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Greetings, Telemundites. We are back to one post for now. The Miserables has ended. Novela-wise, we have Tierra and Paraíso running right now and the rerun of Avenida Brasil starts next week. I don't consider The Bible to be a novela ;-) . Enjoy the week and Happy Easter.



Quiero Amarte (Week 28-Mar 30) Highlights & Discussion

Iván to be rescued successfully
Amaya gets some solid evidence to use against Lucrecia
Max to untangle himself from his clinging vine—an invasive species
Dr. Guapo to make another appearance
José not to make another appearance
Lucrecia to choke on her martini, or the olive, either one will do
César to choke on his own bile, or for Whoracio to choke him, either one will do
Mauro to get another hug from Eloisa
Juliana to allow herself to be happy with Jorge
Heri and Flavia to lock eyes again and smile at each other
Effer and Cip to stay in jail
Cecy to land in jail or checked into a psychiatric hospital, either one will do
Uli to get his money but has nowhere to go


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Mi Corazon #177 Grand Fin Part 2: A Rancid Ransom And A Happily (For Some) Ever After

Diego meets his match when nearly being run over by a beautiful motorcycling babe reporter who is there to cover this (totally unbelievable) stadium-sized baptismal “show” for the twin daughters Ana just had as the “event of the year.”   Babe on a Bike apologizes for nearly creaming Diego a second time and, it is love at first bike as they share a painfully prolonged passionate lip-locking meet ‘n greet which is equally as unbelievable.  But hey, it’s the fin and we are just happy to get this show on the long awaited road to …anywhere!

Meanwhile, Hissabela has changed her “look” and her disguise to Ice-Cream Vendor in a peppermint striped pant-suit worthy of a 1960’s magazine spread.   No doubt she is still trying to poison all possible pipsqueaks populating the huge in-your-dreams kiddie guest list. 

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #156 Priorites and Goals

Peralta tells Patrick that the evil goal is still the same, only the path to success has changed.  They hang up. 

We arrive where just where we left off.  Sophia is begging Paco to assure her that Octavio was a good man.  In order to save Sophia's feelings, Paco suggests that maybe Coria could have stolen the recipes on his own.  Paco doesn't know if Octavio was aware of the stolen recipes.  Chava butts in and says that there is no way that Araceli will prevail.  Paco says that Araceli can win because he gave her power of attorney over everything he has including his intellectual property.  Chava is shocked.  After Chava dumped Araceli, she got all bummed out and looked sadder than usual.  Paco gave her the POA as a birthday gift.  Sophia says that Ripoll is screwed if Araceli prevails.  Ripoll is broke an the lawsuit will destroy them.  Paco promises to take care of it.  He's going to revoke the Power of Attorney. 
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Gran Estreno de Amores con trampa- lunes el 30 de marzo 8/7C

Disclaimer: Most likely there won't be any recaps for this TN, but I really hated the thought of Caray not doing anything for the first week of a prime-time novela. Below is the sinopsis and a few character descriptions. If you would like to have at least a discussion post for the first week, please leave a comment. If the response is underwhelming, then we can forgo even a discussion.

Personal note: Ernesto Laguardia has stated in an interview that he is happy to be a part of a production that carries a message of family unity and responsible pet adoption/ownership. On the ACT site of Televisa viewers are encouraged to share pictures of their pets. I just think this is cool.

Producer: Emilio Larrosa (I admit I know nothing about him except that he produced Hasta que el dinero nos separe.)

Source material: Somos los carmona (Produced by Televisión Nacional de Chile)

Translated (sometimes loosely) from the Televisa website.
The Carmona family lives a peaceful and simple life in the country in a small pueblo located in the interior of the Mexican Republic. The family owns important mineral mines in the region. They are forced to move to the city after the government buys their extensive property for a huge sum.

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La Sombra del Pasado #29 3-27-15 Three Caballeros and a Padre

Let’s get right to it!  Adelina is at Humberto’s office to complete the paperwork and get the keys for the Alcocer house.  Adelina has asked Humberto a direct question:  “Was that baby (girl) born dead?  Yes or no?”  Humberto answers with a question, “Why are you asking?  You were there.”  Adelina gets tough for a minute, refreshing his memory that he and Sev took the baby from the room, and then she pleads.  Humberto looks at her evenly and swears by his daughter that “. . . this baby (girl) does not exist.”  Adelina leaves, defeated and a lie lives all over Humberto’s face.

Operation happy family begins at the Mendoza breakfast table.  Sev and Cande are able to fit in a mini inquisition re Cris's whereabouts the preceding night (when he was playing a moonlight Romeo outside of Aldonza’s window); a vote of support for his version of the Lardo beat down story and an assurance that he is free to leave Las Animas as soon as he weds, all before the cornflakes lose their crunch.  Cris wonders why the sudden change of heart but he appreciates it and reassures Sev he will continue to work in the hacienda until he marries.  Cris should’ve hung around one more minute and heard the ominous music and Sev’s vow to make sure he stays.

Adelina gives Aldonza the lease and keys and quick as a flash she’s off to find someone to help her get the house in order, waving aside Adelina and Padre J’s attempts to find out where she’s going.  Padre is very interested in the question Adelina put to Humberto.  She tells him that he “swore by his daughter that the baby (girl) was born dead.”  Padre doesn’t believe that for a minute:  It doesn’t make sense to him that Sev would be intent on carrying away a dead baby and he certainly doesn’t believe it was because he wanted to give it a proper Christian burial.  Padre wants to look more into the background of this whole event and to do that he says he needs Adelina’s authorization.  Ah, Padre J. sure knows how to keep Adelina in the game, doesn’t he?

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Que te Perdone Dios Capitulo 48 - Discussion

Feel free to discuss the episode while Eli will hopefully put up a recap tomorrow or on Sunday.
I will still work upon it though just in case the recap would not arrive so you will not get left behind!
Also i asked Urban Antropologist to be a  substitute  for Eli every other week but he/she is currently catching up to the novela so we will have to last a bit and then things would also improve for the Friday"s !



Mi Corazon es tuyo, #176, Thursday GRAN FINAL – Part 1: Par de clonas

Hello, everybody! This is my last recap for Mi Corazon es tuyo and it so happens to be the second to last episode, so I hope I do it justice.
Since I watched on line like I usually do, I’m not entirely sure where the episode ended on your TV’s since mine had about 130 minutes. I checked on Univision and the original Mexican recap and I tried to stop my writing accordingly, but I’m not sure if I succeeded. So, if you read about something that you haven’t seen, yet, or I missed part of the episode’s ending, I’m sorry.

Recapping this show has been fun, especially at first when the stories where fresh and more exciting. Of course we had to go through the same extensions that Televisa usually employs to prolong the successful shows, but all in all, I think this was a good story, with some decent acting and a few genuinely funny moments.
Thank you all for your appreciation and praise of my recaps. Especially since I haven't been my best self lately, because, SPOILET ALERT, Ana and Silvia Navarro are not the only ones who got pregnant during the shooting of this show – I did, too. So I might take a break from watching silly dramas for a while…
Yeah, right! Who am I kidding? When is the Ivan Sanchez one starting?

Without further ado ….

Ana and Fernando are kissing in their bedroom, when the kids show up, screaming and jumping on the bed. Apparently they still don’t know if they are having a brother or a sister, Ana and Fer are keeping it a secret. They are almost careful not to suffocate Ana, but they do start to draw on her huge belly, with Fernando looking on, lovingly.
At night Fernando is woken up by Ana’s scream. He thinks that she’s going into labor, but what she's having are cravings: for lemons, lemonade, strawberries or chocolate. She’s not very sure, but Fer is trying to be patient (it’s obvious she’s been doing this all through the pregnancy – poor guy). Then Ana decides that she doesn’t want to eat, after all, she just wants him to stand by her side. She gets nervous, afraid that he won’t be with her when she has to give birth. He promises that he will never leave her side, which automatically means that he will most definitely have to. 
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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #155 Oh My Gosh! It's an Awful Musical! I HATE Musicals!

Peralta calls Sophia and tells her that the investor should be there next week.  Sophia asks Peralta if Dulliver told him that Dani dumped him.  Peralta says that he knows all about it and that Dani made a big mistake.  Sophia hopes that the break up won't affect the business relationship.  Sophia also suggests that Dulliver work as a consultant for the firm.  Peralta says that Dulliver won't let Dani bother him.  He's a big boy.  Once Peralta hangs up, he tells Dulliver that he needs to man up!  The Ripolls chicks think that he's a weak girlie man.  Peralta tells Dulliver not to quit Ripoll!  Go back in there and show them that you are a Peralta and not a punk b*tch!  Dulliver says that he won't quit.  Meanwhile, Marisol is sitting alone in the dark giving herself the same pep talk.  She ain't quittin' either. 
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La Sombra del Pasado #28 3/26/15

Be prepared for questionable quality and possible absence of details. I'm basically fast forwarding and writing down what I remember them saying...which might not be a lot. Oh, and I combined a lot of scenes. Always feel free to fill in.

Right to the new
Severiano(Sev) does an admirable job not letting on that he knows Simoneta Saavedra. According to her, she's here for business. Sev invites her to his study. When there, she tells him that she missed him soooo much! She swears she didn't let Candela(Cande) know anything! She's staying at a local hotel. She'll go back there and wait for him. (Seriously, what is it about Sev that has women clinging to him and going crazy?) As Simoneta leaves, Dominga sees her and you can tell there is recognition.

Pru and Humberto(Hum) argue about Aldonza. He's flattered that she would think a girl like Aldonza would go for him. Pru informs him that she put Aldonza in her place anyway and the news about The Stoning comes out. Pru also accuses him of keeping El Satunario at Aldonza's request and says that also explains why he was so willing to get a divorce. Hum gets angry and decides he's not going to share his bedroom with Pru anymore. He goes to stay with Emmanuel.

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Que te Perdone Dios Capitulo 47 -Nobody can handle the truth! -Full Recap

 Here is the recap on the courtesy of TN4Ever:

 Refrito: Mac is spying on Renata and Comandante Barragan’s conversation in the parlor. When he mentions Pablo, she’s like, “I thought I told you to leave that alone?” He wants to know if she’s Abi’s mom. At the hospital, we re-learn that Diana is pregnant.

New: Dr. Pat tells Di that he has advised Mat to wait to get divorced, but Diana says no, bring it on. His punishment for divorcing me will be to lose his child. Dr. Pat has to swear not to say anything. If there are Mexican HIPAA laws, then it’d be illegal to. But neither priests nor police officers are very discreet, so we’ll see about the good doctor. After he leaves, Diana stops crying and gets her game face back on.

Abi is loitering outside the Hacienda and Diego shows up. There’s a creepy scene of uncle telling niece how much he loves her, to give him a chance, he loves enough for both of them. In other words Diego’s usual spiel.

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Que Te Perdone Dios #46: Di's Elastic Tie That Binds

  • Fausto's got more lives than Morris the Cat!  He survived practiccally without a scratch,  Com. Barragan smells something rotten.  He does some checking with Meliton who refuses to tell him anything useful.  He tries questioning Feisty, but meets another brick wall.
  • Diego and his Abue are at logger heads over his wanting to know who his daddy was --and if his mother is still alive (?)  Vee tells Diego the secret about the creep who diddled his mama for grins is gone and best forgotten. His identity will go with her to her grave.  As for his ma, she hasn't heard from her in years(?)  [Had a hard time making out the conversation here, especially since there were no CC's.]
  • Mateo tells Diana she's ready to go home--alone.   (Hey, Mia's house is empty I hear.)  No way he's letting her guilt him over the D.I.V.O.R.C.E. (Too bad about the scars those scissors made.  Get a shrink.)  He's off to see his lawyer ASAP.
  • Macaria visits her later in the day and offers to become her ally in hanging onto Mat cuz Fausto's HER man.
  • Padre T tries convincing Renata that Fausto is a changed man.  Why, he swore before Christ's image on the altar!!  Ren says she's the one who's lived with the guy for 30 years, with all due respect, Padre.  He was blowing smoke.  They agree to disagree and she'll due some penance in the meantime for disagreeing with Dios's faithful messenger.
  • Max learns why Toni told such a tall tale about him and Motor being each other's love toy and tells him to clear things up with his mom cuz he doesn't want that garbage being spread about him, especially in front of Dr. Mat and double especially with Abigail!  He's got a thing for her!
  • The ex-mayor finds one of his hit men hanging from a tree limb with a warning sign pinned to his chest.  "You're next!" in so many words.  Later on Lucio only half admits to the deed with Max.
  • Max takes Lucio to his megamanse in the D. F. and introduces him to "Ximena" who is really Crazy Twin.  CT freeks and makes a panicked call to Xi, who tells her to chill.
  • Motor confesses to Efi and Edi's maid (Teo's BFF) that he's in love with Edi?  Efi? (Glasses Sis) and needs her help to see her.  She agrees and gets the message to her that night before dinner.
  • Late that afternoon, Dr. Pat has another visit with Di and tells her one of the studies came back late.  It now turns out that she is PREGGERS!!!!!  To quote the guard at the gate to the Emerald City as he lets Dorothy and pals enter, "Well, that's a horse of a different color!  Come in!!  Come in!!"



3/25 Wednesday – Hasta el Fin del Mundo #154 Armando is delusional, Pato is hot, and Fausto is just Fausto

Street near Miguelina's home
Dani drives up just as Miguelina returns with the bread.  Miguelina fills her in on Lucas and Rosa talking about his father.  Blah, blah, the end, Dani invites Miguelina out for coffee to allow mother and son more time to talk.

Rosa tells Lucas about his father's dream to become an Olympic boxer, how she fell in love with him, and about his first boxing match.  Lucas is relaxing.

Over coffee, Dani tells Miguelina about her woes with her mom.  Miguelina figures Grrreta won't want her back as the cook.  Dani knows her sisters will support Miguelina and she will definitely stay!  Neta!

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Mi corazon es tuyo #175 25 Mar 2015... The church wedding! with more guests than expected... and several amusing extras

Refritos: Ana and Soledad get in the limo… Ana whispers to Sole ‘don’t you notice something wrong with the driver?’ Next we see the driver communicate with Arquimides ‘its all ready here. Ana is inside.’ The limo leaves the house.

Jennifer rants at Johnny for borrowing money from some questionable guy to offer it to David for Aura. Johnny says don’t worry about that, only think you will have Aura in your arms today. ‘you haven’t learned anything’.

Diego, Nico and Fernando start to worry about Ana’s tardiness.

Hissa meets up with Arq and the limo at the top of a hillside. Hissa is celebrating/laughing ‘I want Ana to realize I AM the one that won in the end!’

Lo Nuevo:

Suddenly some heavy woman comes out of the limo. Hissa’s face is priceless… (wrong bride!!!)

Meanwhile at church Ana gets out of the limo. Fernando gets excited at seeing her from far away. He turns around and says ‘I can’t see her!’ and asks Nico how she looks. Bellisima!!

Hissa rants at Arq and Jairo (the driver) that they brought a different Ana to them. The wrong Ana asks them to bring her to the church, her bf is waiting for her. Hissa starts arguing with her. Ana 2 says ‘I prefer to be fat than to be crazy like you!!’

Hissa, Jairo and Arq get in the limo and leave the Ana 2 bride alone in the hillside!

At the church, Luz and Mau are carrying the train… Nico comments to Ana ‘you don’t know how long I have been waiting for this moment. ‘ ‘no more than I!’ is her answer.

A good opera singer is singing Ave Maria while Fernando is sighing as Ana and Nico approach. Ana blows kisses to the kids, the girlfriends, etc everyone she knows…

As Ana and Nico arrive to the altar, Ana makes a pose for Fernando with her hand on her hip. Fernando continues swooning at her. Nico hands Ana over to Fernando ‘Fernando, I give you Ana, whom I love as a daughter.’ Ana and Soledad have their moment too and Soledad gives her her blessing… Fernando watches very happily.

As Ana approaches Fernando, she whispers that he is ‘guapo’. He is speechless.

As the priest starts with the signal of the cross… Hissa is ready outside with a bazooka on her shoulder, talks to camera.

Fernando and Ana say their vows ‘… I, XXX, promise to love you, YYY, and be faithful to you until death do us part’.

Fernando and Ana exchange rings… Hissa is ready to shoot…

Time for the arras (symbolic coins).

Hissa shoots the bazooka but it malfunctions. She then starts ranting insults for Arq and points the bazooka up.

Hissa tries the trigger again and this time the bazooka shoots straight up. The explosion sound makes Johnny and Diego run out to the door as Arq is dragging Hissa away. Johnny asks Diego if he knows what that was. Diego says he has been in war zone… he knows that was the sound of a bazooka shooting. They even smell powder.

As the priest continues asking Ana and Fernando if they came willingly, etc… we see a barefoot woman in aura approaching them from behind. Both Ana and Fernando sense a presence so they turn around. It is Fanny Sr. she nods ‘yes’ to both Fernando and Ana… Fernando and Ana then ask each other if they felt/saw what they did. They agree that it felt like Fanny Sr came to give them her approval/blessing, it did not feel threatening at all. Fernando agrees and caresses her face.
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La Sombra del Pasado #27 3/25/15 Things Get a Little Rocky

Kat asked me to fill in for her tonight so she could catch her breath.

I will jump right in at the new stuff.

Cristobal (Cris) isn't convinced that Aldonza is the home-wrecker Valeria (Val) is making her out to be. And Val is going to have to forgive him, but he didn't come to fight about Aldonza and her questionable morals. He excuses himself and leaves.

Humberto (Hum) makes the rounds at local banks. At Banco de Progreso he is informed that his loan application was turned down because of his credit history. Humberto is confused. He doesn't owe anything that he isn't paying in due time and proper form (en tiempo y forma. With mad props to Wordreference forums.) He asks if Severiano (Sev) had anything to do with the rejection and the banker looks like he just pooped his pants a little. Poopy Banker doesn't know what Hum is talking about.
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La Sombra Del Pasado, Capitulo #26, March 24, 2015: In which villains act like children but, sadly, none of them get slapped

Recap by HellaShelle

The old: Cande’s an elitist b**** with a stick up her butt about E staying in Cris’s room, but too bad for her b/c it’s doc’s orders. Padre J reveals his Lola theory to Adelina.

The new: Cris is going to tell Vale that her dad is staying to watch Emmanuel. Hum’s on board b/c he doesn’t want to talk to Vale.

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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 45 Discussion(Recap) -Sympathy for the Devil Full Recap

Previously (Merged scenes)

The horrible Mac and Lucio are trying to turn Benito who is horrified ho hear that Faust shot him in cold blood to their side and Mac informs him that it wasnt Brutus to slaughter Pab for fun but it was Faust instead.  Luc confirms the story with the excuse that Faust confessed and bragged about the sin in the bar. Mac too confirms it  and asks Dumb Ben a rhetorical question " Are you against or with us"? Ben of course chooses the latter ,bad move Ben bad move!

Diana is damning Mat with her deadly scissors that there"ll be NO divorce ,nunca before i would rather  kill myself ( Do it,  we shall eat,drink and piss on your grave but wait would it be a grave at all?) 
and BAM soon she completes her threat with no remorse present (  I forgot what remorse even is in this novela, can someone elaborate on that strange word? It seems to be something when the conscience rings dry  and you let it  out while being drunk as hell ,did i get that right?) . Mat rushes go get her help to get some dem bandages for his obviously  mentally ill wife who cut her veins and she  wont stand seeing him with some other Hoe!  Mat is still shocked at Diana"s obsession  but Die Hard celebrates it as a further sign of her hard love and she could do it again if Mat goes against her wishes cause i dont believe you would like to have me on your consensus . Mat is pithed and decides to take her to the hospital ASAP!
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3/24 Tuesday Hasta el Fin del Mundo #153 There is a disturbance in the Force; Dr. Phil makes a guest appearance.

3/24 Tuesday Hasta el Fin del Mundo #153  There is a disturbance in the Force; Dr. Phil makes a guest appearance. 

Depa de Armando
Papito is mucho depressed after seeing the news article about Alexa and Paolo.  Nandito very astutely guesses Paolo may be to blame for the breakup between Armie and Alexa.  Armie admits they've decided to take a break from the relationship.  Dr. Phil, in the role of Nandito, asks why.  Armie explains Alexa will be very busy with her movie and he's got a lot of work at the fabrica.  He admits he misses her, a little. 

Casa de Ripoll
Dr. Phil, now playing the roll of Dani, attempts to get at the root of Lucas' anger with his mother.  He doesn't understand why Rosa would have the nerve to go to his home to announce she's leaving when he had made it very clear he never wanted to see her again.  Dr. Dani asks some probing questions, “Is that what you really want – for her to leave again?  Have you considered your mother may have returned for a reason?  If she were as bad as you say she is, why would she have bothered to come back at all?”  She then points out Rosa's positive actions.  For example, she was very supportive of WBB and making all those posters.  Lucas agrees that was nice and also remembers the cover charge was Rosa's bright idea.  But are these small gestures supposed to make up for all the pain she caused him?  Dr. Dani continues to dispense her good counsel and tells him Rosa's return proves she's sorry and that she loves him.  Lucas shouldn't pass up the opportunity to get to know Rosa.  He should keep his heart open, or in Dr. Dani's words, his antenna, or he could end up regretting it the rest of his life.

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Mi corazon es tuyo #174 a lot of silly filler stuff... with a few cute moments... Hissabella is desperate, playing all her cards at once, and it seems she has 'the force' working AGAINST her

Refritos: among tears, Jennifer has to hand over Aura to David. She begs him to take care of her. He says will do. Ana and Johnny hug Jennifer for support.

Lo Nuevo:

At office, Fernando is with Torres. He gets a phone call and can’t hide his excitement. He has a date for the church wedding. 28 Feb. (boy! They are rushing in MCET time!! I recall they reconciled Feb 11th!!)

Jennifer tells Ana she will try to focus on work to not think too much about what is happening with Aura.

At David’s place, Mónica, David’s wife, asks him why he brought her. He wants Jennifer and Johnny to suffer a while. He says the more they suffer the more they will pay to get Aura back.

Isabela drives to the location of ‘Las Merceditas’ and intends to run Ana over with a car to make her loose her baby. But the car starts to malfunction as Isabela tries to slam on the gas to run Ana over.

Fernando calls Ana on the cell phone to tell her they have a date for the church wedding AND he has the priest too (Padre Samuel). He even gets excited and talks like Ana ‘Si! Si! Si!’ Ana is excited.

Jumping beside the disabled car, Isa is having a tantrum because this attempt to hurt Ana ALSO failed. Some guy comes by and tells her she didn’t have antifreeze so the car motor stalled. Isa continues her tantrum swearing she hates the Lascurains and las nacas.

Back at the Manse, Fernando and Ana announce to the family, staff, Siete and dates of the older kids that there will be a church wedding soon. Fernando is using a bit strange language so it gets a bit silly. The kids get confused and suggest the new wedding is for Soledad and Nico. Soledad says ‘that doesn’t sound too bad’ (which gets a ‘say what?’ look and then a giggle from Fernando and Ana).(hey, with all the weird stuff we've seen in this novela, that is actually not THAT out of the blue... at least Nico won't have to worry about her surviving him by THAT much or wanting him to get BUSY with her )  Fernando clears up ‘no, its OUR church wedding’.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 44 -Discussion

Today i was waiting on the recap for this episode all day but sadly this one was delayed too. It will most likely arrive tomorrow because Corazon Salvaje was supposed to put it up.  To me this is quite frustrating because it hurts my motivation but on the other-hand i understand that personal lives at times conquer our professional lives, i learned this from experience.   So i put this discussion page up so you can at least discuss the episode.




Abelardo: The bad seed La Sombra Del Pasado #25 03/23/2015

Okay this will be quick and dirty but here we go!

From last week: Prudencia asks for a divorce and Humberto is all like "k", she seems surprised that he would react that way. 

Last night: Prudencia made it home and is crying to Valeria that Humberto has agreed to a divorce, she's sure he is seeing someone else, and when Valeria tries to tell her that her dad is not that kind of man Prudencia tells her she knows nothing about the private things that go in in their marriage.

Chris and Abelardo have a mini showdown, Chris tells Abelardo that his gossip accomplished nothing and that he and Val are still super together, Lardo leaves in a huff and runs into his dad, who just wanted to stop by and say "hi"-Uriel wonders if Lardo is having issues with Chris and Lardo gives him major attitude, ugh Lardo is such a pill.
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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #152 3/23/15 Personally, I'd Rather Have Paul Allen's Yacht

From Friday:
Javier thanks Lupe' for coming to visit him.
Marisol remembers back to when she first met Lucas. She cries and goes to join Lupe' at the hospital.
Peralta takes Sofia and Chava on a Three-Hour Tour aboard his yacht.

Monday's Episode:
Some scenes have been combined.

Peralta's Yacht
Geronimo asks Chava what he thinks of the yacht. Okay, right here I have to object. What Peralta has is just a big boat, it's not a yacht. THIS is a yacht:

The most Bad Ass yacht ever built:
The Octopus owned by Paul Allen

Chava admits likes the boat, but his dream is to win races and spend his life with Sofia. They kiss while Peralta fumes. Sofia tells the story of Chava's last race. He almost won until another driver had an accident and Chava stopped to save him. Chava lost the race but gained hero status. Chava talks about fixing Big Foot and getting more sponsors. Geronimo suggests that Ripoll Chocolates sponsor his car, but Chava says he wants Sofia for her love, not her money. He plans on giving Sofia the trophy from the first race he wins. 
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♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 3/23/15 ♥ #173 ♥

Capitulo 173: A Fat Future

Charity House: David, the bio-father of Aurora, insisted upon taking her. Both Jen and Johnny refused to surrender her, saying he will take her over their dead bodies. He went to speak with Erica. Jen wanted to take the baby and run, but Johnny was the voice of reason, saying he didn't want her ending up in prison for this.
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This page is for all things Telemundo except for comments on Los Miserables, which can be directed here.  As you may know, Los Mis ends Tuesday, March 24.

Dueños del Paraíso is in its final weeks.  Given the time the writers have devoted to developing several characters, each with a sustantial plot line unlikely to be resolved in a few weeks, it seems likely that we are seeing the first of two or more seasons of this Super Series.  I wonder what kind of a role Kate will have in future stories.  Not a central one, I bet.  There’s got to be a reason they named it Dueños and not La Reina, La Dueña or La Señora del Paraíso.

On Wednesday, March 25, La Biblia will be shown in the 8pm/7C slot.  Then Avenida Brasil will get that timeslot, beginning Monday, April 6.

Enjoy your week! 



TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: LOS MISERABLES — the last two episodes, week of March 23, 2015

We’re closing in on the finish, my friends.  Just tonight and tomorrow and then it’s Adiós para siempre to the novela that has included every cliché in the book and yet has somehow managed to transcend them.

As usual, recaps will be posted in the comment section below.  Enjoy!  ¡Hasta siempre! 



Quiero Amarte (Week 27-Mar 23) They Shouldn't Have Said "IT" Out Loud

Ay, Mauro, you shouldn't have said "IT" out loud. Not that Lucrecia hasn't thought of it before, but honey-bear, you just gave her a free pass when you told her she'd have to kill you first, before you would let Lucio stay in the house alone with her (watch out for those slippery stairs).

Ay, Amaya, you shouldn't have said "IT" out loud. Not that you didn't feel it and Max didn't suspect it anyway, but the hospital hallway just wasn't the right place to tell him you still loved him (can't get him alone?--try the garden again).

Ay, Lucrecia, you shouldn't have said "IT" out loud. Not that it will stop Mauro or Eloisa from acting on their feelings, but telling Eloisa Mauro will never be hers since he belongs to you, divorce or not, will only embolden Eloisa (go girl).

Ay, Ivan, you shouldn't have said "IT" out loud. Not that Cecy doesn't know you have a beautiful, dark-haired wife you are crazy in love with, but asking her (well, ok, in all innocence), if Cecy knows a dark-haired beauty that is occupying your dreams was not a savvy thing to do (nor safe).

Ay, Doctor Guapo, you shouldn't have said "IT" out loud. Not that the Patio Peeps didn't see the resemblance immediately, but when you said you were from Guatemala, but born right in Chiapas, Mauro, Amaya and Lucrecia are in for a big surprise (we hope).

Ay, Cesar, you shouldn't have said "IT" out loud. Not that you aren't a prick, but do you really think your secretary is going to believe you can't stand having trash in your office is the reason she is to dispose of the bag, toute de suite. (she smells a dead rat).


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