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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #78: 4/24/14: You Dropped A Bomb On Me!

Hola Amiguis! Yes, it's me again! I will try to make this one short and tidy and I have another earworm for you. This one is for MA and Lupe: Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid.

I am skipping the old and starting with the new. Shall we begin? Dona Q and Trofeo are at the market and Trofeo is talking up Mi Mike for that chofer's job, he is a man that can be trusted, take his word for it, Dona Q still isn't quite sure.

AS and Don Chuy are still speaking at this point and he wants her to explain exactly what she meant when she said the Menchaca were "different"? Well she meant they are traditional folks, yeah that's the ticket that was what she meant! Don Chuy tells AS the hoity toity one that he told MA to stay away from his good daughter Lupe and AS says Lupe doesn't know her place! Don Chuy tells AS this works both ways she has to tell MA to stay away from his Lupe who is a good girl, while MA is in trouble with the law, and he's a deliquent! AS tries to say that MA is innocent and didn't do it, and walks away just as pithed as Don Chuy is.
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 117 - Time Jump! We Just Gained Half a Decade and Fabiola Still has Bad Hair - 4/24/14

Amalia Has Juice With the King of Darkness

Amalia admits to Pedro that she used to doubt Alejandro’s character. He appeared out of nowhere and then he was Benjamin’s heir. Of course she doubted him, but Joaquin came to speak of Alejandro as a great man.

Pedro plants the idea in Amelia’s mind that Joaquin began to speak well of Ale after they went into business together. Amalia says she, knows nothing. She was married to a man for years that hoodwinked her. Now she reiterates her dismay at finding that Joaquin did attend Angelica’s wedding to Jose Luis, but secretly, with a plan to assassinate his son-in-law at the alter. What kind of a monster did she marry? Pedro fuels her distress by eying that Alejandro was doing Joaquin’s dirty works when, later, on the beach he shot and tried till kill JL in their ill-fated duel. Pedro opines that life is fair, in the end. Alejandro and Joaquin both got what was coming to them.

Now that Angelica is dead, Amelia’s reason for living is gone. It sounds like she needs to figure out who she is. Hopefully she will remember that she still has another kid to come into relationship with, suggests Pedro. This is the first piece of good advice I have heard him offer on the show.

He takes Amelia’s hand, and complains about his own terrible loss of Nadia and the child.

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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #34 4/24/14

De que los malos prosperan, prosperan

Oh amigas/os, woe as me.  I get the episode where the antics of three icky characters seem to wretch havoc and not a lot of the great light moments we’ve come to enjoy.  I apologize as this is longer than I expected and please let me know if I missed anything.  Let’s go.

Natalia and Diego are explaining why they were so late when her evil sister states that Diego should run along to his wife.  Naturally things go downhill for Nat from there (while the Brat enjoys humiliating her mother’s favorite).  Nat does tell her Mom know she loves Diego but her Mom calls her a home wrecker.  Later, the Brat kisses up to Carmen and its quite sickening.  You know in the next breath she’ll demand Nat help to get a job at Caprico or bash her for something else.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #101 (Mexico #140) Thursday, April 24, 2014- Cuca Finally Opens Her Big Mouth and Isa Remembers!

Isa calls the Comandante that was on her case. She tells him that she wasn't kidnapped her husband brought her home and asks for Gaby's number, she has to come to the police station and present id in order to get the number.  Isa is confused, did Gaby return from Spain?

Mau calls Art, Casa Arte needs the money that they loaned him back. Bruno reminds Art that the woman who her thought was a ho' loaned him thr money when he neeeded.  It fell of deaf ears.  Art pays back Casa Arte with the witch doctor's money.  Bruno judges Art and Art says that Mariseal is a better woman than Isa.  Art- you are so ignorant!!! Art rubs it into Gaby's face that Mariseal is supporting him. Gaby tells ARt that AMriseal is a back stabber and he needs to open his eyes. He says that the witch doctor is an upstanding person and I hope that I am recapping when he finds out the truth.  He also tells Gaby to let Isa know that he is getting a divorce.
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The plane crashed. There are no survivors. Lo que la vida me Robo 116 04/23/2014

I'm just going to jump in and get this over with, recapping this one was zero fun *sad, salty tears*

I hate these three:

We start tonight's episode with Pedro 'no nuts Medina', Fabiola "boozy" Guillen and Sandro whose last name i can't be bothered to learn, sitting in the living room of Amalias home plotting away when Pedro gets a call from Ezequiel, he is informed that Alejandro Almonte managed to escape, the police got to the airport too late to stop him, Pedro wants to know who else was in the aircraft and EZ breaks the bad news to him, Nadia and Victor were also on the plane. Pedro becomes enraged, "you mean to tell me that my slut of a wife and that dog she kept as her lover managed to escape?!" "Yep" replies EZ, and I did a little dance cause not only does he have no balls, but now he has no wife, and in the words of Nelson from the Simpsons all I think of is "haha" and "it sucks to be you Medina!".

Agua Azul Hospital

We now go to the hospital where Montserrat is recovering after having surgery, she thinks that Jose Luis shot her and her brother quickly tells her that that was not the case, all Jose Luis wanted to do was protect her, sadly he got there too late. Montserrat is also worried about her husband whom no one has been able to contact, Graciela takes this opportunity to say that Alejandro ran away and left her behind (witch,witch,witch!!!), thank goodness that Dimitrio is there to set the record straight, he tells Montse that there was a warrant out for Alejandro-he was accused of killing his father and had to run away to avoid being arrested, man Montse can't win, first she gets shot and then her husband has to flee with out her AND she has Graciela as a mother. Life is so unfair. Ahem, sorry, got distracted there for a bit, back to our story, tia Carlota says her goodbyes to Montse, she wants to go back home to look after the baby and Graciela also excuses herself, she probably has to go to the town orphanage to set orphans on fire, or maybe the local animal rescue to kill kittens. Dimitrio stays behind with his sister and I'm so proud of him *sniff,sniff*.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #77: 4/23/14: Don't Stop Believing!

Hola Mis Amiguis! I am subbing for our very busy Julie. I will make this brief and you can let me know any additions/corrections as usual. I have a little earworm for Y'all for this epi, take a listen: Barracuda! This song is dedicated to AS.

I am skipping the old and beginning with the new. MA tells Frida he is exiting stage left, cause of Don Chuy. Frida wants to know what is gonna happen when their Mom's finds out? MA tells Frida if Don Chuy didn't kill him over this, AS won't either.

Lupe is feeding Emi and telling him MA is leaving. He isn't hungry and Lupe advises him to eat and be healthy and strong. Don Chuy comes in and won't talk to Lupe. He is talking around her to Emi. She rolls her eyes at him. Oh, and he's going to the gym. Lupe tells Emi she doesn't know why MA is leaving.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #100 (Mexico #139)- Wednesday, April 23, 2014- Isa Is Still Being Held Hostage and The Witch Doctor is Really A Snake Charmer

Isa rides around and sees Art talk get to the witch doctor and begins to remember who he is. She first saw him crying in the elevator of the hospital. 
Osvy tells the witch doctor how he trusts her and she feels such love for Art. Osvy tells the witch doctor that now is a good time for her to get with Art.  He was always seen her as the " good wife" for Art.
Dante visits his parents snooping around for info on Isa. He finds out that Daphne got shot and Este is alive and okay and Gaby heard from Isa.
Daphne tries to walk but can't and is extremely frustrated.
Bruno calls Ally to let her know that now is not the right time to adopt the others, it's too late she has already told Pulga that she's the next one up.
Isa is still on her cab ride to regain her memory and stops
Tita tells Bruno that Ally lied to her about adopting all of the other kids with Bruno's blessing.  Tita wants to know, why doesn't Bruno want to adopt any more; Is it because of the money or something or someone else? Tita confesses that when Bruno and Gaby worked on the orphanage it was a test. (Tita, I'm really disappointed in you- take the tit out of Bruno's mouth). Bruno wasn't too happy to hear about the test.  She wanted to clear up his feelings because he had so many doubts.  Tita thinks that Gaby and Bruno can be good friends.

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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #33 4/23/14

De que tienen tanta terquedad, tienen tanta terquedad.

Just some happenings and thoughts. No particular order.

Now that Nat and Diego have cleared things up, he assures her he will get that divorce and then they can make lots of babies together.
Analysis: Diego and Nat Yeah, they are the main couple. It's why we're all here...but HE'S STILL MARRIED granted to a shrew but they are just handing Diana and her shark of a lawyer more ammunition!

Lupita wonders if Eleazar is mad since Chato is back just when he and Carmen are becoming novios. She saw them kissing. He tries to play it off. Lupita tells Eleazar that Chato may be her dad, but she still prefers Eleazar.
Analysis: This kid is good. She can read and play any situation. Eleazar is completely wrapped around her finger.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2014 -Por Siempre Mi Amor Capitulo #99 (Mexico #138)- In Which, I Leap onto "Is this Really Going to End Happily? I'm Beginning to Doubt" BandWagon and Use a Lot of Parenthesis to Leave My Hysterical Commentary.


Dena, Tita, Bruno and a whole bunch of other people are happy celebrating with Uriel and his yummy-looking cake.
Daffne's in the hospital along with the peanut gallery (Art, 'Za, BonBon, 'Drea and Mao) when Mr.Duck comes along and goes to see her! He actually seems moved by the fact his daughter is in peril!
Lucha and Gabi. go to see Gabs (see what I did there) with concern about Isa and her predicament. (If they're stressed now, wait 'til or if they hear about what they're beautiful son has involved in. That day gaskets will be blown and if they don't find out, gaskets will still be blown. By us at Caray Caray!)
Borlas and Illeana meet and they talk. She offers coffee at her house and he accepts!
Some more Daffne anguish/angst where she is hollering at our bloody bloused BonBon that she can't feel her legs (QUE NO SIENTO LAS PIERNAS ESTEBAN, NO SIENTO LAS PIERNAS!)
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, capitulo 115. 04/22/14

 Naive Esme finds out from Dim the problems Refugio is facing at work due to her pole dancing.

Graceless calls Dim to inform him that Montse is in the hospital having surgery. She doesn't know if Montse will make it. Dim tells Esme that Montse is in the hospital with a gunshot wound and runs out of the house.

Vic wants to turn the cell phone on to find out if Ale is on his way. Nadia says it's too dangerous. Ale rushes in to see if his family has arrived yet. Vic says they can't wait for them, they have to leave now. Nadia says the police are on there way and they can't afford to wait. She doesn't want to return to the hell that she was living in with Pervy Pedro.

Montse is in surgery and finds herself in a white room where she sees her beloved father, Lauro.
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Que pobres tan ricos #76 22 Apr 2014. The band is a hit, Perla hits DA with a kiss, and Don Chuy goes beserk with the news that Lupe and MA are a couple..Subtitle: Al que no quiere caldo... le dan dos tazas

Lupita happy, tells Chuy it is true, she is in love with someone.

At Mercado, MA is handing Dona Queta a banana. She tells him she wants someone to drive her around the next week to do some errands. He offers his services. Trust me. She is speechless, eating the banana.

Back to the Fonda. Chuy grabs Lupe's hand and swears he would never put walls between Lupe and whoever she wants to be with. He wants to meet the guy. Lupe says you know him… (is it that old guy who lives with his mom around the corner?) Lupe tells him he lives here in the barrio, as a matter of fact, he is here in the house. Who is it? MA… (Chuy takes his hand back, stands up… )

L: What are you going to do?

C: I am going after that guy, going to put the cards on the table… I did not help you make it and watch you get your life back together… only for that guy to come and… Can’t believe you fell on the trap again…

L: No, it is not a trap. Noone is deceiving me. MA is not Alejo.

C: They are same family, same genes, same family tree, share the same bathroom, the same jocks (ok, i am going overboard here, you get the drift), … He is a criminal!.

L: He is no criminal!.

C: Now I get why you defended him so much. But I am going to find him right now and speak to that miserable guy…

L: You are not going anywhere, papa! And please forgive me for speaking to you in this tone!

Trofeo arrives at Lupe’s house, Mati opens the door. "Lupe is not here, went who knows where, with who knows who? And who knows what time she will be back." (Trofeo leaves the envelope with Mati). "What do I do with this letter now?"

Back to Chuy and Lupe...
L: I don’t want to argue with you. I want you to understand me. I want you to tell me the nice things you just did tell me a while ago.

C: I wish I could. But I just remember the day you came home crying desperately because that guy had deceived you. And I won’t let it happen again to you.

L: It won’t happen.

C: Know what? I can’t talk to you right now.

(he leaves, she cries)
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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #32 4/22/14

De Que son como hermanos, son como hermanos.

Straight to the new....
Lupita tries to convince big sis she saw mom kissing Eleazar, but Natalia isn't buying it. Lupita tells her to go look for herself.

Carmen is at the table beating herself up about the kiss. What if Abdul, Paolo or Brigitte had come home? Natalia comes in and tells her she's just getting water.

Eleazar is agonizing (*ahem*), but he's happy that Carmen kissed him.

Natalia tells Lupita she must have imagined the kissing. Lupita swears she didn't. Should would like Eleazar and her mother to be novios.

Unable to sleep, Eleazar is forced to take a cold shower.

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Por Siempre Mi Amor #98 US 4/21/2014 Dafne is Critical, Bruno's Marriage is in the ICU and Fab Just Needs to Pull the Plug

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter/Passover.

When Easter eggs grow up.
Let's get to it!
Ally and Bruno work on preparations for Uriel's party.
Art and Aranza tell Lucha that they are going to the hospital to see about Dafne.
Sonia returns to the apartment full of sweet talk, Fabricio demands to know why she never told him about her pregnancy.
Monday's Dish:
Andrea and Mauricio arrive at the hospital. When they see the blood on Esteban's shirt they start to panic. He assures them that he's alright, the blood is Dafne's. Someone tried to rob the cafe and she was shot. He doesn't know what her condition is because the doctors haven't told him anything.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #31- Mon 4/21

De que el arroz fue la unica cosa tumbada esta noche, fue la unica cosa tumbada esta noche

Natalia tries to talk to Diego, but he brushes her off, since it's "strictly professional" between them, so what could there be to talk about?

Rosa loves the idea of the clothing line, but she knows Vicente doesn't.  She laughs to hear that he hasn't heard about it yet.  She's happy to see Irene so happy.

Karina is so grumpy, she can't finish her cereal.  Diana is so hungry she finishes it off for her.  Karina wasn't kidding about that being the last food in the house.  "And if I don't get a job today…."  She encourages Diana to start looking for a job too, but Diana says "I wasn't born to work!"  Well, whatever…Karina has an interview to get to.

Rosa and Irene bump into Natalia, who is less perky and polite than usual.  Irene knows she's not usually like that and Rosa takes her word for it.  "Is it just me, or was she crying?"  Irene says something must have happened.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #75: 4/21/14: The "Elixir" Helps Nepo and AS Cope!

Hola, Mis Amiguis! I will try to make this recap brief. Please let me know if I left anything out/corrections. Shall we start with an earworm? This is especially dedicated to Nepo: If I Can't Have You!

 Lupe has gotten an earful from Ahole about Nepo showing up at El Editorial. Lupe is pithed.

Meanwhile Nepo is in his office at the market and is being tended to by Trofeo. Nepo's face is a hot mess of a bruise and Trofeo puts an ice pack on it. MA has come in too and Nepo tells him thanks for nothin' for protecting him from Ahole. Pobrecito! MA that is not Nepo.

Lupe calls up Nepo and wants a chat, not later, now, now, now! Toute Suite!
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Lo Que la Vida Me Robó Lunes 4/21/14 #114

A Foreword from Edith Wharton

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has thus far been my peculiar pleasure to guide you through the social quagmire of Aguazul. In the process we have identified the genuinely noble members of our society, those who only present themselves as such (with varying levels of success), and the demi-monde, the one set that never deceives itself about what it is or can be. Sadly, their honest ways have had no effect on those who present a face to the world so false that the most observant of us are obliged to look for the degradation it hides.

Since our tale has taken a path away from the masquerades of drawing rooms and the minuets of manners, it would be foolhardy of me to lead where I dare not follow. While I am infinitely familiar with even the most naked greed the world of cynicism, corruption, and brutality requires a guide with greater knowledge than mine and a manner more direct than I am accustomed to assuming.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: La Impostora, week of April 21, 2014

Here is the Easter Monday post for Los Impostores and Impostoras. Enjoy!!



TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- Avenida Brasil, En Otra Piel, Camelia la Texana, et cetera, week of April 21, 2014

Here is your Easter Monday post for your favorite novelas. Have fun!!


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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #113: 4/18/14: It's All About Graceless' Wants!

Ahoy Amiguis! I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and Passover. This recap is on the fly, so please correct/add anything I happened to miss. I am skipping the old and starting with the new. Oh, for my count of the missing Padre, this is day eight of the missing Curia. Shall we start with an earworm? Y'all just know I have one or two every recap I do. This one is dedicated to Graceless of course, cause this episode was full of her, er herself shall we say, and here it is for your listening pleasure: Heartless!

Graceless has continued her trumped up testimony and that Judge is just eating it up. Graceless says one of his peons, she doesn't now if it was Ale for sure, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, but he was being drugged or something, and she thought she'd let the judge know that cause of the exhumation. The Judge wants to know why she didn't take Don Benny to a hospital? Well, the Padre didn't approve you see, she was a married woman, and had been Don Benny's lova all those years, can you imagine the scandal? Her prestige, cough, cough, was on the line here. Besides that "bastardo" married her daughter Monse for goodness sake.
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Que pobres tan ricos! #74 Los tres matamoscas llegan en el platano amarillo (the three fly squatters arrive in the yellow plantain!)..

Chuy tells Lupe Nepo is talking to MA. Lupe goes over there.

AS and Mati watching tv. Leo runs out of patience. He leaves to find out if Alejo left already. AS also runs out of patience and goes after him. Mati keeps wondering if Aureliano will ever get home to pull Alejo’s ears out.

Nepo is still trying to get info from MA as to who Lupe's interest is that is sending her flowers, Lupe arrives and tells Nepo Alejo is Emi’s dad… Nepo goes beserk insisting Alejo is after her. Lupe yells at him that she and him are not a couple. Nada de nada de nada de NADA!! MA has to stop Nepo from following Lupe. Nepo insists to MA that Alejo is also after Lupe (la vaca, not just the becerro [whoever is after the cow, not just the calf]). Chuy comes over, Nepo tells him Lupe told him about Alejo and Emi. Chuy also rants at Nepo, trusts Nepo will understand after he tells Nepo what happened (between Lupe and A-hole) years ago. They stare at MA, he gets the sign and leaves.

Leo and AS gossiping about Ahole being Emi’s dad. MA demands AS be discrete… AS says how can I keep quiet facing the gossip of the year?? Lupe was ambitious, otherwise why would she roll with him? Leo notices that Emi is his nephew… MA reminds them that Lupe was the one that lent them a hand when they had lost everything. Did any of your friends help us?? No, right? So you will respect Guadaluuupe Menchaaaca and that’s all!!
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #30- Fri 4/18

"De que trabajo en Caprico, trabajo en Caprico"

Diego tells Irene about how he really felt like Rodrigo was there, listening to him, and how much he misses him.  *drink*  He's hoping this is a sign that he's recovering.  Irene encourages him not to get his hopes up.  They change the subject to the need for a DNA test on Diana's baby and start researching on the Internet.

Brigitte gets Natalia's work number from Carmen and calls to ask for an appointment with Irene.  Natalia tells her it's way too early for that--they don't even know if they're going to go forward with the clothing line yet.  Brigitte complains to Carmen that Natalia's just being selfish.  She's determined to get a job at Caprico (hence the title).

Irma the nurse would totally be putting the moves on Rodrigo if he were conscious.  She settles for putting him through some passive stretches.

Irene and Diego start calling labs to ask what exactly a DNA test entails and how long it takes.  The first lab tells Diego it takes a week and he flips.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #97- El Rumbo a Los Anvils Is Paved With Lots of Filler

Yeah, Balthazar and Zen are cute...but the time for such stories is past. I want anvils and YA!

Am I the only one who thinks Zenaida looks like Madame?

Anyhoo, on to the recap.

  • Feo hands over the check for Lucero and an icky kiss for Sonia.
  • Isa looks for a phone.
Lo Nuevo
Gil has taken Mari home and she had a good time. They ask Tita if Mari can visit Gil more and she agrees. Gil asks Tita to forgive him for being such a jerk. She forgives him and comments on his new positive, less snobby outlook. He tells Tita about Sonia wanting to help out Mari because of the scene at the wedding.

Mau and Andrea discuss the Art, Isa and Marcela situation. Andera has her doubts about Marcela.

Zen and Balty.

The police are convinced that there's some fishy business and promise to investigate and FeVier is suspect #1.

Osvy is worried about Art and the separation.

Mari overhears Zen telling someone about Operation Fake Broken Plate.

Dante calls FeVier and tells him about Gabi's investigation. He also tells him that the police think FeVier is the number one suspect.
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Weekend Discussion: Karmageddon Awaits!

Karmageddon in Por Siempre Mi Amor

OK, with 17 or 18 hours to go on this story, it's time for this all-important discussion. The villains in this tale are some of the vilest excuses for human beings we've seen to date, so this will be lively.

As in a previous discussion on another series, this will be a two-part question:

  1. What fate do you think they deserve?
  2. What do you think the writers will do to these perverse creatures?
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Por Siempre Mi Amor # 96- April 17, 2014- Where Am I? Who Am I? Who Decorated This Place? Lies, Lies and More Lies: Fernando is Resurrected

Episode #96- online #135

From the previous episode:
Favier takes Isa to,the cabin in the woods. She has to depend on him for everything.
Edgar brings the necessary paperwork and gets the details of the accident and the name of the hospital that she was transferred to.  Tita tries to talk to Ara and let her know that as a stepmother, Isa sacrificed herself for Ara. Ara the spoiled brat that she is doesn't even flinch. Tita doesn't believe that Isa would deceive Art, ever.

Tita tells Ara not to let hate poison her heart, Isa spent years earning her love and trust. Ara is not hearing her. Tita still doesn't believe that Isa would deceive Art.

Isa knows that she is not at home.  Where is she? She calls for FeVier who now looks like Fernando (WTF???).  He tells her that they moved.  They sold the apartment and bought the house for their family.
Ara believed the tape that she saw.  Tita tells Ara to look at Isa from her heart. And Ara feels nothing but hate for Isa. (Eye rolling time). (Tita stop wasting your time with this brat and spend it with the kids that love you and want to learn from you)
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 112 - Nadia Escapes Pedro and Graciela Tells A Whopper - 4/17/14


The story you are about to read about is not true. No names have been changed because there is not one innocent character on Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, except maybe Baby Laurito. Given his family, I have eve my doubts about him.

This is the city, Aguazul, Campeche, MX. I work here: not for much as it turns out, but it must be enough or I wouldn’t keep doing the job. Praise does sometimes calm the ego’s insatiable need for fuel. 

I am a recapper.

Some might call me jaded. You will understand my cynicism when I report that in the light of the last few weeks of unending violence and gloom so little happened tonight that I could almost be cheerful.


It’s not easy being a recapper. You don’t get a lot of respect in this business. I mean, you sit down next to some good citizen on a long haul flight, they eventually ask you what you do, and you smile and say, “I spend several hours a week recapping Mexican soap operas. That is MY life.”

Do they smile in return and ask you to tell them more about your fascinating job as a recapper?  Do you ever get a chance to discuss the value of long arc storytelling or whether telenovelas reflect real trends in modern Mexican culture? Do you debate whether the Sopranos or Breaking Bad were telenovelas?

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #73: 4/17/14 : Suelta La Sopa, Por Favor!

Hola Mis Amguis! This recap is on the fly, so please fill in anything I missed/got wrong. I have an earworm that is perfecto for Ahole. Have a listen: You're So Vain!

Shall we begin? Lupe is cleaning the house and talking to MA. She keeps making him move so she can get the floor under his feet and he even adds more cleaner to her bucket. They are discussing when they should tell their families about them being an item, of course, and also Nepo. Well, MA wants to do it sooner rather than later, but Lupe wants him to wait some, cause of the fraud accusation and other things. Knocky, Knocky on the door and who is it? Special Delivery, of flowers, and what a nice arrangement it is too! Lupe accepts them and is so very happy MA got them for her, that she gives him lots of sugar, but the problem is MA didn't send her those flowers. Lupe thinks maybe Nepo sent them, and of course MA isn't happy over that, even though earlier he said Nepo was a nice guy.
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