Daniela!”  She repeats that she loves Lucas and could never love Iker.  This isn’t what Iker wants to hear and he puts the gag over her mouth again.  I have to say the actress playing Daniela, Jade Fraser, is doing a fantastic job here.  She looks terrified.

Casa de Chava/Casa Ripoll
Armando calls Chava with the news that Dani is missing, wondering if he might know where she is.  Meanwhile, the Ripolls and Fausto are grilling Aurora the maid about what happened the last time she saw Dani.  She tells how Dani asked Iker for juice and he mixed it up for her.  She doesn’t know anything else because she locked herself up in her room.  The Ripoll family & Fausto call around looking for Dani.  ¡Que angustia!  Fausto even leaves a voicemail for Iker!  It appears she hasn’t been in an accident and the cops say they can’t do anything for 72 hours.  Greta only hopes Lucas hasn’t got her mixed up in something stupid.  Doorbell rings and the cavalry has arrived!  Chava has come to offer his help.  Greta declines his help, saying there’s nothing he can do but Fausto interrupts her, saying any help is welcome.  Greta returns to her room to keep making calls.  Sofia updates Chava on who they’ve called but there are still some hospitals and police precincts they haven’t checked.

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Amores con trampa 4/15/15 thru 4/16/15

All descriptors of the notes are added by the editor (Sara.) I can't thank Jarifa enough! What a wonderful job she's done for us!

Jarifa's notes- Capítulo 13

Part 1
At the Velasco offices Santiago fills in Esteban about the situation with Isabel. Esteban says he will find a way to regain control. Esteban doubts that since all of the money has been spent on wages, the collateral for the new company, and the 2 million pesos he gave to Estefany. Santiago sees the latter as an investment to gain the trust of Estefany. Santiago figues that with the rest of the money he will rob from Facundo as well as the money he will get from Estefany, he'll be set for life.

In the kitchen, María and grandma Perpétua are discussing the dirty air of the city. The conversation moves on to grandma trying to talk María into workingwith Isabel she on the business opportunity Isabel is offering her. She sees it as a chance for María to do something for herself. María is confused. Grandpappy Porfirio is hungry and stops by and gets 2 hardboiled eggs. (He never misses a chance.)

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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 61 -Discussion(Recap) Full Recap

Refrito's : There aren't much of refrito scenes , most of them included  Pat' decision to call Xi & Efrain calling Ren for Judgment Day !

Present: ( Some scenes were merged) 
 ( I must say  the Bar-Ren scenes were quite hard  scenes to recap  , they would have took me ages to recap  in perfection and  i am not in the mood to drag this for too long since by the time I finish them Fausto would have already  became Dictator ! )  To sum the scenes  all up ,  Bar was basically shredding Ren to bits for her supposed secretive and manipulative ways that dragged Pab to the Pits just so that she could marry Fausto in clean white  glory .  Bar also accuses of now playing with Pat's emotions like Pab's  ,   playing a mask of innocence and for forcing Abi to live with Mac to hide her embarrassing  secrets but he"s not surprised at all since that's what rich people are known for right? . Ren keeps claiming that she"s innocent  , constantly defending her guts from the ranting Bar who shares  a face of Terminator and informs him that he should know that she was a victim too but Bar won't listen to her but promises that Abi will be told nothing cause it would utterly destroy her cause her very mother decided to raise her not & has ashamed of her . Ren exclaims that she has always protected and watched over her but Bar is not satisfied much, after Brutus croaked nothing could hold Ren hostage ( Except the Ogre who must not be named nor has a name nor soul neither emotion less for his Hat  still remains ) He himself will not forgive her abandonment , may God do it Yo No!

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La Sombra del Pasado, Capitulo #41 4/14/15

Recap courtesy of HellaShelle

Dom tells PJ she doesn’t dare tell Lola the truth, it would hurt her so! PJ says she’ll avoid lots of problems if she does. He wishes Dom Godly illumination as she leaves.

Melesio goes to see Aldonza after the shooting. Aldonza blames Sev, but Mel says he’s not so sure. Besides, without proof, they can’t just accuse anyone. Aldonza asks for his help getting some security and he promises to send someone by that he trusts. He also wants to talk about Cris. Aldonza insists she and Cris wouldn’t work, but Mel says her eyes tell a different story. (Geez – her eyes, her lips. Anyone use words in this town?)

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4/14 Tue #168 Hasta el Fin Del Mundo – Fifty Shades of Iker

Episode really jumped around tonight so I liberally moved things around.  

Slimy Geronimo insists Sofia share what’s bugging her.  She stupidly tells him her relationship with Chava is over and rushes off.  This is music to his ears.

Back at Empresa Ripoll
The chisme is all over the secretarial pool.  They’re discussing how Chava left in tears.  When Patricio walks by,  they act like nothing’s going on but Noemi tells him the chisme.  She’s sure Chava and Sofia are over.

Depa de Irais
Matias comes looking for Jobeth.  Irais tells him she has no idea where she is.  He spies Jobeth snogging with that guy in the snazzy car.  Matias yanks her out of the car and the guy splits.  He and Jobeth argue.  She tells him she was only saying goodnight to the guy and she doesn’t like jealous scenes.  She tells him like it is, cheap ring, cheap cars.  She expects only the best from someone she’s dating.  Maybe, just maybe, the truth is getting through to our Jughead Matias.

She ends up giving him back the ring.  Jughead still doesn’t get it.  He calls after her, saying he can get a bigger ring and even a better car.  I don’t like this character, but I can’t help feeling sorry for the guy.
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Que Te Perdone Dios on Moday, April 13th, 2015. (Featuring Quotes from The Stalker Song, Pink Eye, and The Red Hot Doc.)

  (Part 1)
(You know I'm committed to you baby, that's why your cat I ate.)

Foul and Lucio are in the cantina as usual when Efrain comes to borrow Lucio. The two exit while Fausto gives the camera a snide and overall cold face. The two walk outside and run into Marxellino who thinks Lucio has been arrested. Luci clears up that he and Ef are just going to talk and no one has been arrested. Busybody Marx mentions propaganda and asks to know what is going to be discussed. Ef says it's classified info and walks off. Marx says to Lucio, "No lo pierdas de vista." Lucio tips his hat off to Marx.
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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #167 4/13/15 Araceli Still Can't Get What She Wants

From Friday:
Alexa tells Armando that she's moving in with him.
Fausto and Lupe' take Greta to the Shaman in the Woods.
Sofia tells Chava that it's over between them. She and Chava cry and cry and cry and sob and cry some more.

Monday's Episode:
Chava leaves Sofia's office after giving her the bombshell news that Araceli is pregnant after raping him. The pregnancy would never have happened if the drunken Chava hadn't been picturing Sofia in his mind while Araceli was stealing his Team from the Inseam. Sofia drops to the floor and sobs. Sad music plays.

The TV y Novela Awards are coming up. I didn't mind kissing Pedro,
but kissing Zepeda is just gross. I'd better win something.

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La sombra del pasado #40 4/13/15

Please join me in thanking hellashelle for her recap!! THANK YOU HELLASHELLE!

Rewind: Severiano (Sev) reams Abelardo (Lardo) out. (Renato) Ren’s shirtless post-shower phone convo. (Candela) Cande suspects Sev of cheating. (Cristobal) Cris suspects both of his parents of attempted murder.

Play: Cande goes apoplectic. How dare Cris accuse them of something so low?! How humiliating! Unlike Cande, Cris doesn’t have apparent short term memory loss, so he reminds his mom that she interrupted a funeral mass and slapped the bereaved. That was completely different! Cande insists. (Yes, villains never think the rules apply to them.) Sev steps in to say that what hurts the most is that Cris believes the priest (here he gives Cande a hard look), who’s had Sev entre ceja y ceja (=between eyebrows; had his eyes on him) more than his own parents. This means nothing to Cris, who simply asks again if it was them. Sev screams back that he doesn’t have to take this disrespect. Cande cuts him off and says that it’s one thing for them to hate Aldonza, for obvious reasons, but quite another for them to be criminals. Sev orders Cris to get out of his sight and for a second Cris looks like he thinks he really f*d up with his folks, but then he warns them that if he finds out they’re behind this mess, he himself will denounce them to the police.

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Amores con trampa 4/13/15 thru 4/14/15

I'm about to cry. I don't know what the hell just happened but I had the recap almost completely done and my computer just restarted itself. And no, I hadn't stopped to save it.

I'm really mad. I'm just going to give you bullets with the action. The snark is all gone. I tried to remember some of it.

I'm really sorry and from now on I will be hitting save after practically every sentence

  • Santi tells the family they have to cut down on their spending. They are selling Isa's car, but not Feli's. He's using it to deliver pizzas and help the family. Alejandra offers to sell her bike.
  • Fac get amorous. Maria turns him down. (Oh Facuuuundo! Over here!! The lady in the plaid pajamas and the sexy, fuzzy socks! I'll volunteer!)
  • Fac and Beto burn leaves. The city authorities show up because Isa called them.
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Greetings, I hope everyone has done their taxes so that there won't be any distractions from this week's Telemundo novela lineup of Avenida Brasil, Tierra de Reyes and Dueños del Paraíso.




Quiero Amarte (Week 30-April 13) Highlights & Discussion

For Dr. Guapo Marco Antonio Linares (aka Baby Boy Montesinos) parentage to be revealed. Here's hoping he goes to El Paraiso for a visit very soon.
To figure out why Candy Seller (aka Dulce for me) has appeared so late in this story.
To learn why Sal is still hanging around.
For Mauro to SHOW UP ALIVE, for heaven's sake. It's been too long, already.
For Cesar and Lucrecia to learn Florencia has been long dead. HaHa, the "joke" is on them.
For Cecy and Uli to get the heck out of the lives of Ivan and Mariana.
For Flavia and Heriberto to share more than work, a bonfire and distributing flyers.
To clear up the seeming mystery, perpetuated by certain characters not in the telenovela, that Consta's baby is not Max's.
To see how Max and Amaya will ever be able to get back together before the end.

Let your speculations abound!


Sunday, April 12, 2015


Que Te Perdone #59: Dog In A Manger Danger for Mat; Mac Is Made; And Sacramental Sin May Be “In”

Fortunately for those of us in Viewerville who’d just eaten, Fausto suddenly comes to his senses.  He stops himself from ruining his whole political future through the folly of forcing himself onto his sleeping “foster daughter,” and thus causing a sordid sex scandal the likes of which that pueblocito has NEVER seen.  Renata comes into the hall.   Feisty is safely there and tells her he’s just on his way to bed, that didn’t want to disturb her.  He then walks off, presumably to take a quick cold shower before bed.

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