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Mí Corazón Es Tuyo 157: Over a Little Broken Glass We All Must Crawl

Alicia and Luz both want Ana back.  As far as Don Fernando is concerned, it will be over his dead body.  However, he’s no match for Luz’s tears and Ali’s emotional blackmail. 

Soledad reminds Angel that he’d better make up his mind about declaring for Ana or he’ll lose both Magda and his one chance with Ana.  Soledad’s on Angel’s side, but Ana has her own mind.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #136 Benito's Last Day, Silvana's Wedding Day and Greta's Judgement Day.

The Chapel of Love

Patrick asks Renzi to be a witness at his wedding to Silvana.  Once Patrick leaves, Renzi promptly picks up the phone and makes an CYA call to Peralta.

The next morning, at the courthouse, Silvana and Patrick are waiting for the clerk to call their names.  Renzi has yet to arrive.  Patrick begins to get frosty tootsies and tries to talk Silvana out of the shotgun nuptuals.  She's too classy to get married by a Justice of the Peace, he says.  A chick like her needs to get married in a church with a wedding planner.  Silvana will hear none of it.  They will get married right now and plan a big shindig on the honeymoon. Their conversation is chillingly interrupted by Peralta who believes that his invitation got lost in the mail.  Patrick pees on himself a little bit when he turns and sees Peralta and his thugs. 
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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #134/135 from Wednesday and Thursday: Hit It With Your Best Shot!

Yes this is overdue but I will be honest; I (have computer problems to begin with) detest this show by all means. This show has lost all credibility in my book
(two of the actors being changed, the extension until AFTER Easter in Mexico and possibly Mother's Day for us in the US and the worst of all: THE MOST TRIVIAL OF THESE STORYLINES IS MADE TO BE GODDAMN ROCKET SCIENCE!)

with very few redeeming qualities 
(Fausto, Male Eye Candy excluding Julian Gil and my 2nd favorite: End-Show-Anvilage.) 

However that doesn't mean I will stop recapping it. I have a commitment to Caray, Caray! and shall not abandon it. My snark in these next two recaps shall be relentless and tactful as will the next amount of them left. On with the show but before that, Jarifa sweetie: let's get a catchphrase count on: 

-Que A Todo Dar (Armie and Chava)
-Pagruris (Nandito)
 and lastly: PRIMAZO DEL PRIMOR! (Mauro)

On with the show!
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La Sombra del Pasado #9 2/27/15 Candy's Very Busy Day!

Cristobal smiles gently, remembering the waterfall kiss he shared with Aldonza.  “For one kiss from you I would break both legs.”  He closes his eyes and leans against the headboard.

That same night Prudencia roughly awakens Valeria with news of Cristobal’s accident.  Humberto was called urgently to Las Animas to attend him.  According to Prudencia Cristobal got burned because he was over at Las Animas trying Aldonza’s forbidden fruit! 

At the same time Aldonza is pressing Adelina for information on what the real problem is between their and Cristobal’s families.  Aldonza says she and Cristobal are not to blame for the hatred between their families.  Adelina insists she has told Aldonza what the issue is.  No!  All she has done is tell her half-truths.  Adelina cannot meet Aldonza’s gaze.  “You and mama have no right to keep Cristobal and I apart for no good reason!  It’s torture!  Adelina and Aldonza embrace.  A smile dawns on Aldonza’s face as she, no doubt, remembers the waterfall kiss as well.
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Que Te Perdone Dios #29 02/27/2015

I'm having a super hard time trying to get a hold of this episode, as soon as I can watch it I'll be back with a proper recap.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #135 02150226 Benito has Moved On Up to the East Side, but He Won't Get to Stay and have a Piece of the Pie

Thank you Anita and Gobluefan for filling in yesterday.  I really appreciate it.  

Please discuss what you know from last night.  Again, if there's anyone who would like to help out on Wednesdays or Thursdays, please let me know.  You can do a "quick and dirty"....I don't know who came up with that term, but I like it.  



Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 28 - Better brains are necessary ASAP , Bitcoin accepted Full Recap


Previously on Snortville

Part 1 

The Men in Blue could not  see any Game of Thrones pirates in the small village so they decided to take Motor away for supposedly provoking the accident of our Dear Padre instead.  Our Pirate Faust Sparrow is still at large and his most  nicest GOT character is Joffrey !
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Mi Corazon es tuyo, #156, Thursday Through the eyes of the Innocent

The new:

The kids have come to visit Ana and they all hug her, extremely happy. Then they ask what is wrong with her health. Dad told them that she has a stomach bug, but that’s so strange, since she ate Manuela’s food, just like everybody else. While Angel and Johnny try to come up with an excuse, Ana feels bad again and faints. Angel takes her to the room, while the kids cry and scream to know what is going on. I don’t know how it was for everybody filming this scene, because I was crying when I watched. Warning: I’m crying a lot during this episode.
While Angel checks Ana’s vitals, Johnny tries to reassure the kids. But they are all heart-broken, each remembering different moments they shared with Ana, how much she loved them and promised she would never leave them.
When Soledad arrives home Luz jumps into her arms and tells her what happened. Soon after Fanny arrives, too, and Angel tells everyone that Ana is better now but she needs to rest. The kids want to help her get well, but there is not much that they can do. They also have to leave without saying goodbye, because Ana is asleep. So they leave, all feeling very bad and worried. Fanny stays behind and asks Angel what is really going on. Her father made up the excuse that Ana is sick, but is she really feeling bad?
Angel explains that due to all the emotional turmoil that she’s gone through, Ana is suffering from severe anxiety and she needs a lot of rest before she can be well again. Seeing the children affected her a lot, especially under the circumstances. Fanny realizes that Angel knows the whole truth. She thinks that maybe with time, Ana could get over losing Fernando, but she could never recover from losing the kids – they are her family, her whole life.
Fanny does get to see Ana, who is still asleep. She gives her a kiss and leaves.
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La Sombra del Pasado #8 2/26/15 The Flames of Love

Boy, I'm going to be suffering from performance anxiety with this show. So much happens! Not just the lines being said, but facial expressions and body language. And I suck at subtleties. I will not be able to do justice with what happens on screen.

As soon as Cristobal tells his mother that his relationships are his business, she starts badmouthing Aldonza and Roberta. Candela explains that he hasn't lived in Santa Lucia so he doesn't know what a brazen hussy Aldonza is...just like her mother! Cristobal would prefer to decide for himself whether Aldonza is a hussy or not. Candela asks him if he is aware of what Roberta does for a living. She doesn't directly call Roberta a prostitute, but in my book when you say "she earns the few pesos she does doing favors for men" you might as well just come right out and say "she's a prostitute." Cristobal has a spine and tell his mother that he'll form his own opinions that not let gossip influence that decision. Roberta may be just what Candela says, but that doesn't mean Aldonza is the same. Isn't her uncle a priest? Cristobal is not going to let Candela or anyone else decide who he can and cannot be friends with. Candela can't believe he walks out and leaves her con palabras en la boca (which I will loosely translate as "in mid-browbeating.") She follows him out into the hall way to continue her tirade. This brings Severiano (Sever) out of his room asking what is going on. Candela tells him that Roberta and Alodonza have already managed to turn Cristobal against her! She runs after Cristobal.

Cristobal is out the front door and runs into Valeria. He drags her away to a hiding spot and shushes her. He hugs her to him (oh, not smart...) He explains that if his mom gets a hold of him she won't let go. Valeria wants to apologize to him. She explains that she told her mother about seeing him and (she "struggles" to remember the name) Aldonza, but she swears she didn't realize it was going to cause so much trouble. It was you! Cristobal declares and leaves yet another female con palabras en la boca (which I will loosely translate this time as "mid-fake apology.")

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #134 20150225 Going To the Chapel of Love to have a Shotgun Wedding

I am not sure what has happened to the scheduled recapper.  I watched this episode, but won't be able to whip up a recap until after I get off work.  If you would like to be a recapper (there can't possibly be a lot of episodes left), please let me know.

If you saw last night and would like to share what you know.  Please help us out.  Thanks.

Discussion:  Why was the pig sitting at the table?  OK?  That was just gross.  



Que Te Perdone Dios, Cap #27: What Was Lost Is Found

Cap #27

At the rancho de Angeles, aka, Renata’s crib, aka Fausto’s Rack ‘n Roll ‘Em, Macaria pulls a fast one on both Com. Efrain Barragan and Fausto by handing over to the old cop the gun that was used to cap Pablo Ramos in the forehead all those many years ago—and what more secure and more ironic a place than right under the old cop's nose?  It’s for taking the effort and time to dig into Pablo’s years’ old case, she proffers.  (Viewerville is taking bets on how long it takes the old coot to get the itch to check the gun against the bullet pulled out of Pablo’s skull—if he accepts it.)  She tells him that Feisty Fisty-cuffs gave it to her out of the goodness of his heart as a means of protection right after she came home with her darling little baby girl.  It is from his rare pistol collection. 

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La Sombra del Pasado #7 - Wed 2/25 - She gives what she gets

Cristobal really doesn't want to stick around and continue in the family business.  That goes over about as well as could be expected with Severiano.  They are thankfully interrupted by Melesio, telling Sev that there's an urgent call from the bank for him.

Aldonza heads for El Santuario to give Cristobal an eyeful of real natural beauty ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo.  He rides up asking for *cough* permission to *cough* enter her lands.  He gallantly turns his back so she can get out of the pond and get dressed and they can *cough* talk.  I swear I'm not a perv, but when the subtext is just sitting there, it's rude not to pick it up, right?

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Mi corazon es tuyo #155 The parade of those (los que le vieron la cara de imbecil) lining up to speak to Fernando about Ana begins.... and Freeky has claimed another murder victim


Nando argues with Ximena that Ana should have realized the longer she held the lie the worst it would be, esp for his siblings. Maybe it would have been better if we all never met Ana. If she lies about that, what kind of person is she?

Nando visits Fernando, asks how he is… devastated, hurt, as if someone stabbed him, clueless about what to do. Can’t figure out what to tell the kids as a long term reason for Ana leaving. Nando points the kids will want to be with Ana.

Isa comes in and tries to get info on why Fernando is suffering… he gives her the killer stare…

Lo Nuevo:

Ana wakes up, gets startled about the time (10 am), thinks she has to get the kids ready. Angel tells her she is at her house. She does not have chest pain anymore, breathing better. A bit sleepy. Angel recommends more sleep.

At Fernando’s office, Isa comes in and tries to get info on why Fernando is suffering… but he only wants to talk about the finances for the meeting. She digs more, asking why the kids think she is sick. She even offers to lead the meeting but he is not even considering it. Isa thinks to herself that she is killing two birds, not only hurting Ana but the kids too.

Johnny and Jenny say they need to open the business asap so the employees will get their income and La Diva will be able to quit the Chicago. Soledad mentions that it is rotten timing, just as Ana was able to leave the Chicago behind, Fernando learned the truth in the worst way. Angel sticks around for breakfast. Johnny heads out after kissing Jenny. Angel tries to ask what was the ‘big shock’ that Ana had that caused her the condition. Soledad won’t give him details.

Fanny calls Jenny, asks about Ana. Ana is still sleeping. Fanny says has not felt so sad since her mom died.

At the house Manuela is sad, Bruno says they need to give as much support to the kids as they can. Also Fernando. Manuela wishes they could do more. They are her family. Bruno’s too. Bruno says ‘they…. And you too.’

At the college, Edith feels like nagging Fanny for not having talked to her. Fanny is upset, asking her not to talk to her like that. Edith is very bitter. Tells Fanny she never considered her a friend. Fanny insists she is going through real tough time. She mentions about Fernando seeing her as a traitor, Ana leaving the house and also that Leon was stabbed (just as Lenin is approaching them, he gets a miffed look on him).

Angel again is talking to Ana. Jen brings chicken soup. Angel cancelled his appointments for today to be with her. Ana is very thankful but says no need for the pampering. She says ‘I… I won’t be able to get well… the love of my life thinks I betrayed him…’ Jenny and Angel try to console her, but Angel does not know the details of what it is Ana kept from Fernando. He can’t understand what could be so critical that it can’t be forgiven. Ana claims she is not a gold coin… (perfect). She can’t even take her ring off. Angel still doesn’t understand. Then he gives up on the poking. Ana explains she used to dance before being a nanny. At a place called Chicago. And Fernando found out yesterday, cancelled the wedding and told her that he did not want to see her again, or for her to interact with the kids again.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 26 - The Pandora Box is Here

Call me officially disgusted ,i really hope they take This Hatsy of the Devil away  cause the Vierverville shall stand him no more!
I think the true reason why we have so many less comments is because Fausto"s level of violence would amount to million worth insults and Death Threats , I think i am going to puke! If Pedo Medina was the Joker fiigure, Fausto Lopez Guerra is Satan himself,i am telling you the truth!

The Nastiness aka Recap :

Lucio the Vapid Loser is still begging the He-Devil for a second chance,he promises to get the Ramada back in The Dark Lord"s  hands as his unfortunate, bully son Max lurks behind a Wall .  Fausto replies that he is tired of his begging around ,he needs a Man ,not someone who gets himself manipulated by the Stupid Benito and the Other Stupid Fofito ( Oops ,Diego!) .  He gives Loserio a second chance and leaves ,only to find the Viperish Mac trying to pester him with her babbling. He replies that he had had a terrible day enough but Mac stops him that he needs to listen.

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2/24 Tuesday #133 Hasta del Fin del Mundo – Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

Lupe arrives at Javier's bedside

Paco arrives at Grrrreta's. 

Fausto shames Grrreta to tell the truth!

And now for today's episode:

Casa Ripoll – You can’t handle the truth!
Greta tells Fausto to stop with being absurd and leave the room.  Iker is lurking just outside the room but manages to sneak away before Fausto gets to the door.  Paco asks again, “Is Sofia my daughter?”   Greta responds by telling him her lips are sealed by an oath she took years ago.  Paco guesses at the truth, “Then, it's true.....Sofia is my daughter.”  Greta grudgingly admits it.  Por Fin!  Fausto weeps in the foyer and Iker wants to know why.  Fausto explains that beyond loving Greta, he's come to adore her and now can't stand by and see her consumed by an absurd promise she made years ago.  He can't continue to keep her secret.  Of course, Iker has to ask, “hmmmm, what secret?”  In response, Fausto can only weep more and says Greta will never forgive him.  He embraces Iker and immediately apologizes for the indiscretion.  Fausto assumes he'll be fired and asks Iker for one last favor:  a cuppa of that marvelous relaxing tea.  He sure can use one now.

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La Sombra del Pasado #6 on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015. "Mama Say Mama Saw Mama Coosaw"

Aldonza- Donnie, Al, 'Za (the 'Za baton has been passed down damnit!)

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Mi corazon es tuyo #154 2/24/2015 More of the fallout... Angel diagnoses Ana with Anxiety attack ... Nando bashes at Fanny and argues with Ximena. He is siding with his dad. Freeky finds out his answer from the Doctor.


After her convo with Fernando, Fanny heads over to Ana’s. Bruno gives good advice, give Ana AND your dad support.

Leon talks to Margarita and then remembers Enrique’s warning. Leon calls Fanny to alert her about Enrique.

Nando and Ximena at her place. And some smooching. A devastated Fernando asks Nando to come home to talk.

Fanny arrives at Ana’s and gives her a hug.

Lo Nuevo:

Nando arrives home with Ximena, asks her for a moment to talk to his dad. Goes in library.

Edith tells Lenin that Nando chose Ximena and she has cried enough for a Guinness record, leaking on downstairs neighbors. Later Lenin tells Edith he is hanging on with Fanny. He thinks Fanny is trying to tell herself she is over Leon.

Nando asks Dad the questions he is not in mood to answer, ‘why did she lie? She danced at an antro?’ Fernando needs a hug and Nando gives it. Nando is surprised that Fanny knew from the beginning.

Ana explains that she does know she betrayed Fernando. And that Fernando said she does not deserve the kids or his love. Not going to get married. She can’t even take the ring off her finger. Soledad finally gives some good advice, have to wait until Don Fernando gets over the initial anger/rage. Fanny gets the phone call from Leon warning about Enrique. So Ana finds out Enrique is on the attack. Bruno urges Fanny to come back home. She says Dad says she betrayed him. Bruno says don’t force the issue, esp with Enrique on the loose. He says Ana will understand.

At the mansion Manuela offers to care for DN and Fernando or Nando will move the baby crib to her room. Nando wonders what will happen with his siblings. They will die without Ana. Fernando is not prepared to deal with that. For now Nando suggests to tell them Ana is sick. Fernando not quite comfortable with that (lying to them).

At Ana’s place, she gets sick. Seems she is out of breath… She feels pain on her left shoulder and chest area.. (yikes!)

At Angel’s, Magda rings the bell at 4am. He is in disbelief. She is wasted from wine. And gets right to the kissing. He does not seem to be indifferent to it.

Fernando goes into the girls room. Leans on Luz, whispers ‘I am so sorry, my dear’. Luz awakes, he only came to kiss her goodnite. Alicia awakes, he repeats he only came to kiss them. Alicia notes he looks very sad. He claims only tired.

Nando gets back to Ximena, she notices he is sad/upset. He is not in liberty to talk about Ana. Fanny arrives at that moment and Nando walks to her nagging at her for betraying his dad.

Back at Ana’s, they are ready to take her to hospital. Soledad gets on phone, interrupts his Magda moment, Soledad tells him Ana seems to be having a heart attack. Angel is startled. He suggests they lay her down. Magda is a bit miffed of the timing of this emergency. Magda offers to drive him over there. He asks about Ana’s symptoms, pain and cold feeling… heart a bit accelerated (taquicardia). He says give her some aspirin. Did she have an emotional shock? ‘Yes, she did, a BIG one’, answers Soledad. He is surprised someone as healthy and young as Ana would have a heart attack. But he is hurrying over there.

At Isa’s, Dorofeo arrives in a hurry, demanding she pay him what they had agreed.

Fanny tries to explain to Nando, but he is miffed. He is very disappointed with Fanny. Fanny claims Ana was trying to tell Fernando the truth but never found the right moment and she was trying to get out of that contract (Fernando has heard this from the landing upstairs but does nothing to stop Fanny and Nando from arguing about this). Nando asks her if she has thought how much their siblings will suffer for this. Fernando looks sad and lost in thought.

Angel caring for Ana. She sees a bit blurry. He says she does not need to give him details of her emotional hard moment. Angel and Magda think they know what happened to Ana. She had an anxiety/anguish attack.

Fernando sitting in kitchen remembers moments at beach and at house around xmas, in kitchen, kisses, dancing… Bruno comes in, he can’t sleep either. Offers tea. Fernando asks Bruno if he really didn’t know about Ana as dancer. ‘But Fanny did. Who else knew?’ Bruno asks him not to think about it. ‘No wonder Ana and Jennifer were so close. Everyone took me for a fool!’
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Que Te Perdone Dios #25 on Monday, February 24th, 2015.

Macaria and Lucio talk their usual evil talk.

Max gets a kiss-o-graph from Tia Mia.

Helena and Renata have a girl chat with Fausto present. He leaves and then Helena apologizes for her folly and promises not to repeat a word that was confessed. Patricio then crutches in.

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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #132 2/23/15

Who Lets the Cat Out of the Bag?

Short answer: Who doesn't?
From Friday:
Armando tells Paco that Irma was faking her paralysis. He asks Paco not to allow Irma to take Nandito. Paco agrees and Armando goes back to work.
Pato tells Greta that he's happy she kicked Lupe' out of the factory. But the excitement of putting Lupe' in her place has taken its toll. Greta has an episode and slumps onto the couch. She needs to go home.
Outside the factory, Dani apologizes to Lupe' for Greta's behavior. After Lupe' leaves, Rosa shows up and asks Dani about Marisol.
Sofia and Ollie wait to see the bank officer with a new proposal for payments.
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Stumpy gets dumped La Sombra del Pasado #5 02/23/2015

Recap is all done!

Ok, this was a fantastic episode and I'm having performance anxiety because I don't think I can do it justice, but I'll try my very best!

We return to the hospital room where Severiano's problems just got worse. He just lost a limb, and now he has two angry women on his hand, his wife Candela and the woman he was cheating on her with,Roberta. Roberta has just dropped a bomb on them:she's pregnant and Severiano is the father. Candela looks on in disbelief, Severiano tries to get Roberta to be quiet, but the woman is not backing down. He is the father of her unborn child and he will own up to it, she says that now more than ever she needs the father of her child to step up, with her husband dead she has no one to stand up for her.

Candela is horrified to learn of Raymundo's death, she tells Roberta that she does not want to hear what she has to say and orders her to leave the hospital room or she will have her removed. Roberta agrees to leave, she says she's sure that Candela and her husband have a lot to talk about, but before she goes she tells Severiano that once he is out of the hospital they will have to talk.
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♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 2/23/15 ♥ #153 ♥

First a blast from a British Invasion past:

Capitulo 153: I Never Want to See You Again

Chicago Club: Ana knocked Hissabruja off her feet in three blows, landing her on the couch. For a moment it looked as though the nasty pretender to higher birth was shocked at this turn of events, but instead she sat up and laughed her triumph. She had done her in in the worst way possible. She got up and headed out to the club room.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Dueños del Paraíso, Los Miserables, Tierra de Reyes, etc - Week of Feb. 23, 2015

Here is your post for this week. Enjoy!!



Quiero Amarte (Week 23-Feb 23) Highlights & Discussion

What Are They Thinking?

Whoracio thinks he will be successful in Negro's get-rich-quick scheme. He thinks it will be easy to get full custody of Vale and doesn't care how much it might cost. He thinks he's within reach of declaring himself to Juli and make her his novia.

Cesar thinks he's got Uli, Max, Mauro, Manuel and Whoracio by the short and curlies AND his mother, Lucrecia by her short and curlies. He thinks (make that, he's sure) he can wear Amaya down and make her physically his--to insure an heir to manipulate and so he, Cesar, can become "legitimate." At any rate, he thinks (make that he's sure) Amaya can never leave him.

Mauro thinks he's achieved a truce between Max and Cesar.

Lucrecia thinks she's convinced Consta to help her get rid of (as in just out of sight) Amaya as a temptation for Max (although Luce's motivation is far different).

Mariana and Ivan think they are getting married in a couple of days.

Cecy thinks Mariana and Ivan will not be getting married in a couple of days, if she has anything to do with it.

Max thinks that by moving to El P. he will be able to forget Amaya. He thinks he'll go to Mariana and Ivan's wedding first.

Consta thinks it's only a matter of time before she can attach herself permanently to Max through neediness, compliancy and a bebe. She thinks it's unfair the doctor won't let her travel to El P. with him.
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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #131 Good Bread, Bad Liver and a lot of Whine....The Miracle Continues!

So, where was I?  Oh yes!  Armando has just announced that he's leaving and taking the pig and the kid with him!  Irma rips off her invalid blanket and and stands up!  Araceli, Armando and Nandito gasp!  Benito, the pig grunts, "I told ya so!"    Nandito asks how his mother can walk.  Irma says it's an Ash Wednesday miracle!  She was so angered at the thought of Armando taking her son that a rush of adrenalin helped her to stand.  Nandito gave her the strength that she needed! The only one buying that B.S. is Nandito!  He wants to stay and help his mother get better.  Armando drags the overacting kid and the pig out kicking and screaming.

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Mi Corazon Es Tuyo, #152. The Big Reveal

Finally, I get to recap some action! It's been weeks!

We begin with Ana off to pack and the twins asking when Fer and Ana will get married. Fer wants to do it soon, in a few weeks. A knock at the door. A porter brought a... I have no idea what that is, looks like an orchid stem and a christmas ornament hanging off a white twig in a red vase, to Fanny, from León. Meanwhile, Reina gives León a pep talk to continue fighting for her. 
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La Sombra Del Pasado #4 Friday, 2-20 Big, Bloody Liars or Severiano earns his name

Once again we witness the chaotic end to Severiano and Roberta’s tumble in the hay as Raimundo drives his truck into their love shack and lunges out, machete blazing!  Severiano shoots him and Roberta at first tries to detain Severiano giving Raimundo a chance to recover and deliver a slicing blow to Severiano’s left arm.  Raimundo has the advantage and is about to finish Severiano when Roberta shoots him in the back. Raimundo turns his shocked gaze towards her for a long moment before falling to the floor, dead.  Roberta is kneeling, drops the gun, grabs her face and cries that she has killed her husband, the father of her child.   She crawls to Raimundo, cradles his head and cries that she didn’t mean to kill him.   Severiano  sits nearby against a bale of hay grimacing in pain that no one must know they were together and that Raimundo came there.  It’s like a sickening version of parallel play:  she blubbers to Raimundo’s body that she only wanted to scare him while Severiano busies himself with stopping the flow of blood using his belt as a tourniquet and instructing her to burn the place to the ground.
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